How do we let love live?

What is love?

Love is the highest vibrational frequency man is capable of creating. Love is the highest form of energy. Anything that was ever worth creating was created out of love.

On the topic of self-love, I think in our current time it has taken a turn for the worse. Self-love is becoming selfishness – mostly due to the fact that so many have been hurt that they turn away the possibility of being hurt again.

Love is selfless

Love is caring about another sometimes more than even yourself – not in totality but in key moments. It is where you put others before your self-interest.

Love is healing

By loving others you can heal yourself. Nothing is more rewarding that the feeling of giving.

Jordan Grafman, neuroscientist at the National Institutes of Health did a study on the act of giving and how it affects the brain. The results demonstrated that when the volunteers placed the interests of others before their own, the generosity activated a primitive part of the brain that usually lights up in response to food or sex.

When was the last time you checked up on someone just because? When is the last time you did something for someone just because? When was the last time you gave without expecting something in return?

When you give then get nothing in return and begin to complain, then what you gave was not out of love.

Love doesn’t hurt

Losing love hurts. Not being loved hurts. Love could never hurt. Love heals. Love heals all. Love makes you do things you would have never imagined. Love makes everything in the world not matter at any given moment.

Having someone deny or invalidate your love hurts. Sometimes others cannot fathom a love like the love you possess or feel, so they think that you cannot possess it. Maybe because they’ve never been loved like the love you are ready to give, they don’t know how to recognize love. “One can only recognize that which they’ve already discovered or learned.”

Love is loyalty

Even when you break from someone (friend or significant other) love will never make you do hurtful things to them – even if they do them to you. Love is too pure to ever be tainted.

Love will make you travel 1,200 miles to see someone even if only for a few hours. Time disappears and the only thing that matters at that point is the fact that you had time to spend with the one you love.

Some love easier than others. Some are naturally sensitive to the frequency of love. Some are intuitive lovers. The intuitive lover can sense those that need and deserve love. The intuitive lover sometimes also knows how someone needs to be loved.

The intuitive lover falls in love easy because their love is clairvoyant. They can see the potential future with someone. They can read the heart of the one they love. Perhaps, they should keep these thoughts and understanding to self because the other party just won’t understand.

Many people use logic to determine love but the intuitive lover does not. The intuitive lover needs no logic because what they can see transcends time and therefore logic. Sometimes they can look into another person’s heart vividly while the other party will think it is not possible. To be an intuitive lover is to be a lonely lover.

What happens when the lover is not loved back? Depression could ensue and I think this is the point where the lover must be balanced enough in their own life to counteract this. The self-care at this point becomes habit and process.

The lover must practice things that allow their body to vibrate at the level of love to maintain sanity. They may need meditation in which the lover imagines the many times they did receive love. This can restore love as a life force.

They may need to hijack their body and go for a run to release endorphins.

According to endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.”

The lover should not subject self to escapism. Escapism is when we search outside ourselves to avoid a feeling or emotion temporarily instead of facing it head on. For example, it’s very dangerous for the hurt lover to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. This is the opposite of self-love.

The lonely lover is one who is filled with so much love they want to share it with everyone but no one wants it or knows how to accept it. Or there is no one in the immediate vicinity deserving of that love. So, they hold onto this love longing for the day to be able to express it – instead of repressing it.

The lonely lover should write

This becomes an outlet to purge the excess energy of emotion. If they can share it with the world via a blog then even better. Because the feedback they receive will remove loneliness and allow them to share at that moment something special and unexplainable.

The hurt lover should learn how to love again. They should not fear the possibility of loving again because they’ll only fill their heart with fear – and that could be damaging biologically.

Kory Floyd Ph.D conducted a study of 509 adults and the results are not surprising at all. In individuals that lack love and affection; they are more likely to have alexithymia, a condition that impairs their ability to express and interpret emotion. Finally, they are more likely to have a preoccupied or fearful-avoidant attachment style; they’re less likely to form secure attachments with others in their lives.

Love isn’t complicated

People who lack love knowledge and fear love make it complicated. Love is simple. It is the quintessential essence of God. If you ever want to know God then know love.

As a child, love is natural. Then people and their cruel ways “teach” you that love isn’t safe. Being too nice can be seen as a sign of weakness. So, we close up. Some of us adopt this mean behavior to cope and adapt.

I remember being the loving the child. I also remember every moment that has taken me away from being that loving person. “Hurt people hurt people.” Slowly over the years “they” siphon from your love reservoir. Soon, you begin to question if you should continue to love.

You become a rude and mean person. You think this is the way because it is the way of your surroundings and the people of your society. But glimpses of real love remind you of who you were. You want to be that lover. You were happier as that lover. You cling to people that put you in that vibration.

Then they hurt you. So, what do you do then? That’s the hard part. That’s the decision we all have to make at some point. Do we allow others and the world to make us run from love and not live in love? Or do we let love live?

Please, let love live. Because one day, I may stop loving and will need you to remind me of what love looks and feels like. I struggle every day to find love in my heart – but somehow I find it. Every day someone reminds of why not to love. I see the light but I see darkness more – I hope I don’t fall…


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