White privilege does not exist

White privilege does not exist and I’m here to discuss why not, from a common sense perspective.

As a so-called black man in America, I’m supposed to believe that white people have some sort of advantage over me. I’m supposed to believe that they enjoy a privilege I don’t.

Well, I haven’t seen it. What I have seen is a difference in culture.

I see that the values within a culture that bring anybody some sort of privilege is baked into so-called white culture and not black. Black culture is sure to create nothing but failure.

One thing most black parents teach their children is, you have to be twice as good as the white man. You have to be better than them. Foul ball!

Congratulations parents. You yourself have just created an instance of white supremacy in your child’s mind.

White people have the privilege of being the measure of success because you as black people allowed it and created a space for it.

education by race

Why should a child seek to supersede a race that lags nearly half that of Asians in education? Why are we setting the bar so low?

[bctt tweet=”‘Competition is a sin’ – Jon D. Rockefeller” ]

If competition is a sin, why are we competing? The truth is, we should not teach our children to compete or to even see competition. We should be teaching them that they need to be so good, that no matter what a person’s race is, they cannot compete with US.

[bctt tweet=”‘Your only competition is yourself.’ – Hotep Proverb”]

In a society where people procrastinate and are habitually lazy, competing with yourself is going to automatically put you in the upper echelon of that society.

Anyone can beat the fat lazy guy on the couch at almost anything. Black culture is that fat lazy guy on the couch.

Everything we discuss is lazy. Sports and entertainment take up all the real estate of our frontal cortex.

If you want to strike up a conversation with a black male, just start talking sports and he’ll turn into Steven A. Smith.

But ask him about finance and he’ll be no Jim Cramer.

Ask a black woman about Blac Chyna and she can go on for days.

But ask her about finance and she’s no Suze Orman.

There is no white privilege – only black underachievement.

How can there be white privilege in a majority white country? That makes no sense. Privilege is for the few.

By being the majority, a white person has to compete with other whites for a job. When there’s one position and HR has to choose between 12 different white people vying for the same position, how does white privilege play a role?

But being black in those circumstances sometimes can afford a privilege.

For example. If Brand X is launching a new product with 50 Cent as a celebrity endorser, it probably makes sense to hire some black people to make sure the messaging is communicated properly.

In white America, everyone knows the white culture. Brand X could hire almost any ethnicity to speak to whites. White privilege falters again.

However, there is a communication difference between classes and that has nothing to do with race.

What is white privilege? It is when you start speaking the language of the upper class and blacks call it “white”.

Now, THAT is white privilege. When everything associated with greatness becomes white. Alas, it’s created by blacks. They associate wealth with white. They’re the only ones to do this.

I go for job interviews all the time. A black male dread head, with confidence, walks into these meeting rooms. I’m hired the majority of the time. So much so, that I often turn down positions. I often interview, just for practice – just to see how much I don’t know.

My competition is always some other white people, I’m sure. But the truth is, I just know more. I’m better at my expertise. I have no competition because I’m too unique. My skill set is varied, yet laser focused. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone like me.

But two years ago, I couldn’t get any gigs. The difference was, I studied. HARD!

That’s what we call success privilege. When you take on the habits of a successful person, you gain the privilege of the successful.

When you take all of your disposable income and give it away to brands, how do you expect to amass any wealth to create your own privilege?

Trump CNN Fake News meme

When you take all of your attention and give it to celebrities or fake news, how do you expect to amass any wealth to create your own privilege?

[bctt tweet=”‘The privilege you get is the privilege you create.’ – Hotep Proverb”]

In New York, I see mostly white people begging for money. Where is their white privilege to help them?

When the new Muslim girl or handicap person joins a new school or job atmosphere, everyone walks on eggshells as not to offend them.

Nobody says about a new white person, “be nice, they’re white!”. That just doesn’t happen. Nobody cares. It is only the odd, unique, or different that is afforded privilege. And Black people are different.

The truth is, there is a black privilege. But we’ll discuss that another day…

Final Thoughts

We live amongst a white majority. So the images in the media, TV and film, will reflect that society. Because when people create, they create as they see themselves and it’s “white” people creating these things.

If black people created more, they’d create in their own image as well. But when you’re a habitual consumer, you have no choice but to consume what the white man gives you.

If you’re tired of it, start creating your own images, jobs and industries. Then you don’t have to worry about this boogie man, called white privilege.

Here’s the truth. Blacks look for instant gratification over long-term gratification. They’re more likely to spend on $200 sneakers because they can be fly now.

But they’re less likely to put that $200 into a stock portfolio and be “fly”, years from NOW!. They just don’t have the patience. Microwave brains.

[bctt tweet=”‘They’d rather be fly now and struggle later, than struggle now and be fly FOREVER.’ – @VibeHi”]

Because they are selfish and only think about themselves. They aren’t thinking about the next generation – which inherits, not fortune, but debt. Blacks can’t even afford to bury their dead.

Children born into wealth is because their predecessor was planning generationally. Blacks plan day-to-day. Until blacks start planning two lifetimes ahead, they will never rise from the rut.

Your grandkids will still be crying about white privilege because you failed to plan. And all it took was a simple life insurance plan.

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23 Responses

  1. Old enough to remember when Ali described white privelage to a white supremacist on their pod cast, and when the white dude said he doesn’t see that privilege Ali replied “that’s yo fault” Lol but the right wing money is too easy to get

  2. I’m not black OR white but, this makes a lot of sense to me. I think this is wonderful advice for anyone who wants to empower themselves.

  3. I guarantee the people leaving comments like “house negro” or “massa” or the BS about right wing money. Are white regressives who couldn’t stand the thought of someone leaving the plantation, and kicking the perpetual victim narrative to the curb. To quote Booker T Washington:
    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

  4. I respect you highly just for this post,and for the majority of posts you make.

    You are a credit to your people,and to your higher self. You’re right, there is no white privilege. Just success or failure.

