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Weed is the new crack

Before the faithful potheads attack me, let me first preface this by stating that I will be indulging in the herbals for 4/20.

But we have to be real with ourselves.

Weed is Addictive

Tell a pothead that weed is addictive and watch them transform into a medical doctor, trying to explain away that fact.

Red flag!

You can spot a weed addict because they’ll say something like, “I can stop if I wanted to.”

But they never do – until they’re on probation.

And even then, they’re asking friends for their urine to pass a drug test.

Now, it may not be addicting like other drugs (ie. cocaine and heroin), as they create a chemical dependency.

Weed’s addictive nature has more to do with serotonin reserves.

Serotonin is the chemical in our brain that produces “happiness”.

Once that reserve is depleted, marijuana forces the generation of this chemical which can be perceived as an artificial creation of happiness.

Once, the high comes down, you have no more “happy juice” left – the body needs more time to produce it.

Since the body has no more “happy juice” left, depression may ensue.

This is what happens to a habitual smoker. When they don’t have weed, they become irritable.

When a habitual pot smoker can’t get in touch with their usual pusher they become anxious and on edge.

They will search high and low for the herb.

There’s this thing called a “zombie blunt”.

Basically, it’s a collection of previously smoked joints (roach: too small to smoke) combined into a new joint.

I’ve rolled these many times. It’s probably best to remove the bud from each one and then roll the new one, but some people won’t though.

Not doing this will leave a dirtier taste in your mouth.

This is “crackhead-like” behavior.

When I had the habit real bad, I’d search everywhere in the house just to find one roach. And finding one is like finding gold. Your eyes light up and you celebrate. You might even do a little dance.

smokey friday dance

A pothead will contemplate spending their last $5 on weed over food.

Or they’ll forego a hearty meal in favor of the value menu at the local fast food joint.

The bottom line is, potheads will do almost anything to get high.

vh1pnut weed tweet


Weed Makes You Dumb

From my experience, weed turns off your left brain in favor of the right.

I turn into an idiot when I’m high – but my creative juices overflow with abundance.

My thought process slows down. Everything slows down.

When I need to be creative, weed is my drug of choice. When I need to be productive, I avoid weed at all cost.

My mind works best when sober. But I do lose a creative advantage.

Alternatively, working out high is awesome. For some reason, exercising becomes more focused.

It almost feels like a sports enhancement.

When I play basketball high, I turn into Magic Johnson. But my turnovers go up because of bad decision making.

Paranoia is a concern but an experienced pothead usually overcomes this.

One time I got a girlfriend high and she made me get out the bed because she all of a sudden was afraid of me. Weird.

Smoking weed takes practice and experience to control the side effects.

One side effect I hate is short-term memory loss. You can forget a whole thought mid-sentence.

There are pros and cons to this. On one hand, you’ll think of all these creative ideas. While on the other hand, you’ll forget half of them.

It’s best to keep a voice recorder near and hope you don’t lose the memory before you hit the record button.

GMO Weed

Allow me to put my tin foil hat on for a moment.

Governments are now legalizing weed. I’m sure the main reason is that taxing it is profitable.

Colorado has harvested half a billion dollars in taxes and fees since it legalized recreational weed.

But the conspiracy theorist in me can’t help but think that there’s a hidden agenda to push GMO strains into the market.

These strains could increase side effects and open the door for new unforeseen and even more detrimental ones.

I believe that many of us are already smoking GMO weed strains.

Can we please just keep the weed organic? PLEASE!

Final Thoughts

Why do I believe weed is the new crack?

Because I think the detrimental side-effects will outweigh the benefits and create a population of zombies.

It may create a grouping of people so dependent upon weed that they will not become productive in society.

Instead, they will become a liability to themselves and others.

If you’re going to indulge in the herbals, please practice control and discipline.

If you’re habitual, think about taking a break. Let the chemicals in your brain normalize.

Some habitual smokers smoke so much that they don’t even get high anymore, which encourages them to smoke even more or search for stronger strains.

Going back to my previous point, their serotonin reserves are depleted.

