Trump’s Presidency under review by a right-wing black male

As a black person, I’m supposed to hate Donald Trump. This is something I understand but do not agree with it. Why do I understand it? Something about “solidarity”. But when solidarity means walking in the wrong direction, I’m going to oppose – sorry not sorry. Before Trump ran for the presidency, where was all […]

Drake’s blackface photo is racist and problematic

Just the facts. Drake is NOT black. He is a Jew. “Matrilineality in Judaism or matrilineal descent in Judaism is the tracing of Jewish descent through the maternal line. Virtually all Jewish communities have followed matrilineal descent from at least early Tannaitic (c. 10-70 CE) times to Modern times.” – According to Wikipedia Wikipedia isn’t […]

All Lives Matter; here’s why

For the mere fact that we need to state that any lives matter is proof of America’s degeneracy. Politically Correct To say All Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter is to subject yourself to political correctness. If you say All Lives Matter you will be politically correct with a white conservative crowd but anger blacks […]

Twitter Suspends Candace Owens for allegedly, “Inciting Hate”

Sarah Jeong, the @nytimes, and the truth about racism in America. — Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) August 5, 2018 The evil Left strikes again. Sarah Jeong, NY Times recent hire, faced backlash over her racist tweets. Twitter still has not reprimanded Sarah. So, Candace Owens of Turning Point performed a “thought exercise”. She copied Sarah’s […]

You Don’t Love America!

This so-called country, which is nothing more than a corporation, has never been for or by “the people”. The acquisition of this land was funded by powerful families; its wars were funded by powerful bankers, without a single exception. Everything from the revolutionary war to all of our occupations across the globe. These things are […]