Hotep CON 2024

Miami, FL
October 3-5, 2024

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Our very special guests

sonnie johnson speaking

MEET sonnie johnson

Sonnie Johnson is a dynamic and inspirational national speaker, Tea Party activist, and pundit.

Sonnie was formerly a host of Politichicks and is a regular contributor to She has appeared frequently on Fox News, including Hannity, and Red Eye, as well as Headline News.

Sonnie is a frequent speaker at conservative and Tea Party events, including CPAC, Tea Party Patriots, David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, and many others.

Sonnie is the founder of “” where she provides cutting edge conservative commentary and opinion. Her strong and original voice on that site drew the attention of many conservative organizations, and she was soon introduced to the leaders of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, where she became the President of the Virginia chapter.

As President, she was offered numerous speaking engagements at Tea Party rallies and women’s conservative groups. Her first public speaking engagement was at the Roanoke Tea Party rally, where they called her the “star of the show.”

project rook headshot

MEET Project Rook

Rook is a wholistic health and wellness coach who discovered the mind and body’s natural ability to heal itself while struggling with several “mystery” illnesses that conventional medicine couldn’t explain or remedy.

Her journey back to health revealed that illness is not our adversary after all, but instead a messenger sent to move us closer to the truth that the answers we’re all looking for are within.

Rook now teaches millennials how to connect the dots between an unhealthy body, a victim mindset and a life of suffering.

Rook’s message to the world is that every human can return to an illness and pain-free life by transforming how they eat and how they think, but the foundation for true healing must begin with a change in beliefs.

Tanei Ricks headshot

MEET tanei ricks

Dr. Tanei Ricks is a classically trained synthetic organic chemist that frequently uses his skill set at the interface of chemistry and biology.

He holds a BS in Chemistry (Biochemistry focus) from Augusta State University, a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and he completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Memphis where he is currently an assistant professor of teaching.

Throughout his decade of undergraduate and graduate research , he is an author on 3 scientific publications, an inaugural member of the Savannah River Scholarship Program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and a Program for Excellence and Equity in Research (PEER) fellowship recipient funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Tanei’s mission in science is to give the average person the tools to use scientific data and studies to enrich their lives. He believes that the world is made better through the practical application of science and strives to help people make those connections in the classroom and online. His online presence includes an active Twitter account with 30K+ followers, a scientific newsletter, and a study website for organic chemistry students called

Food Experience

Chef Joel Ahern Hotel


As VP of Culinary and Executive Chef, Joel has more than 70 team members reporting to him. He is involved in every aspect of Ahern Hotel’s culinary activities, from planning and executing large banquet events, to creating new recipes for the Trattoria, to assisting in the kitchen as a cook or expediter on busy shifts.

“Now that I’m running a large team with many people, I’ve found that it’s very satisfying to teach eager minds some of the things I’ve learned over the years,” says Chef Joel. “I have nearly a decade and a half of learning from great chefs — trying, failing and eventually getting it right. That’s really the only way to truly understand and master a dish.”

Chef Joel spends as much time as he can with his wife Michelle, his two-year-old daughter Malia and his son Jaxon, born in September of 2022. “Having children has definitely changed me as a person and made me even more driven to succeed, but that success is defined differently,” said Chef Joel. “I want to provide well for my family, but also be present, and in this industry that can be a very difficult balance to strike.”

When he does get time to himself, Chef Joel is out enjoying Las Vegas’s beautiful natural surroundings — either kayaking out on Lake Mead and the Colorado River or hiking around Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston.

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Feast with the Hoteps

Enjoy a luxurious private dinner with the Hoteps at the Ahern hotel.

Celebrity Chef 5-Course Tasting

On our first night we feast on a 5-course tasting from Celebrity Chef Mark.

Breakfast and appetizers

Enjoy two chef’s kiss breakfasts and appetizers at events.


Gun Range VIP Experience

Hoteps advocate for firearm training. Join Cannon Hotep and others at the local firing range for some 2A action and VIP experience (guns sold serparately).

🎬 Watch “Hoteps BEEN Told You” live in studio!

🔫 Shooting Range Experience with Cannon Hotep**

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