Hotep Jesus Self-Quarantines after coming in contact with Possible Coronavirus COVID-19 Carrier

Op-ed by Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe
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I believe this virus has been in the U.S. longer than people realize.

January 7 – 10, 2020, I had the pleasure of being in Las Vegas for CES with WAZO AI. For anyone who knows about this Consumer Electronics Show, they know that Chinese people were here, in MASSES! Thousands of them.

I must have shaken hands with them at least 100 times.

The funny thing is, the day I came back from Vegas, my body felt extremely exhausted. Maybe it was from the trip and time zone difference but the following weak I had flu-like symptoms. A fever of 101.5.

I thugged it out. I didn’t go to a local medi-place, my primary care physician, or the dreaded ER. I simply follow the work of Dr. Tanei Ricks PhD.

Not to my surprise, I recovered.

I don’t know if I had the Coronavirus and I’m not making any claims to. All I’m saying is, I may have had it. The only reason I believe so is because I’ve been sick plenty of times before but this thing felt different. Distinctly different.

Did I feel like I was going to die? NO! But maybe that’s because I’m built differently than others and I’m in fairly good shape.

What’s the Agenda?

For people who want my tinfoil hat conspiracy on this thing, here goes…

This is all one big fire drill. They are testing their power, their systems, and their resources. But what’s more relevant is, they are testing YOU!

They want to see how you respond. They want to see how much you’ll let them get away with. They are collecting data and analytics.

Yesterday, I made this joke on Twitter:

Illegal speakeasies bootlegging liquor after curfew hours for people breaking quarantine sounds like the wave. Click To Tweet

Will people rebel and open up businesses after curfew hours? I’d love to see it!

But from what I’ve seen, Uncle Sam has us in check. His power is strong over us. He put us on punishment and gave us a curfew. All for “our safety”.

Anyway, the test is only the bonus to the greater agenda.

Communism is the virus. And that’s exactly what we get when the media fans the flames of this panic. The proof is in the bipartisan bill HR 6201.

These payments to citizens (UBI) and bailouts to banks will be sold as if they are temporary but big gov has a list of temporary bills that became permanent.

So, that’s the agenda. Globalists tightening the communist leash around their subjects’ necks.

What are the economics?

UBI is an excuse to print more fiat notes. There’s nothing the creature from Jekyll Island loves more than the sound of mint press machines.

An increase in the money supply, without a balance in production, devalues the currency. If your money sucks, you’ll need more of it. That’s exactly what the socialist-capitalist loves to see.

Let’s detour to understand the “socialist-capitalist”.

This person is not a socialist at all. They are “fascist opportunists” with no morals. They simply use socialism/communism as a tool to centralize power so they are the only ones with a game controller in their hand.

They use modern capitalism (fractional reserve banking), as the mechanism of trickery to enslave their subjects to debt.

All of these systems are of their creation.

To read more about my outlook on this read Socialism, The Greatest Enemy of Freedom.

What’s the Solution?

Tell your friends and family to stop watching the news. This panic was wholly created by the fatcat corporate media. This shutdown is the result of their reaction.

If I were president, I’d sign an executive order to mute a select list of media agencies (CNN at the top) for everything involving the coronavirus and more. Gag order!

All communications and updates surrounding the COVID-19 virus would come from the White House.

I’m not the president, so I encourage you to mute the media on your timelines. Anyone adding to the panic, like these blue checks who shill any agenda they can grift, should be muted as well.

Since we’re basically in quarantine, take this time to get yourself and family right. Don’t let this inconvenience knock you out of healthy routines. If you weren’t in a healthy routine, use this time to get into one. Many of you have already been forced into doing this.

In the meantime, start boosting your immune system, observing the trends, executing and staying focused.

For more on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) watch my video below.

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