7 Reasons Why People Hate Hoteps

Online there lives a decent amount of hate for Hoteps. But Why? Here, I clear things up.

1. Afro-centrism

The most common theme among all Hotep dissidents is a jest on African-centrism. Hoteps are unfairly depicted as a dashiki-clad radical nationalist right-wing group.

Yet, when Marvel rolls out the Black Panther film, these same contrarians dressed as if they were going to an African pride festival. Why the change of heart?

If one is to have pride in something, shouldn’t it be daily?

I guess we just pick up and drop our pride whenever it’s convenient or “mainstream” these days. ????

People might look at you funny if you dress “traditional”. But who are these people trying to impress?

Or better yet, who are they trying to fit in with? ????

2. Self-accountability

The most pushback occurs here. I think the liberals call it “respectability politics”, or something.

Basically saying, you should dress respectably, speak respectably, and act respectably.

I’ve seen people argue, “you should be able to curse out a cop and not get shot”.

This common and indecent way of thinking is adolescent at best.

Being respectable has little to do with the thoughts of others and more to do with the thoughts of yourself. What are the standards that you set for yourself?

Do you lack self-control and can’t curb your speech?

Is it hard? Of course!

But this is a level of self-mastery which is taught in the Hotep mystery schools. We teach you how to transmute situations and events into opportunities instead of looking at everything like it is out of control.

We are above playing the victim and blaming others for oppression. We acknowledge our own power and see nothing as a hurdle too tall to surpass.

Hoteps put black Liberals on the unemployment line. The black Liberal gets rich off of being a preacher of pain. When people grab their destiny by the horns it renders liberal politics useless.

3. Alternative Facts

Hoteps are known for their alternative facts. If you follow the mainstream thought or believe what you learned in Public High School History class, a conversation with a Hotep will get “interesting”.

If a Hotep said AIDS is curable they’d be called blasphemous by your everyday American. But, Dr. Sebi has proven this in court with documentation.

Black liberals only accept information from white sanctioned sources. Until a Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil says it, it won’t be real. They believe what the media tells them.

That’s funny because this is the same media they attack when headlines depict black men as evil and white school shooters as innocent.

If you know the media is lying, why are you believing ANYTHING they say? Shouldn’t you want to seek alternative sources?

The information taught by Hoteps is 10-100 years or more ahead of the so-called news. When you wait so long to grasp information you’ll always end up behind.

4. Egypt

This Egypt thing is a stereotype that never provides all the context and knowledge.

I just find it funny that whenever Hollywood shoots an Ancient Egypt film it’s the black liberals complaining about the lack of black representation in the film.

First, you make fun of Hoteps for identifying with Egypt then get mad when white people do it. Which one is it? Are you claiming Egypt or not?

I can’t blame white people for appropriating Egypt because the average African-American doesn’t identify with it, so really, it’s an ancient culture that’s up for grabs to be claimed. *shrug*

I’m claiming Egypt (Kemet) and nobody can stop me. lol

5. Hoteps ARE the Black Community

The black liberal, with their verified blue Twitter check mark, and cushy corporate job, are the first ones to complain about racism and white supremacy yet they are directly benefiting from it by following liberal politics.

Black people in the hood don’t give a damn about representation in a movie or Bruno Mars performing black music.

People are dying and liberals are worried about how many awards black people won at the Grammys.

Another common stereotype is the black male who just got out of jail and is now “woke”.

Really what you’re saying is that Hotep traditions are rehabilitating men to become an asset to their community.

When you go to Harlem, Philly, LA or Detroit you’ll see Hoteps outside educating the people. You won’t find black liberals in the hood. They stay on corporate-funded panels to talk a good game.

Hoteps are doing the REAL work. Your Afrocentricity or what’s left of it was fathered by Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke as well as Dr. Welsing.

These are prominent so-called Hoteps, if you ask a black liberal.

6. Hoteps Don’t Hate White People

Often you’ll find a common theme where the average black American blames white people for their problems. Hoteps don’t do that. Hoteps see that as disempowering. You’re playing the victim when you could play the victor.

Are we going to teach the next generation that it’s okay to blame their problems on everyone else? Or are we going to teach them that their life and everything in it is within their control?

One of these gives you power and the other takes it away.

Do we recognize racism? Absolutely. But are we going to let it persist as a hurdle? Hell no.

