You Don’t Love America!

This so-called country, which is nothing more than a corporation, has never been for or by “the people”.

The acquisition of this land was funded by powerful families; its wars were funded by powerful bankers, without a single exception.

Everything from the revolutionary war to all of our occupations across the globe.

These things are done for the interest of a minority, while real Americans fund it out of their paychecks.

The conception of America was created by the financially elite for the financially elite. Working class Americans have never been happy with the federal government. That includes white and black people and everyone in between.

For a dose of reality, go research the Whiskey Rebellion.

capture of the whiskey tax collectors

The federal government has always existed for the sole purpose of controlling humans and making them work for the financial elite.

The government doesn’t do anything except slow down progress.

You can’t even cut hair in your house because you run the risk of getting arrested. Want to protest for your 2A rights? They’ll threaten you with their national guard.

What does the word “Patriot” REALLY mean?

I’ll tell you.

It’s a term for psychological subversion. It is a term that allows this snake to slither into your mind and nest.

With this term, you swear allegiance to a thing you know nothing about. Because if you knew about it, you wouldn’t have any allegiance to it.

It’s a term of propaganda, to sell slavery to a slave.

They give you a song they call an anthem, a flag they paint with war stories, a masonic-like hand gesture (hand over heart), a pledge of allegiance, you repeat daily, starting as a toddler in school, a broken constitution written by the financial elite, who call themselves your forefathers.

The white working-class didn’t even like these so-called forefathers. Many of them defected to live with native tribes. And when they were found, they were arrested and often killed by your so-called forefathers and Uncle Sam.

How is that the land of the free?

The anthem, flag, pledge, and so-on is how you brainwash a population of people and make them hate the truth to love a lie. This is a RITUAL!

You can pay for your house in full and in cash. And the only person who can take it is the tax collector who works for the gubment!

You don’t love America!

You love the privileged lifestyle you get to live at the expense of others.

You love that you can drive your car (which you love so much), to buy an overpriced latte from an over-hyped barista. You love your smartphone and the dopamine hits it gives you around the clock. You love your alcohol on “Thirsty Thursdays ” and you love the TV which feeds you a fake reality while it stares at you getting over your hangover on your couch.

You love your suits and dresses which give you a false sense of self-importance. You love your fake face after the application of makeup. You love being seen. You love to tell people you have a degree from an institution that hasn’t taught you how to think but instead what to think.

You don’t love America. You love the economy.

You pledge allegiance to fiat money backed by bombs.

You don’t love America. You love yourself.


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You Don’t Love America!

This so-called country, which is nothing more than a corporation, has never been for or by “the people”. The acquisition of this land was funded