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Why do the Kardashians like black men?

Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky are an item. Big surprise…

In this, you will NOT find intangible evidence such as black males being more desirable than white males. I’m sure other blogs inundated you with enough of that.

Today, I provide evidence that illustrates why the Kardashian clan clings to black men.

The Argument

Before we get into the Kardashians, let’s begin with some appetizers.

Justin Bieber Usher RaymondJustin Bieber came into the music business with who? Usher Raymond.

Not only that, L.A. Ried and Def Jam signed Bieber.

Why would a white pop star have to go through black gates for stardom?

There are PLENTY of examples of Justin Bieber mixing with the hip-hop world.

I won’t bore you because we’ll be here all day.

Miley Cyrus also used hip-hop culture to gain relevance but as reported today by, she’s decided to discard it.

Check out my short video on Youtube where I talk about her image transformation – 3 YEARS AGO!

Taylor Swift Cultural AppropriationTaylor Swift has even been accused of cultural appropriation.

In the entertainment business, you HAVE TO!

Why? Because black people create the demand for it.


The Evidence

  • 73% of non-Hispanic whites and 67% of Hispanics believe that African-Americans influence mainstream culture.
  • Between 2011 and 2015, broadcast network TV ad-spend focused on black audiences (defined as ad dollars placed on programming with greater than 50% black viewers) also increased, by 255%.
  • Black women are 63% MORE LIKELY to purchase a Luxury Vehicle in the Next Year than the General Market
  • Black women are 2x MORE LIKELY to shop at NEIMAN MARCUS than the General Market
  • Black women are 65% MORE LIKELY to listen to a Local Radio Station online compared to the General Market
  • Black women are 2X MORE LIKELY to spend MORE THAN 3 hours on Social Networking Sites in an average day than the General Market.

Final Thoughts

When you couple voracious spending habits with high exposure to advertising, what you’re looking at is your ideal consumer.

Black women are being targeted by advertisers, business owners, TV programming and of course our beloved celebrities.

Why do you think the Kardashian clan is targeting black men?

Because that gets the attention of the black female audience. Whether “the chatter” is positive or negative, “the chatter” is there. And “the chatter” can be leveraged and is being leveraged for business opportunities.

In marketing, we call “the chatter”, BUZZ or HYPE.

Do you think Rob Kardashian dated Blac Chyna because he liked her? No! It gave him an opportunity to become relevant, gain popularity and money.

Dating black people is profitable. I said this in 2013 after Kanye married Kim.

But there’s an incentive for the black party too! Don’t for a second think this is a one-sided deal.

A$AP Rocky standing next to Kendall is also a great look for his brand. “White” corporate America will open many more doors because this gives a cleaner appearance to his image and rewards with prestige.

In a way, I guess you can say, he’s benefiting from her “white privilege”.

Especially with Kendall, who doesn’t have a “slutty” past like the Kardashian girls and doesn’t tout fake boobs or buttocks.

Lastly, when a black man dates a white woman, black women tend to hate it and talk about it – PROFUSELY! Talk = $$$.

It’s the entertainment industry people. We’re all being used to keep these people relevant. As long as they can leverage our conversation for dollars, they’ll do anything to keep us talking.

Race mixing is ALWAYS a great way to get people talking because of the racial relations in the United States, both in the past and NOW – with Trump in office.

Black people have NO right to complain about cultural appropriation or the Kardashians using black men because it is the black community which chooses to participate.

If the black community decided to stop participating in Hollywood’s circus sideshow, these things would dissipate.

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70 Responses

  1. The Kardashians know that Jungle Fever generates attention, and attention in turn generates cash. (And having someone in the family do the Sex Change Bop is a profitable sideshow.) Men may have their lives ruined in the process, but Mama K just counts her money and laughs.

  2. As stated there is no such thing as Bad Publicity only No Publicity,And the Kardashian,s are know different from all that can profit from the Black Dollars..I can not exactly blame anyone other than the people who can,t see what might be taking place in broad day light right in front of them..Knowledge is power,As long as they don,t see and Acknowledge what is going on around them then they are the one,s that are getting fool,s Gold…

  3. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. No, white women have always been jealous of black women. They want our lips, his, skin, and men. Get real!

