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Equality literally means white validation to a black liberal

Equality to a black liberal simply means, white validation and white acceptance. It’s an inferiority complex. Let’s break this thing down.

Black liberals basically want what whites have or what they think whites have. These type of blacks actually want to be white. The goal is inclusion in white spaces, white validation and white recognition. If a white person doesn’t validate something then it isn’t valid.

Do you remember the “Oscars So White” trend? Blacks were basically upset that a group of white people didn’t validate their artistic talent? All that melanin magic means nothing without white acknowledgment, I guess.

This year there was no white artist nominated for Best Album at the Grammys. This is nothing more than political pandering. It seems that black liberals live for a white pat on the head. But what’s actually going to change?

I’ll tell you what. The amount of black people tuning in which gives the network leverage to charge advertisers more. Cha-ching!

There’s a serious preoccupation blacks have with whites.

Prince Harry

When Prince Harry engaged the “black” girl, many blacks celebrated. Look at this piece of propaganda. ‘Coming to America was fictional, but this is going to be real’: Black American women react to Meghan Markle’s royal wedding to Prince Harry.

Doesn’t this reinforce the white savior complex? Only the white man can save the black woman. More proof that being accepted by whites is a fetish for black people. It’s quite contradictory because any other time they are relentless with anti-white rhetoric.

But we’ve already established that they hate whites only until whites accept them. Then it’s open arms.

Representation – Case A

Another thing blacks fight for is “representation”. Now that “Black Panther” the movie is almost here they are full of glee. I’m still not sure how Black Panther is going to save the black community.

Obama represented blacks in the White House and that still led to slavery in Libya. No matter what or who you put on the screen, it’s just a distraction from reality. Unless it’s Hotep.

While blacks are fixated on the screen, life is happening around them. The screen will have little effect on “the hood”.

So, little Jamal saw himself on TV – cool. But where does he see himself in everyday life? When he visits the doctor, is his image there? What about the attorney? Pilot? I digress.

So what’s the truth?

Black liberals don’t want to have their own. They want to invade others’ spaces. But don’t these bigots complain when whites enter black spaces? I believe they call it cultural appropriation.

On the contrary, it doesn’t take much to get invited to the virtual cookout. One little black dance and a white person is invited. Don’t like Trump? Meet us at the cookout! With standards so low, it’s no wonder black movements are easily infiltrated by the FBI.

I’m not going to this cookout.

What I believe is, blacks don’t want the responsibility of creating their own. They like the comfort of being second class citizens to whites – as long as they are recognized and given representation.

If one says build your own and stick with your own, they’ll call you racist. But it’s not racist when Asians do it. Not when Hispanics do it. It’s only racist when whites or blacks do it. Something is in the water. ????

Representation – Case B

Blacks are so concerned with the screen but won’t build their own. Mainly because they can’t stop looking at the screen long enough to create their own.

The fact that you need to see YOUR image on THEIR screen to feel good about yourself, proves how broken your culture is. Black women especially concern themselves with little black girls seeing themselves on this screen.

What about Nisha Shah, the little Indian girl? She’s not represented on the screen. Does she have those same issues? No! Nisha’s family has their own India programming and culture. They have what you call a functioning community.

When you have a functioning community you don’t need anyone else’s validation. You validate yourself.

Nisha has her own music and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t repeat messages of violence against her own people, drug abuse, and sexual deviance.

A liberal black will read the previous sentence and say “but white people…”, again illustrating their preoccupation with whites.

Stop that!

White Validation

When Hoteps reported the slavery in Libya black liberals wrote it off. Black liberal media didn’t cover it. We did. Black media didn’t report it until seven months after us.

A half a year went by and nobody had anything to say about Libya but now that CNN does a special, everyone miraculously cares. If the white man didn’t say it, it’s not the truth.

Dr. Sebi gave lectures on health and black liberals wrote him off – called him a quack. “What the Health” comes out (with similar information) and now blacks are trying to eat better. But again, only white is right.

Subconsciously, liberal blacks affirm white superiority through their alleged civil rights movement.

Think about the phrase, “first black to…”

You’re literally saying, “I’m happy with second place.”

“The first black to…” insinuates that the white created space is the most sacred place to be. It’s saying that black created spaces are not as important as white created spaces. You literally validate white supremacy.

If you’re the first black airline owner, you’re just another airline owner. You didn’t do anything special. You’ve simply done what others have already done. Why not seek to be the first person, PERIOD? ????

Why not create a new category or product that never existed before instead of trying to be “the first black to…”?

Since Dr. King’s plagiarized “I have a dream speech”, blacks have lauded the opportunity to hold hands with white people. Nothing makes a black liberal happier than white love. Sad times.

Final Thoughts

Until blacks are comfortable being amongst themselves without white validation and recognition they’ll never be “free”.

You don’t have to force people to hold hands with you. Force never works. But when you are strong, everyone will want to hold hands with you.

Blacks need to focus on building themselves up and everything will fall into place.


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  1. Will Hotep Ever go to Gab app(banned from iOS & Google Marketplace for “Hate Speech” ? The Alt Right Twitter? I’m on there after being Banned for Twitter for being to Nationalist and too Masculine.

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