Homeschool America

Those who teach children create the thoughts of the future.

How is the mission done?

Educate Parents


Learn how to properly transition from a mainstream education institutions to homeschooling safely.


Gain the knowledge and resources needed to make the homeschooling transition seamless and painless.


Erase the negative dogma and taboo which has plagued the idea of homeschooling for far too long.

Knowledge and Values Are the Real Revolution

The first one to a child's mind will be the most influential as to how and what that child thinks.

We believe that parents should have more control over this than anyone else. And homeschooling protects your child's mind.

Hotep Nation is dedicated to promoting homeschooling across America.

We have designed a brilliant marketing plan to make homeschooling popular and less taboo.

Our initiative will empower parents and guardians with the knowledge and resources they need to make the transition to homeschooling.

With your help we can spread this to more families and faster.

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