    1. Nah believe me white people arent jealous of black people in any capacity. We dont want your skin, your lips, your huge butts and ghetto behavior and certainly not your sorry ass, lazy,no job, deadbeat dad men, I mean if you want to get off the welfare and help get whitey his tax dollars back that would be cool.

      1. Your correct. All white women want is a big black dick to stretch they’re insides out so they can brag to other white hoes. You damn sure dont care about him having no job, felonies, baby mamas, and an overall lack of ambition besides rapping, gangbanging and basketball. But thats what makes them attractive to ALL races of females. Save your hypocrisy white women. Your fetish for big black dicks is why niggas, not black men, but the “Real Niggas” know that they dont need to work. Just lay down that Mandingo, that Shaka Zulu, that anaconda donkey kong dick, and you white whores will kiss their asses and ground they walk on. And they wont have to do shit but fuck you and smoke weed. You’ll pay the bills, cook, clean, and keep a roof over their heads. Just dont take that dick away. Thats “Real Talk” for ya fake ass.

        1. We all know the hoes and sluts have bigger Vaginas. Some can fit fists in there. Most of us women have regular sized Vaginas. We dont need or want monkey dick.

          1. Black men can stretch me anytime. What’s the use making love if you have to struggle to feel something little white man

        2. Amen!!!!! Whoever you are, I could shake your ????. I’ve been saying very similar things for years!!!!!

        3. If you have a daughter tell her white ass to try that black dick, she will never go back to your little oscar myer winner.

          1. You sound like a black dude posing as a woman. You really are trying to make a point so fast that you even called a woman (Re da) a “little white man” lol. Not a very bright guy at all are you? Your not helping the stereotype of your education level.

      2. Stupid stinky wet dog, which is exactly how you smell, then stop buying suntan lotion because your pale skin blind us and getting botox for your ugly then lips and flat unattractive ass. Ignorant bastard there is more whites on welfare than blacks and last you SOB brought us here send us back most of are ready to go home to the great country of Africa and then Kim Jon Un can do what he want to this damn terrible place you call the great US.

        1. The country of Africa well we have a verified genius on our hands here. We’LL be happy to provide you a free ticket back to your war torn paradise.

    2. I am white…and I like that. I don’t need to be black. I am what I am and I like it. I guess you have a problem…

    3. I like a men with a job, with education ( not a ghetto education) and with white skin. I guess that only black guys want to date stupid K family…I don’t see a lot of smart and rich white guys at the K doors…And now they have those ridiculous big butts…are soooo ugly…Yeah!!! We, white girls really want an ass like a sofa.

      1. I have black friends and non of the females talk like this only the males. You are obviously a dude.

    4. You little nasty piece of shit! Black girls are always that jealous, envious and etc, because they clearly realize that they are the ugliest women ever existed! There is nothing uglier than a black girl and you guys know it, thts why you all are so jealous at white woman. We have natural beauty, we dont need makeup, we have clear skin, blue or green eyes, blond hair and etc things you have always dreamed for! Our bodies dont smell like shit as yours, you guys have naturally bad smelly skin and its disgusting, sad but true! So you calm down or the slavery would be back soon, you fucking ape hahahahah lame ass nigga, go to hell with your trash people, fucking slaves, go pick some cotton dirty ass hoe

      1. Cavebitch, you got some nerve to be saying shit like that. I mean cmon. You got wrinkled skin by thrity, but you gone clown on black women for have bad skin even though my nubian queens ain’t looking damn near 60 by the time they 30. Its a well known fact black women and men age gracefully. No plastic surgery or facelifts or any of that shit needed for us to look young as we age. Can’t say the same about yall though. Black women smell? Coming from somebody who smell like a wet dog, body odor is a funny word. And black men wanting you over black women? Lol! I’m gonna burst your bubble with some facts; black men like any other group of men like women that are easy to fuck and control. In short white women are by at large are nothing more than a cum dumpster for black men when he is horny. Or do you think its a coincidence that plenty black men toss a white woman aside once she’s served her purpose of fulfilling his sexual desires? So before you go clowning on black women or anyone else, sit down and reflect or your gonna fall down.

