Hotep Nation Conference 2022

Ahern Hotel, Las Vegas
August 11-13, 2022

One on One with Hotep JEsus

Our special guests will sit down with hotep jesus to dive deeply into their areas of expertise in front of a live crowd of vips.

The political experts, Sonnie Johnson & Kim Klacik, will have their minds tugged and prodded about the political landscape of America. Crypto Wendy O will get us insight into the online culture of crypto. When it comes to mental and physical health, we have the eminent authority, Project Rook present.

Our very special guests

kim klacik red dress

MEET kim klacik

Kim is an American businesswoman and politician. She was the Republican nominee for Maryland's 7th congressional district in both the April 2020 special election and the subsequent November 2020 election.

Klacik was elected to the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee in 2018. Fox News has called her a "Republican strategist".

In a July 2019 interview on Fox & Friends, Klacik talked about Cummings's Baltimore district being overrun by trash and dilapidation.

An hour later, President Donald Trump echoed the segment by beginning to disparage both the city of Baltimore and Cummings on Twitter in a series of 19 tweets over two days.

Klacik responded to Trump's Twitter comments by tweeting, "This just made my day."

sonnie johnson speaking

MEET sonnie johnson

Sonnie Johnson is a dynamic and inspirational national speaker, Tea Party activist, and pundit.

Sonnie was formerly a host of Politichicks and is a regular contributor to She has appeared frequently on Fox News, including Hannity, and Red Eye, as well as Headline News.

Sonnie is a frequent speaker at conservative and Tea Party events, including CPAC, Tea Party Patriots, David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, and many others.

Sonnie is the founder of “” where she provides cutting edge conservative commentary and opinion. Her strong and original voice on that site drew the attention of many conservative organizations, and she was soon introduced to the leaders of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, where she became the President of the Virginia chapter.

As President, she was offered numerous speaking engagements at Tea Party rallies and women’s conservative groups. Her first public speaking engagement was at the Roanoke Tea Party rally, where they called her the “star of the show.”

MEET Crypto Wendy o

Wendy became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain in 2017 and quickly realized that blockchain technology had the potential to revolutionize, improve the quality of life for all classes, and transform the traditional finance industry.

In just a few short years she has grown her network and team, and has become the largest female voice in cryptocurrency with millions of views every month across multiple platforms.

She's currently focused on providing transparent marketing & media solutions for crypto companies globally. As well as hosting face-to-face meetups, and educating the people and legislators on the benefits of this exciting new industry.

project rook headshot

MEET Project Rook

Rook is a wholistic health and wellness coach who discovered the mind and body’s natural ability to heal itself while struggling with several “mystery” illnesses that conventional medicine couldn’t explain or remedy.

Her journey back to health revealed that illness is not our adversary after all, but instead a messenger sent to move us closer to the truth that the answers we’re all looking for are within.

Rook now teaches millennials how to connect the dots between an unhealthy body, a victim mindset and a life of suffering.

Rook’s message to the world is that every human can return to an illness and pain-free life by transforming how they eat and how they think, but the foundation for true healing must begin with a change in beliefs.

Food Experience

Chef Mark Ahern Hotel


Born in upstate New York, Marcus “Marc” Sgrizzi first learned to cook in his family’s Italian restaurant on Singer Island in Southern Florida. He developed his culinary expertise through the family business and training at Grimaldi’s, one of the most prestigious Italian restaurants in Utica, New York.

Chef Marc takes pride in his food as well as the guest experience, making frequent trips to Italy to source quality ingredients, refine his regional dishes, and create stellar food and wine menus. Rising to the top of the local epicurean ladder and attracting many celebrities to his eateries, he has owned and operated a number of restaurants in Florida, New York and Nevada.

Opening several restaurants and a pizzeria in Las Vegas, Nevada, Chef Marc became a beloved celebrity chef among local residents. In 2019, he relocated his signature restaurant from the Summerlin area to Ahern Hotel, where the chef can share his elevated Italian cuisine to the global dining scene and continue to entertain guests with stories from his travels.

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try your hand at some metal and have Fun with guns!

Hoteps advocate for firearm training. Join Cannon Hotep and others at the local firing range for some 2A action.

Doe at the range

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🔫 Shooting Range Experience with Cannon Hotep**

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