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Black Lives Matter is the FEDS

It’s, official Black Lives Matter is the FED’s!

According to an FBI document dated to the year 2014, the FBI had been tracking, in detail, what they called “Black Identity Extremists” as they protested across the country.

This was made possible by an undercover FBI snitch.

History repeats itself as black people in this country refuse to learn from the many mistakes of the past.

For example, the New Black Panther Party allowed itself to be infiltrated by an FBI sting operation and let themselves be influenced by FBI assets who had been embedded in their organization. Which led to incriminating themselves by engaging in criminal activity.

Why anybody is surprised at this point that the FBI would engage in such tactics and strategies in order shut down black power protest movements have not been paying attention to our history.

The most famous example of these activities can be found under the COINTELPRO program that took place from 1956 to 1971 under which the FBI working in concert with State and local police infiltrated and disrupted black civil rights and black nationalist movements.

It is the year 2018 we need to stop taking these unnecessary L’s, fam!

The New Black Panthers same as the old Black Panthers. The original Black Panther Party was totally infiltrated by the FBI from the beginning.

A Japanese-American, Richard Masato Aoki, who was allowed honorary membership into the BPP also supplied the group with arms. He was coincidentally a deeply involved informant for the FBI providing them with over 500 reports on the activities of various radical
organizations including the Black Panther Party. (2)

The most infamous example of a Black organization being targeted by the FBI for disruption and infiltration was Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).

Marcus Garvey and those who worked in the organization had the right idea about economic empowerment. They created
many corporations that employed and provided goods and services to local black communities across the country.

But they failed at the level of organizational structure in that Marcus Garvey was the center of gravity of this US-based association as a foreign national.

This concentration of power left the organization vulnerable to a leadership decapitation which is exactly what happened.

The FBI under the notorious J. Edgar Hoover went after Marcus Garvey for “mail fraud” and he was jailed. After Garvey’s expulsion and deportation, the UNIA would never recover its previous influence.

We need to stop with the messiah complex!

The Hotep movement is an attempt to learn from the mistakes of our past but also build on our

[bctt tweet=”To be ignorant of the past is to
remain always a child. – Marcus Tullius Cicero”]

It’s time to grow up.


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  1. I have been everywhere and kicked it with most every type of people. I have met most every kind of biker, freaks, gays, addicts, everybody like me and my black friends even all started callin me the N word. eventually I would even say dem Ns dat N but I would never call them the N word directly as they would me and each other. through the 70s, 80s,90s, on I never met Real racist people. Saw em on TV n such n thought they were fringe n small in number. Racism was mostly gone as I saw it north or south. Then all the Democrats went crazy or the media would have you believe that 1/2 or most people were racist B.S. . Things were progressing along good I thought then the Bolshevik’s NWO decided to stir everyone up divide and conquer n destroy the mid east n elect Hillary Maniac Bolshevik shill Clinton. We are not falling for all this craziness we believe none of what we hear and might believe 1/2 of what we see. So everyone chill and do not buy into the propaganda and fake news polls. It is all straight up B.S. snap outta it n wake folks up. Yo Altgeld Gardens crew n Minneapolis Ain’t everybody hating that is news propaganda false flag take your free speech n disarm you Bolshevik mind control chet. Posse

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