        1. You can talk about your forgotten Nubian glory but the truth is Europeans ..yes that small continent conquered the world..our ancestors are magnificent. Talk about battle of the fittest..if you blacks are so great then why did whites conquer you ? Africa even if it’s 4 times the size of Europe is ridden with poverty and disease and some of your people still enslave each other to this day . Trust me , just because some white people are lost or filled with white guilt and follow the trend of race mixing does not mean we all whites do… aesthetically whites are beautifully diverse…from dark to light hair and all colors eyes and soft skin mother is 47 and barely has any expression lines so your generalization is BS. I see blacks migrating here in France begging to stay from Africa and they do that all over Europe and Scandinavia . Get off your high need us more than we will ever need you!

          1. Well your momma is an exception not the rule assuming what your saying is true. Though I’m not surprised if you’re lying. And if what you say is true so what? Whats your point exactly? Because I can point many examples of my nubian women well past 70 who dont look a day over 40 or 45. So your not proving nothing to me by making an example of your momma. As related to this discussion, what do the topic of white women aging horribly have to do with the economic situation in the fatherland of Africa? How does it relate? Trying to avoid real criticism by taking pop shots at Africa. Well let me give you a history lesson. Europe wasn’t always this good paradise that your people take pride in today. Europe was a place than was almost every bit as dirty and violent that you claim Africa to be today. The reason why Africa is in a rut today is because Europe came out on top by stealing resources from the continent as well as perfecting the art of war. As for as africans coming to Europe, there is more whites in Africa than africans in Europe. You do know that right? Naw I bet you don’t! So it begs the question. If Africa was so backwards like you claim, why a slew of chinese,(chinks) east indians, whites from Europe still coming there? And just who the fuck said we needed you? There’s a reason why europeans lefted Europe. They needed resources from the non white world otherwise yall would be still fighting and killing each other. I could go on all day with this, but the point is made. And while your takin bout me being on a high horse, european power is slowly slipping. The UK has broken its ties from the EU. Thats the first domino to fall. And make no mistake that other dominoes going to fall in its place as europeans powers weaken which is an indication that the son ain’t gone shine up your ass forever! It just takes time baby! Nubian glory history is not forgotten. It been remodeled and redid by us the Hoteps! Because we decided to. We could care less about you fucking approval because than what it truly means to be a Hotep- a modern nubian warrior who makes no apologies for who he is!

        2. I am merely pointing out that black isn’t better …no whites don’t prefer that melanin. You are right about a few things though.. when Europe was in trouble what happened?? They spread far and wide to find and take resources and not my immigrating and asking for help like your people do now in Europe and every white country but by fighting and winning. Took and earned those resources. There’s a difference. And white people in south Africa was colonization..not completed. Because whites took not just America, but Australia , new Zealand and south Africa was a similar story. We don’t get to the subsahara though which is why it’s a dump there . And .. in no way do I believe the EU is a good thing. That’s but a sham to steal money from the countries within it and it is helping to flood Europe with third world immigrants so now fuck the EU. Of course you know nothing if you think the EU is a good thing. Nevermind that the Euro has helped destroy the economy of Greece ..Italy and Spain. Regardless.. this whole propaganda white guilt machine in motion RightNow is making some whites believe we must mix with blacks to end racism ..Hollywood and media glamorize the black man but it’s a passing trend and not all of us follow the trend . So no black isn’t more beautiful or better because history speaks for itself. Europeans took from you because you didn’t have the capacity to defend it. You’re just sore losers. 32 yrs old I have not one sign of aging and like me I know a ton of people. Wish you better luck next time in trying to make a point of how great black is.