7. Hoteps Don’t Hate Donald Trump

Donald Trump has become a pinata for liberals to take their stress out on. It seems like every problem is blamed on “Trump’s America”.

Blacks are adamantly against Trump but let Democrats get away with murder. And the same cities where blacks struggle the most are run by Democrats but no one says anything.

When Doug Jones was elected in Alabama blacks cheered as if they achieved some victory. Now, they are saying he “screwed black voters”. See the tweet below.

Hillary Clinton called blacks “thugs” and wanted to bring them to heel, had black “slaves” and her husband implemented a policy which increased mass incarceration. Yet, blacks lined up to vote for her. Hypocrisy!

If Donald Trump is wrong in his policy then every other president has wronged black people, including Obama. Obama’s decision on bombing Libya has actually paved the way for slavery in the country today.

But you’ll hear nothing from black people on this. More hypocrisy!

If we’re going to talk politics, at least call it down the middle. Don’t just hop on the Trump-hate bandwagon just because the media told you to.

See: Trump’s presidency under review

Final Thoughts

It all boils down to the fact that Hoteps make people feel self-conscious.

We make you look in the mirror and really judge yourself and everything you thought you knew. It requires you to take a look at your flaws.

In 2018, with Snapchat filters and social media, it’s so easy to avoid your flaws. But flaws make the man.

Hoteps make you see everything that you’re NOT doing and maybe SHOULD be doing so that makes you self-conscious.

It’s a bumpy ride for a weak ego.


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8 Responses

  1. Yanno I really do appreciate the pseudo intellectual nonsense that hoteps push, but this takes
    it a step further and dives into cooning. Yeah I’m pretty sure you’re gonna talk about how
    I suscribe to “group think” and a “victim mentality” neglecting the fact that this is the
    same crap white people say about us…or better yet how black folks are on the “democrat plantation”. The only thing this happens to get right is that y’all are afrocentric, well kind of. That afrocentricity
    has to be one that doesn’t make white people feel uncomfortable, like your apperance on Laura
    Ingraham’s show. And you don’t sound anything like Chris Rock so that little pat on the head was telling you we all look and sound alike. The reason people hate hoteps is because you do stuff like talk about “the white
    man’s education” yet you couldn’t wait to run to a white woman to talk down about black folks. I know hoteps, a lot of them, and some of them don’t even know that they’re hoteps…kinda like white people who don’t know that they’re racist so I see why she had you on her show.

  2. Confucius… treat others like you would want to be treated. If we can all do that, there will be no racism… Unfortunately, racism is taught from a young age from all races. Black, White… in the US, everyone is racist.
    I’m white, but I relate to Hotep thinking… I’ve been living in Japan for 20 years, so I have nothing to do with America. I heard brother Hotep Jesus and I relate to him cause we are all humans from one race. There’s nothing more to say, but to look in the mirror and treat everyone as an equal.

  3. Then you should be able to recognize it’s nothing but the same white supremacist nonsense you learn in America, except it’s black male patriarchy instead of white. That’s why you can relate to it.

  4. One thing I do know for sure is that black liberals are by far my most racist hateful that exists today. It’s sickening how they’ve let the media manipulation completely overtake all of their rational thought and they are now driven by hateful emotion. White liberals are almost just as bad. These little spoiled weasels live with their parents until they’re 35, don’t work and are completely controlled by the liberal mainstream media. I’ve tried talking with many and it’s always the same, complete slob like women screaming their heads off, while the men are all dressed in black with their faces covered and with weapon in hand. None of them have ever researched any of the subjects they argue about, so facts just don’t exist and when you dispute their argument with facts they go off the wall violent, lucky for us 95% of them are total pussies. This media manipulation experiment we’re all unwittingly a subject in, may end up having the most harmful longterm effects on all major societies around the world for generations to come.

  5. We can talk about this all day long every day, but what are we as a collective going to do to make a difference, change the nation and make everyone equal as one. You tell me and I’ll tell you.

  6. Um… You went to Japan to escape racism? Japan has a rich history that is alive and well of hating…Foreigners,The people who settled there first, “people from the village”, gravediggers and really anyone who has had the misfortune to be stuck with the job of handling a dead body in any way, as well as Merchants,(despite being one of the best cities for entrepreneurship in the world) and…farmers,for whatever reason. I still love Japan but in many ways it’s more racist (and casteist) than America and while, hopefully you don’t have to experience this for yourself,but it does exist quite prominently in most provinces.

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