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A Guide to Hotep on Social Media

A guide to navigating the Hotep experience on social media

It has come to our attention that there have been numerous complaints and issues with the social media conduct of some members of the Hotep community, so allow us to clear up a few of the misconceptions. Hopefully, this can serve as a guide to the experience of interacting with Hoteps on social media, and interpreting what you may find.

“Hoteps are not a monolith, and just because one member believes something does not mean we all share the same beliefs”

Many a time a detractor has referred to a comment a member had made and said, “This is what Hoteps believe,”. But, this is not always the case with everyone. To discern the beliefs and attitudes of each individual Hotep, one must take the time out of their day to engage and converse with them in a civil manner.

Hoteps are not always 100% serious.

Just because we are Hotep does not mean every piece of content published is related to or represents Hotep, especially tweets. Often times tweets that are either joking, satirical or just downright misconstrued have been found to make their ways around circles and give our detractors something to talk about. We would just like to clarify that Hoteps are real people, and there’s only so much you can judge from a person’s character from tweets that may or may not be serious.

Tweets are not 100% representative of a person’s character, and trying to use tweets to paint Hoteps in a certain light to push your narrative of them being evil or “divisive” is disingenuous at best, and deceptive at worst.

Actions speak louder than words

There have been some complaints about the tone Hoteps use while talking to people at certain times, people have even called some of them “rude” or “condescending,” and this is usually not done on purpose. While there may be times in the heat of the moment in a disagreement where we may come across that way, but in the end, Hoteps don’t believe we are better than any other people. We just see that if we all put in the effort to work and not complain, we could all be better.

Hotep means peace, not passive

There have been quite a few times where people attack Hoteps and then are surprised and try to play the victim when we retaliate. As it stands today being a Hotep means being constantly under attack, constantly being told you believe things that you don’t and having a full page listing in the Buzzword Bingo Book.

Opposing the “disruption of the nuclear family” is somehow misogyny and sexism.
Not wanting our sons to wear dresses or seeing anything even mildly sexual things in cartoons (whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual, let children be children) is homophobic.
Not being fans of things like “Slut Walks” and “Hoe Culture” gets us labeled as misogynists who hate black women and only support the type of women who cook, clean and don’t leave the house (which is quite hilarious every time it’s said).

Hoteps are constantly labeled as misogynists, sexists, homophobes and a slew of other buzzwords Tumblr has brought to the forefront of social media, but none of these claims can be verified. The most they can find are some tweets which may or may not be serious, but again, you can not always determine someone’s real life character accurately from tweets.

Before someone gets the wrong idea, let me clarify, no we aren’t trying to play the victim and claim to be a marginalized group or anything of the sort, rather just pointing out how people tend to view our social media conduct and our thoughts on it.

Like we stated earlier, Hoteps are not a monolith. Every Hotep you talk to will provide a different experience. You cannot judge the entirety of the collective based on only the experiences of one or even a few of us. We all have different views and interests – some are more politically involved, some are more health focused, some are strictly business but you never know what to expect when talking to us.

If you do take the time to talk with us, and not go along with the media slander currently being slung at us, you might just find something to help you wake up & open your eyes just a little bit wider.


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