          1. Like I told your silly cavebitch ass before, Europe is slowly falling. No empire last forever. You’re a fool to believe otherwise. Now as for as your pathetic point of europeans taking land, well you just proved my point. No sense in euronuts getting mad at immigrants in coming in there neck of the woods because they stole from who coming in there country! You know the saying “you can’t steal from the white man because he’s already stolen his share”. The real reason why the UK broke from the EU is because theirs simply no honor among thieves. And thats exactly what you take pride in. Your ancestors stealing from others which in turn you got no right to be clowning on africans, arabs, asians, etc coming in your countries taking they share of the pie. “Chickens coming home to roost never made me sad. In fact its only made me glad”! Hollywood glamorize black men! Lol! Give me fucking break! You can count on one hand the black male actors starring in leading roles. Where the hell did get that piece of shit info from? And you never answered my question what do the topic of white women aging horrible have to do with Africa’s economic problems? When did I say all white women like black men? When did I say that all white people follow these pathetic trends? I respect the white people who want to stay the hell away from black people because I do all I can to say the hell away from yall crazy fucked up lot! The only thing a cavebitch (white woman) can tell me is where my nubian chick went. Ain’t nothing about me that want some shriveled up cavebitch animal lover! You say you’re 32 well you probably look 52. How the hell do I suppose to know? And not that I give a shit! Sore losers? Well we don’t kill ourselves when life hits us hard. But what the fuck yall do! Bitch piss and moan bout meaningless shit and then kill yourself! That typical brutish caveman mentality for you! And as for as this talk that black people trying to feel good bout themselves, well we dont need to fuck animals, jump of buildings, and a slew of other fuckedup shit to get our kicks. Get over that bullshit! I’m just telling the fucking truth like I see it. If you want to argue with this Hotep, fine, but you or any euronut ain’t gone have a damn thing to prove!!!

          2. Europe is slowly falling? Are you joking? No matter what economic decline Europe goes through, it’ll never be as bad as the shit-show that goes down in Africa on the daily. Only the predominantly white parts of Africa have any semblance of technological development, the rest of it is just a cesspool of apes. In Africa, albinos are killed and eaten because the idiotic niggers believe that their bones have magical healing powers. Black people are inferior, as evidenced by thousands of years of history. Of all races, niggers are the ones most closely related to Neanderthals/apes, and this fact is reflected in a lot of things that they do. Take, for example, the fact that they sell their own kind into slavery, walk around naked, and kill each other. Even in the more developed countries, black people are often addicted to drugs and gambling and make awful parents. Black people populate ghettos and prisons, and the predominantly black schools often score the worst on tests. Perhaps one day the nigger will evolve enough to reach the level of intelligence that whites have had for hundreds of years, or perhaps whites will always be above them.

            Your attempts to defend black people by saying that they “don’t age” as much as white people are pathetic. Even if that were true, it’s clearly a last-gasp attempt to redeem black people because they don’t have any other redeemable qualities. White people are not only more intelligent than niggers, but they are more visually appealing. The reason that the Kardashians date black men is because they don’t possess the intellect to date a rich, white man so they have to resort to dating ape-brained niggers. Rich white men often need intelligence to become rich (as business men, moguls, etc) whereas black men can rap about their nigger dicks and the money comes pouring in from other niggers.

            I’m sorry that you had to be born a nigger, I really truly am.

          3. You dumbass lol! The only neanderthal here is you. Get a dna test one of these days. All you pasty hairy fucks have it those weak genes. Thats why you are genetically inferior and just like those cavemem you people are dying off. Check the numbers lol

  4. Interesting observation that makes sense. But the Kardashians aren’t “white”, they’re ethnically Armenians. Armenia is located in western Asia and is bordered by countries like Turkey and Iran. The term “white” is generally for people of European descent.

    1. Armenian is very Caucasian white, so is Tureky-no single Armenian is with black guy but the Kardashian, black men purposely target rich white women to climb the social ladder.

      1. Caucasian doesn’t mean only “white”. The Caucasian race (also Caucasoid) is a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon, which, depending on which of the historical race classifications used, have usually included some or all of the ancient and modern populations of Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. In the United States, the root term Caucasian has also often been used in a different, societal context as a synonym for “white” or “of European ancestry”. Therefore, the Kardashians are indeed Caucasian, but in a societal context are not “white” since they are not of European descent. Please do some more research on your end before making an uniformed reply.

