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Lavar Ball: Great businessman or all talk?

So you don’t like Lavar Ball because he’s obnoxiously outspoken?

Well, he reminds me of every confident black American male I’ve ever come across from the previous generation – that 70’s moxie.

I’m starting to think you new blacks don’t have any culture.

Surely, if you loathe Lavar Ball then you loathe Blac Youngsta.  If not, you’re a hypocrite. If you love 90% of these rappers or athletes, then you should have no problem with Lavar Ball.

blac youngsta money dance

The problem is, you have a problem with independent strong black men that are NOT thugs or rappers.  Probably because you never saw a real example a day in your life.


Shaq, stop it. You took the opportunity to promote your terrible sneaker line.

First of all, the sneakers are terrible. Mothers complain that “the zipper snapped off” only after FIVE DAYS!

Another mother said she bought two pairs and neither lasted more than THREE MONTHS.

shaq sneaker reviews

When you sell cheap shoes you have to make cheap shoes – to cover the cost of doing business and make a profit.

Let’s talk about how Shaq is dealing with the devil – Walmart. Walmart DESTROYS local economies, mistreats employees and even STEALS THEIR MONEY.

Great example you’re setting there, big guy. ????

Priced way too high?

People were complaining about the price of the slides ($220) but failed to compare that to Gucci Slides which are $190.

gucci slides $190

People argued, “But Gucci is brand name!”.

Stop right there! ✋ WTF does that even mean? “Brand name”?

craig friday confused look

You people are so brainwashed, it’s not even funny anymore.

If a brand has a name then it is a “brand name”.

What you mean to say is that Gucci has a high perceived value thanks to the worship it receives from the black community.

The truth is, the value of goods are always equivalent to what people are willing to pay for them. EMOTIONS set the value.

Black attention literally makes non-blacks RICH!

[bctt tweet=”Black attention is a gold mine.”]

A brand can “fake” the perceived value by giving the goods a high price which in turn creates an illusion of being of high value – which is the case for Big Baller Brand.

Or another example is our beloved “Hotep Homemade Woke Water”.

Rappers, especially, endorse brands successfully. The same can be done for black-owned brands like Big Baller. One hot bar can create spikes in revenue charts.

Let’s also factor in “targeting”. Targeting is the person you want to sell to.

With $500 sneakers, certainly, Lavar isn’t looking to cater to the every day consumer.

There are plenty of thousandaires and millionaires in America that wear expensive sneakers like Balenciaga ($645). The truth is, $500 isn’t that much to this demographic.

Spending anything less would probably be insulting.

Let’s also factor in the trap stars and strippers that are in the six-figure and above income bracket. I can easily picture a Snapchat stripper buying her son some Lonzo’s just because it’s a status symbol.

The fact that you own a pair of sneakers in that price range makes a statement. It says, “I have more money than you”, “I’m better than you”. America’s favorite mantras.

The brand is called Big Baller Brand. With a name like that, its go big or go home. I’d expect high prices. I’d expect your target to be “ballers”.

People with little business knowledge think you have to sell a million units of something or you’re a failure. And that’s not true.

OnSmash reported that 5,000 pairs have been sold already. 5,000 x $495 = $2.5m

Lavar created $2,475,000 in sales last night alone.

If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is.


Don’t tell me Gucci is of higher value when all it takes is the support to make a brand valuable. Why can’t you support your own?

Why does the black community fail to have unconditional love?

When Gucci set their prices, you didn’t complain.

When Ralph Lauren set their exuberant prices, you happily paid for the white man holding a stick while riding a horse stitched to your left breast.

You wore that white man on your chest PROUDLY.

But here’s (Lavar) a black male going independent, without the big label, and you turn into crabs in the bucket?

Many entertainers/athletes stepped up to show their support but I’d like to highlight this tweet from Ocho Cinco.

This is the exact attitude the black community needs to have. It’s not about the shoes. You’re investing in the future of black life.

If Lavar is a success, that will encourage black athletes to go independent.

We always talk about the lack of jobs but who do you think those jobs need to come from? BLACK BUSINESS OWNERS. Nike ain’t employing you!

With more of these independent black businesses, we can provide our own jobs instead of begging non-Africans for one.

Am I buying a pair? Hell no. It’s WAY out of my sneaker budget. I buy one pair of sneakers every two years. And they’re not basketball shoes. I’m just not the target consumer.

But if I was a “baller”, my order would have been placed last night.



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2 Responses

  1. Personally, I can’t stand the man because he is blatantly racist, with his BS UCLA can’t win because of whites on the team. Especially considering, from what I can see, his wife is white, which makes Lonzo half white. So maybe UCLA couldn’t win because of 3.5 whites on the team

  2. This article is 100% on point! People need to understand that it’s much bigger than the shoe. It’s about uplifting fellow blacks and our community!

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