Socialism: The Greatest Enemy Of Freedom

Every nincompoop who’s been educated into stupidity will define socialism as state or social ownership of the means of production.

Socialism is basically kindergarten. Do you have something others want? Share now or else!

The problem is, when people read a text, they read it to only copy the rhetoric. If you’re going to do that then you might as well not read at all. The point of reading is to galvanize the reading material into some new practical idea(s).

After conducting my own studies, I’ve come to the conclusion that socialism is actually centralization. One body controls everything. It’s pretty much the opposite of freedom.

Socialism is the opposite of freedom.

Owning something under socialism is like opening a pack of gum around strangers. Everyone has to get a piece. You don’t own anything.

If you have a wife, she’s everyone’s wife. Her body belongs to the state. At least that’s how it was in Communist Russian under Trotsky’s watch, when he was having affairs with his soldiers’ wives.

Some would define fascism as, ‘the control of the means of production. Socialism is extremely fascist. Note the difference between ‘ownership’ and ‘control’.

Socialism promises that the people who produce will provide for everyone, including those who do not produce or those who produce very little. Socialism says, people cannot govern themselves. It says that people need rulers.

Socialism implies that people are too stupid to solve their own problems. But socialism is the exact reason why people are ill-educated now. It’s been downhill since the government stuck their nose in education.

Taxes are a form of socialism. The second plank of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto literally calls for “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

Wait! You don’t want to pay? Off to the Gulags with you, comrade.

And if you die, your social security will not go to your wife and kids. It belongs to mother Russia Uncle Sam.

If socialism is so great, why is it mandatory?

One of the most evil plots ever exposed about socialism was by a socialist, George Orwell. That plot being, contortion of language.

Socialists will have you believe that capitalism is evil. Of course it’s evil; the term ‘capitalism’ was created BY socialists and made popular by Karl Marx’s Das Kapital. Without an imaginary enemy (capitalists), socialists can’t center themselves as a solution.

Before socialists were allowed to push their arrogant ideology, the term ‘capitalism’ hadn’t previously existed. They needed a pejorative for ‘freedom’ and ‘capitalism’ is the name they gave it.

But capital is as natural as the oceans and trees. Anything that can be used to produce something is a capital good. People are capital goods. And please don’t mention slavery with your narrow-minded view of economics and history.

People are the first capital good. Without which, NOTHING can be produced. If you are reading this, you are capable of producing something for yourself and others. So, you are a capital good.

When they ask, “Who created ‘capitalism’?”

The answer is, “God”.

Because when we landed on this rock we call Earth, there were already fruit on the trees, vegetables on the ground, minerals under it, and animals grazing upon it.

We have a benevolent God which provides us with abundance.

It’s the tricknology of socialism which fools us into trading monopoly money.

“Capitalism” would have never permitted the circulation of fake money. A good capitalist would never wisely exchange something of no value. So-called ‘capitalism’ requires capital goods and fiat currency (socialist creation) is not a valid capital good.

Remember when the forefathers used a currency that traded coinage which held its value in the weight of gold, silver or copper? Pennies used to contain copper but now they are mostly made of zinc. That tricky socialist!

Socialists hate anarcho-capitalism because they can’t control it. They can’t pass legislation to ban people from owning things.

Do you remember when hemp was legally grown in America and then the chemical companies conspired to make it illegal so they could create synthetic plastic?

Many would call that “crony capitalism” but that’s merely another socialist attempt to dirty the reputation of capitalism. The correct term looks more like Exploitation of Socialist Systems.

Socialism isn’t inherently evil. It’s simply an extremely flawed system which creates the perfect haven for evil, and makes it REALLY easy to lead enslave an entire population of people.

Socialism is the system which allows government to meddle in people’s personal affairs and make things illegal. Destroy the system of government (anarchy) and these companies which exploit socialism will be forced to compete.

Even our police force has been socialized. And you wonder why it’s so cruddy. I say privatize it. This town did it and crime decreased more than 50%.

Everything you socialize you demoralize.

Did you know that the supreme court recently ruled that police are not obligated to protect American citizens? That’s socialism for you.

People say real socialism hasn’t been tried before. The truth is, most countries have been severely socialized. Hong Kong is currently rebelling against communism because they don’t want to be socialized. They are begging for our first and second amendments.

Hong Kong Protest Sign Second Amendment

We need to come to the realization that it is ‘capitalism’ which has never been tried because at every turn it is choked out by socialism/communism.

People will have you believe that the revolutionary war was over a British tax. That’s false. The tax from Britain was only 1%. I’ll gladly trade that for the 33%+ I’m paying to these socialists now.

The Revolutionary War was fought because the colonists created their own script (currency) and then England banned it, which sent the nation into a recession…since they were forced to use England’s faulty fiat currency (See: Currency Act of 1749).

Your teachers and professors are creations of socialism so don’t expect them to talk about this.

Everywhere the socialist puts his nose, there exists calamity.

Nature is to be left alone. Let nature run its course. People need to fail in order to learn. We need the freedom to fail so we can evolve. Socialism seeks to disrupt evolution.

They’ve literally caused famine by seizing farms, which caused the death of over 7,000,000.

As previously stated, socialists created the term capitalism, so we have no use for it. Today, we are abolishing the term and replacing it with something better.

Economic Naturalism. 

Anarchy has a bad reputation and frightens people. The idea of no laws doesn’t translate into freedom in their minds but that’s exactly what it is. Anarchy is technically freedom.

Webster’s dictionary includes in the definition of anarchy to mean: a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

Like Orwell warned, words are weapons. The socialist conspiracy uses terms like anarchy in negative situations to cloud its true meaning. Most people think of chaos when you mention anarchy. But ‘order’ is what really should come to mind.

If you’re afraid of anarchy, then you subconsciously believe that white men are inherently violent and dangerous. Are you willing to admit this?

The preferred term, going forward, for what makes sense for all of humanity, especially America, is Freedom Of Economic Naturalism.

We must do away with this ugly term, anarcho-capitalism, which has its roots in the filth of socialism. Its brand has been sullied and tarnished.

Let people be free and make decisions on their own. Let people create their own local agencies to govern and protect themselves. Let nature run its course uninhibited.

Free the market from socialist controls.

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