        1. @ JoeyJoJo White peoples arent Caucasian! They are fucking white. Saying otherwise sounds stupid. White prhin from Europe as they became central powers they added to their region as most people wanted to be more white. Whites hated black so people in between these races see the position of Black people and didn’t want to associate with it. Now even Hispanics are considered white do to the wave of white Europeans in the early 1900s! White people are not Caucasian, they’re just white!! That’s it! Kardashian’s date black men because they’re attractive! Kendall just wants to be like her sisters and she doesn’t even like black men and neither does kourtney! Kim and kourtney are beautiful!!

    2. Are you stupid, or..? Where did you pull that reasoning out from?
      Armenians are Christian Caucasians.
      Turks are Mongoloids mixed with Arabs/Semites.
      Iran was predominately caucasian before the Arab invasions in the 600s.
      Learn some history before spewing your crap out of the wrong end, mate.

      1. Caucasian doesn’t mean only “white”. The Caucasian race (also Caucasoid) is a grouping of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon, which, depending on which of the historical race classifications used, have usually included some or all of the ancient and modern populations of Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. In the United States, the root term Caucasian has also often been used in a different, societal context as a synonym for “white” or “of European ancestry”. Therefore, the Kardashians are indeed Caucasian, but in a societal context are not “white” since they are not of European descent. Please do some more research on your end before making an uniformed reply.

        1. Huh? My 100% Armenian grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles are all pasty as hell compared to me, because I have a Sicilian father with darker skin. Sicily is in Europe, BTW. Armenia is in the Caucasus range which is where….oh, yes…most European people migrated from prehistorically.

    3. Armenia is literally one of the few countries in the Caucasus Mountain Range. The birthplace of the white race. It really doesn’t get any more Caucasian than that, genius.

  5. ‘non-Hispanic whites’.. you mean whites? Mestizos aren’t white any more than Semites or Natives, but nobody includes them. Everyone already knows people aren’t talking about the white Spaniards when they say Hispanic/latino.

    1. Hispanic isn’t a race so there are white hispanics. Go to Argentina or south of Brazil.. 100% Germans still living there.

  6. Sadly for all, this article makes sense. It’s all about publicity and money. Hopefully, those unions turn into “forever, happy” marriages so that kids won’t be hurt and damaged from what could turn out to be ugly, publicized divorces.

  7. How the fuck did I even get here? You people are at the peak of the reason why the world is going to absolute shit, you sit here spewing racist garbage based on an opinion created from a clearly biased source. “Black men use rich white women to climb the social ladder” are you fucking mental? As a black male who has been with a white woman for over 8 years I can assure you racist bastards that love sees no colour do the world a favor and pull your heads out of your asses you cunts.

    1. Oh shut up yo phony !

      you talk that “love sees no colour” nonsense, yet you go out of your way to mention that you are a “black male who has been with a white woman for over 8 years”.

      Who cares ??? you are probably are a colour struck, self hating fraud.

  8. The definition of the term Caucasian is ultimately irrelevant to the main point at hand. The Kardashians are Armenian by paternal roots AND of full European descent by their maternal roots. Google it. So regardless of any context they do identify with European origin. They are white women.

    1. What shocks me is that these absolutely physically beautiful wealthy women would choose to be with butt fugly lower class ‘rapper’ men! These men with their stupid dreadlock braids look ridiculous and are sooo ugly it is hard to look at them! There are soooo many gorgeous, educated, funny, smart, successful men out there that any one of these women could choose to wake up to and be enchanted by, however for some strange reason they choose to be with ‘rappers’. For goodness sake, these women simply don’t know what they are missing!! Don’t they cringe when these uneducated men can’t form a proper sentence? Do the Kardashian women think these men are hard or cool or something? How would the Kardashian lawyer father feel about their choice of partners if he were alive? Would they dare bring a ‘rapper’ home?? No, it is likely that they would each have an Ivy League diploma stuck to their walls instead of their own dirty underwear. And I feel so sorry for Mr Jenner!! He reached such success through incredible hard work in his life time. I wonder what he thinks of these idiot ‘rappers’ fucking his beloved daughters’ brains out while rapping about it!
      I don’t know…. Call me old fashioned… but class, education, hard work, talent, good looks, and a great sense of humor is paramount to me in a relationship. Granted, I don’t know these rappers from Adam, but somehow by the way they wear their hair I can sense that they do not deserve the Kardashian beauties.