My next point, potheads are going to hate.

DO NOT WAKE AND BAKE (unless you’re a creative).

If you’re someone who needs to be productive, try to stay sober until your work is completed.

Use weed as the reward for knocking out your to-do list.

I find that weed kills motivation. After you get high, you become so carefree that nothing matters anymore.

Lastly, I believe that smoking weed is the wrong idea.

With smoke, you’re basically inhaling carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Both of these are poisons.

If some spiritual guru persuades you to believe that smoking is going to help you “ascend”, you should probably disregard them as a thought leader.

The smoke will interfere with your endocrine gland system.

If you’re of the spiritual variety, that includes disrupting the pineal & pituitary glands – aka the third eye.

I hold the belief that weed should be consumed orally.

Edibles are DEFINITELY the best way to get high.

Make brownies or use THC pills (THC oil).

The high from smoking feels like a head high.

The high from edibles feels like a full body.

When I eat edibles, even my toes get high. ????

The high lasts longer and I know that’s music to a potheads ears.

Before you go, check out this video from my trip to Colorado!


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10 Responses

  1. I can already hear the outrage and panic that this post will cause. In their fervorous justifications as to why they take their drug, do they reveal that the drug has taken them.

  2. I smoke every night and I fully agree with what is said here. I want to quit, but whenever I have for a week or so, nothing in my life changes, so I figure what’s the point? Those who get mad at this article are in denial about their own vice.

  3. Am i “addicted to weed?” yes, I decided to deplete the last of my reserves so that i can clean up to start looking for a different job, however for 2 days straight i was scraping every last bit of resin i could out of my bong, and then i used rubbing alcohol, and a coffee filter to get every last bit of resin out to smoke it…however, now that i have not had any in 2 days, I dont even think about it…the first couple days are rough, but after that, it’s not difficult to not think about it. i already have the money set aside to buy another ounce though once i get a different job ^_^ Keep it blazing folks!

  4. I stopped smoking weed back in 1997 when, while high, I kept having the experience of opening and walking into a series of never-ending doors. Then, also while high, a spirit who called himself “Your Guardian” showed up in my room. He said, “I’m Your Guardian” in a very deep voice. At first I laughed it off as I figured I was just imagining things because I was high. Then, he said it again, “I’m Your Guardian”. I have had many spiritual experiences- even as a small child. I realized my weed-smoking was opening doors to a realm that I did not want to delve into. At least not while I was under the influence of a substance, and without my full sober mental faculties. I was done smoking in a day!

  5. I don’t know about GMO strains, but when I did smoke, I remember coming across some strains that, after I smoked them, made me feel weird and hurt my head. It’s hard to describe. Some people put random chemicals and junk in the drugs they sell to give a different “high” or effect- or those chemicals my be put on their before they even get to the supplier and he doesn’t even know.

    We used to have this stuff in Florida (they probably still got it), called “spice”. It was “legal weed”. They put acetone in that stuff (the stuff they put in nail polish and glue), along with other chemicals. Got kids blasted.

  6. My cousin – the world’s biggest pot head – gave me some weed chocolate once. “It’s so good,” He exclaimed, “You can’t even taste the weed!”

    Faulty faculties, I think, is also a problem potheads have. They act like no one can smell the weed, but bro we can all smell it. You smell bad.

    I ate the piece of chocolate and my first thought was, “damn, does this dude even know what chocolate tastes like?” – Literally all I could taste was weed.

    I’ve met a lot of successful people, and I’ve met a lot of chronic and habitual weed users, and I’ve never met anyone who overlaps both groups.

  7. Uninformed article. Poor writing skills which are not surprising considering tje source. Contradictions abound. This literal idiot has no scientific basis from his ghetto opinions.

  8. A lot of points made in this that I agree with, and I micro-dose pot on occasion – only the best from medicinal strains indoor micro garden. I believe we should go to the holy spirit, meditation on positivity, exercise, outdoor appreciation, loving, music, tickling your grandchildren, hand made crafting, etc… or massage therapy instead of an overly dependence on pot, meth, coke, smack, food or porn.

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