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Libya slave market gets complete Blackout from black media

When this story about a slave market in Libya first hit, I knew black media wouldn’t cover it – I expected a blackout.

But, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I gave them over a week to report on this and they FAILED! So, here I am trying to mop up the mess they failed to acknowledge.

When the western world obliterated Libya under the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, I heard no one complaining about this military action. At least not from the people that were complaining about the recent Syria bombing – which they credited to Donald Trump.

But we all know the real reason this demographic didn’t support the Syria bombing was only because they held disdain for President Donald Trump. Had this very same military action occurred under their candidate, they would be silent. How do I know? Because they were!


Why are these groups now silent when it has been reported that Libya now has active public slave trade markets as reported by The Guardian 7 days ago? The head of the IOM’s Libya mission told journalists in Geneva that migrants are being sold as low as $200.

The West invaded Libya, destabilized the region, and now slavery is active. The actions of the west opened the door for slavery.

[bctt tweet=”The actions of the West in Libya opened the door for slavery in the 21st-century.”]

You would expect black media to be on top of this thing but unfortunately, they are too occupied with attacking black men.

As you can see from this article here, which was a pernicious attack on Uncle Hotep and myself.

The article highlights black women killed by their partners. We cannot for a second try to ignore this topic because it is an important issue that needs to be addressed. But how come they don’t discuss the violent relationships within the LGBT community?

We covered the topic which exposed the fact that LGBT relationships face a greater risk of domestic violence than heterosexual men and women! But again, their motive is to paint black women as victims and black men as the predator so this goes against their narrative. These people are NOT pro-black – they are agents of black destruction.

Slavery is active and there is a complete media BLACK OUT from Black Media. Amazing!

I searched ‘Libya slaves’ on and the search results returned two stories about Trump and the alleged Muslim Ban. Libya Slaves search

On the search results returned another Trump Muslim ban story. Libya Slaves search

On there’s a story pushing the white vs black narrative which shackles the black community to a perpetual state of victimhood and progress stagnation. Libya Slaves search

On we also get another Trump Muslim ban story. Libya Slaves search

Doesn’t it appear as if black media is being given stories to report on as opposed to doing any real independent investigative journalism? They all have the same content. It’s as if some entity wants to brainwash the entire black community. No wonder we’re so lost. ????

How is it that the same type of negro that uses slavery as a crutch to support their victim narrative does not want to discuss present day slavery? Is it because they are now pushing this POC title – which happens to group the Arabs with Blacks and since the Arabs are running the slave trade they don’t want to offend an “ally”?

Or is it because this new and recent PC culture classifies any criticism of a people as offensive, racist, or in this case, Islamaphobic?

We see that slavery is occurring in the present day as reported many times in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE. In fact, Mauritania was the last country to abolish slavery in just 1981. WOW!

Why is it that many of these slaves happen to be women? African women? Or as some would call them, Black women? Shouldn’t it compel the black feminists in America to raise awareness?

I’ll tell you why they won’t cover the Arab slave trade of Africans. Because it does not support their mission to vilify and reduce the image and perception of black men. Which they like to coin, “toxic masculinity”.

Another problem is they are too busy patting themselves on the back. Giving out awards for virtue signaling and tweeting, which they try to claim as “woke”. But how woke are you if you won’t even acknowledge present day slavery?

Essence 100 woke women

Final thoughts

We must hold black media accountable for providing the most important news. We have to hold them to a higher standard than the mainstream media, which practices deception.

Media is how a culture communicates with its people. So, if the media is not providing relevant information, you can expect your people to be behind the times.

Please reach out to the media outlets which I’ve named above and have them raise awareness about this. They have a large reach that spans many generations of the so-called black community. Let’s hold them responsible!


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5 Responses

  1. You are the black media. Cover it. Don’t cover that others aren’t covering. That’s a waste of time.

  2. It sickens me that this still goes on. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a different world due to what I see happening yet the mainstream doesn’t acknowledge it. It is up to media companies such as yourself and others to push the awareness of such things out into the world.

    Thank you.

  3. “How is Black Media defined today?” Everything BP own they sell to non Blacks. I don’t know why Blacks don’t feel compelled to hold on to (anything) they create and pass it on to the next generation. What really is Black Media or BLACK anything else, w/out [ Blk ] LOYALTY.

    Black men especially have (zero) loyalty to BLACKNESS. Which is why Blk Feminist can demonize them and (not) look ???? like their in the wrong. Their loyalty is not to… Blk women, Blk children, Blk Businesses, creating Blk jobs, Blk injustice locally or globally?

    Truthfully; BLACKNESS as a CONSTRUCT has ALWAYS been OWNED by all non BLACK RACES going back at least (2) millennials now. Maybe even since the mulatto Ptolemy Dynasty took Egypt over from the very DARK Kemetic Nubians.

    The Kidnapping and enslavement/servitude of Black bodies has been going on in some part of the world since like FOREVER and no BLACK LEADERS or Blk Media (lol) is even interested in addressing these long time human atrocities on the scale in which they actually occur, so why complain when the truth is “Black Media” is really nothing but the Higher educated Blacks graduating University and running right off to work for their oppressors, enslavesrs and human organ traffickers MEDIA. Right or wrong? So who really is the PROBLEM?

  4. During Hillary’s 2012 Libyan mess, Black Africans captured by anti-Khadafu rebels were summarily executed.

  5. Thanks. I occasionally read “The Guardian”, but I missed this important story. Keep up the good work.

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