      1. Do you think Elon Musk or a real smart guy will want to have a family with any of stupid K girls??? Scott got away…sooo black rapper ugly guys…get in!!

    2. They are white trash women. Just because they white doesn’t mean they are white as in the rest of the general whites in the us

  9. Befuddled these days by my white sisters who hate Trump saying they’ll not date any white dudes because they’re so disgusted by white culture and black men are where it’s at. To which I say, jeez, if you really cared about black culture you’d be in support of their family unit getting it together and leaving your white self out of it. In nature the lilies don’t try to be dahlias, the crows don’t try to be eagles, but they all exist separately in harmony. Think it’s a good allegory for a way to see things that can be loving to all, but not obsequious or self deprecating.

  10. Because they’re trash, white women that dates black men usually influenced by the mainstream rap crap, they’re mostly being satanic. Black people knows how to do voodoo magic to make ladies orgasm also black men got gorilla dick, that is why these kardashian love it, kardashian’s are satanic cult.

  11. Honestly, like it or not penis size has NOTHING to do with why white women date black men. Its low or no self esteem, its usually trashy and unattractive white women who date black men. And honestly a lot of black guys will date anything white! So low class white women date low class black men. Who cares, let them have each other.

  12. RaDa you are full of shit! Its white cavebitches who got big wide pussies. Isn’t the majority of porn involving ????ing starring white ???? or is it just coincidence? I doubt it. And yall the fucking ????s! I mean, come on, yall hairy like monkeys, and many of ya’ll are born with tails that doctors chip of at birth. Hell a lot of ya’ll fuck like ????s in a fucking zoo! Don’t take my word for it, just look at your typical porn or zoophillia and hardly a black man/woman in sight, but its plenty fucking cavebitch Beckys ????ing and fucking dogs ????s, etc. So if ????s are layin the smackdown on that big wide cave pussy of many white cavebitches, well it nothing for any man to do the same. Im speaking from experience with cavebitches from my younger years of experience with such specimens. Some have even said “I’m small” though I’m a black nubian warrior. Giving the sheer size of these gigantic pussies from such specimens, I suppose maybe I am.

  13. Honestly, we really need to focus on our own life’s. This whole conversation is so sad because it’s a waste of precious time, celebrity lifestyle is very different to everyday life. Race mixing has been happening since ancient times its nothing new. This conversation is just making a lot of media platforms rich, but it’s need doing shit for anyone else.

  14. My best friend…who is is a first generation Canadian…his folks are from Haiti…was instructed by his dad to…
    “go out and chocolate-ize” his white community, because there needed to be more than just black and white.
    “Throw some Asian in there while your at it”. I laughed so hard! So true. No politics and way before Hip-hop and MTV. People just need to let it go. Give it a thousand years and we will all be hybrids 🙂 …well we all are anyway, but less definable down the road…I hope. I grew up white, in a lily white community…boring.

  15. That’s bullshit. Only white women who sleep with black men have the big loose pussy’s because the black dick stretches it out. Black women are physically made to handle that donkey dick. That’s why black women have the big asses so black dicks can get up in there. A black woman once said, “we have the big wide baby making asses.”

      1. You little nasty piece of shit! Black girls are always that jealous, envious and etc, because they clearly realize that they are the ugliest women ever existed! There is nothing uglier than a black girl and you guys know it, thts why you all are so jealous at white woman. We have natural beauty, we dont need makeup, we have clear skin, blue or green eyes, blond hair and etc things you have always dreamed for! Our bodies dont smell like shit as yours, you guys have naturally bad smelly skin and its disgusting, sad but true! So you calm down or the slavery would be back soon, you fucking ape hahahahah lame ass nigga, go to hell with your trash people, fucking slaves, go pick some cotton dirty ass hoe

        1. Why are you so hateful? What did black people do to you? Oh wait. You’re just ignorant and have no love for the human beings that you share the Earth with. It must be so fun to be filled with unmitigated rage all the time, you racist pos. Black women are beautiful. I’m beyond proud to be a black woman and I know I’m beautiful. There’s literally nothing you can do about it.

    1. @Laura you’re retarded black women don’t have bigger vaginas and white men would know they raped enough of them during slavery and after. Also the prince Henry is with a half black women !! Get over the dumb logic!

  16. Don’t be mistaken, some of us white guys have gorilla dicks of a different shade.
    The reason Kardashian clan chooses to be seen with black men is because it generates Buzz. Buzz is a marketing term for popularity, and that makes money from nothing.

    1. @Lyhue the Kardashian’s meaning kim, khloe, and Kylie love black men because they’re attractive and not because of what you think. Kendall and lourtney likes black men Kendall is a follower. White men aren’t as attractive as black men they’re just powerful and have more money!! Stop hating!! As a black women I date interracial only but I see non celebrity white women falling for black men everywhere!!

  17. I think that only black guys want to date them…I don’t see many white , rich white guys at the K door…I am not going to debate about the education…Or the lack of it on both sides: K family and black guys they date.

  18. And here we have the best example of why America is royally fucked. These comments are absolutely ridiculous.

  19. Most of these comments were very racist, petty and irrational. It’s 2018 and you people are arguing about which race is superior. You’re even stooping so low by commenting on people’s BO (people you’ve never met). All you people with these irrelevant comments need to read more or enlighten yourselves. Love yourselves, respect others and grow the fuck up
    Get a hobby instead of hiding behind your screens

  20. TJ. Just another cave ???? trying to defend his neanderthal bitch! Blacks kin to neanderthals? Lol! Are you fucking serious! Scientists have all ready proven you’re the ones kin to neanderthals. Europe is not the shithole Africa is? Well the only thing that kepted Europe from being the shithole that it was when europeans started stealing from Africa and other places. Get your facts staight cavebitch! Clearly a last gasp attempt to defend black people? Lol! I can go on all day with all the fucked up shit whites are into and started! When I say black women dont age like your cavemonkey women, it just facts fool! It ain’t got a damn thing to do with some misguided ideals about pride because there is no perfect “race” of people on this planet. And just what make you assume the Kardashians are intellectually inferior by choosing black men? And what the hell make you think black men want these cavebitches other than just a turn in the sheets? Because I can honestly say thats all your cavebitches are good for! And if blacks are inferior like you claim, tell your fellow cavemonkeys to say the hell away from them! Dont waste your time trying to “correct” black people because it’s a futile attempt! Tell your euroclowns to stay out of other countries business, and you’ll see just how long your fairytale white superior ideology bullshit last! Theres a reason why you got so many whites complaining about guilt because guilt is a mothafucka! Like I told Jacqueline and like Im going to tell you, you benfit from neanderfucks stealing from everybody else. Which means you can’t talk about blacks stealing or arabs raping those neanderbitchs (white women) when that the kind of shit that defines your history! Yall did that shit to yourselves long before any neanderfuck steped foot in Africa. You clearly dont know your own history and that fine, but you or no other neanderfuck ain’t got a damn thing to prove to me! So you can get of that shit! Im not sorry for being a nubian warrior, but what is sorry is your pathetic attempts trying to prove something to me only to make yourself look like a fucking fool! What you should be sorry for is being born a genetic defect!

  21. It’s all about publicity and money. Hopefully, those unions turn into “forever, happy” marriages so that kids won’t be hurt and damaged from what could turn out to be ugly, publicized divorces

  22. You people argue over ridiculous shit. The real question is: When will Caitlyn get a black boyfriend?Enquiring minds want to know.

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