  5. Booker also said a whining crying race may be pitied but seldom respected. Great man!

  6. I try to listen to all perspectives and things but I don’t understand. There’s no major display of whites being assaulted, misrepresented, sentenced disproportionally, miseducated on their history / past, destruction of their lineage in order to have them succumb to fear and inadequacy.

    The rebuttal is ALWAYS around the money we spend on shit we want, the same shit that whites and other groups buy as well. Do we also assume that all white people invest their money in their future instead of shoes? Like….I do try but I don’t get it. How can you ignore or dismiss this?

    If there was no white privilege and this all ties back to money, why is it that the shit that happens to blacks and people of color doesn’t happen to whites on the same scale?

  7. Your first mistake is comparing yourself to whites – as stated in the beginning of this post, clearly.

    Again, there is no white privilege, only black underachievement. It doesn’t happen to whites as much because they hold more power. This is Game of Thrones.

  8. The people calling you a house nigger for saying this common sense shit are the ones who are gonna be living off the largess of people who actually work for the rest of their lives. Why bother self-determining when you can just complain louder and eat for free?

  9. If you want to get real deep, consider this Hotep Jesus…

    Let me start with this, because I now people will wonder throughout my tirade below… I’m mixed. Nearly 40% Cherokee and a mix of all kinds of European crackers. Growing up I identified as White and I identified as Native American. In my teens I identified as white, I was embarrassed to call myself Native American, because I see all these “white” people talking about how Native American they are and it just made me feel like an idiot. As I got older (early 30’s) I started thinking about how stupid it all was – the whole “what ethnicity am I”. In the end, I made a conscious decision to not give a shit. For the last several years, I have no race, no ethnicity. Do I lose my culture because of this? Nope, I don’t necessarily identify as “white”, I identify as an American; just a simple, every day American. Keep that in mind as you read below.

    I see you directing your dissatisfaction with these types of actions with black people, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret. It’s not a black problem. I can see how you would see it as that though, with all the whining that we see in the media. But, I grew up in an area that was quickly becoming a haven for Mexican immigrants, but I was poor, my family was poor, so we lived in lower to kind-of-maybe-in-the-right-light middle class neighborhoods. I remember that even though as a young child a lot of my friends were Mexican I was starting to hate Mexicans. But why? Because I overheard all the dumbass whiney bitchy adults (mostly white, some black) around my parents complaining that the Mexicans are taking “their” jobs. Of course, I bought into it. But even that was bullshit. Were Mexicans coming over and taking jobs away from actual American citizens? Fuck yeah. All fucking day long. But that wasn’t Mexican Miguel’s fault, and those jobs weren’t Willy White’s jobs either. Those WERE American jobs and Americans got fucked out of them, but in the end, those broke-ass white people did exactly what you feel black people are doing…..bitching instead of acting.

    In the end, my point is this. I don’t agree with a few things I’ve read from you, but I definitely agree with a lot of it. But in the end, I want you to know (if you don’t already), that everybody is making the same excuses, and they have been forever – they’re just masking it with different evil villains.

    The problem isn’t a white + black thing homie. It’s a mentality thing. Cultures across the board have de-evolved over the years. Fathers used to sit down with their kids and talk about what it is to be a “responsible young man”. Mom’s used to sit down with their daughters and talk about how to find a real “knight in shining armor”. But the family unit has been destroyed. The welfare system and music industry has encouraged woman to say “fuck you” to their men at the first sign of trouble, and Father’s aren’t instilling the importance of family responsibility to their sons anymore. Because of this, we have shit families in most neighborhoods. In the wealthier neighborhoods, they have shit families too, but when you have enough money for divorce to ruin your life, you’re more likely to try to find ways to keep the family together; when you have nothing to lose and know the government has your back with a monthly check….well we know how that works out. So when we have more shit family units, that can’t even stay united, and they have a blame someone else mindset, you end up with American in 2017.

    Listen homie, you make a lot of good arguments. Your articles are very well written and I’ve got nothing but respect for you, but I want you to think about what segregation really does for us 100 years later. I think of segregation as more of a band-aid solution, when what we really need is surgery. We need everyone to realize that we all have opportunities here, but we have to be smart about the choices we made (I’ve been to prison, I know) and even more importantly, we need to really take a break and think about how we are presenting ourselves to others (especially in the workforce and job interviews). I’m inked up. I’ve been to prison. Let’s just say I’m a little gutter. But you better believe that when I’m in a job interview, I’m going to speak proper english, my tattoos will be covered and my manners will be 100. Why do I sellout in a job interview? Because I have 3 kids and they like a roof over there heads, clothes on their backs and food in their mouths. Because one day I have to sit down and teach them what it means to be a young man that respects people so they can become some young lady’s knight in shining armor.

  10. If there are black folk in professions who are just as or if not more qualified than their white counterpart why are not more of them in the higher level positions which lack diversity?

  11. Hey Hotep Jesus, what is your day job? Like, what is your main source of income.
    Good article, by the way.

  12. My Civics teach was Black and I learned how this government works due to him. Mr. Garrison made learning fun and challenging to a young man that frequently skipped school and smoked pot. I got my shit together and joined the Army. Many of the people I respected the most in the Army were Black. They earned my respect through their character and actions. I grew up in the Army. I picked up those traits. After 12 years in the Army I got out and went to college. My College professor was Black. I have a career in IT due partly to him.

    No one from both side on my family lived in this country until after 1889. German and Scottish immigrants. The Scots were forced out, the German branch had no options. Each side were dirt poor tenant farmers. Many didn’t survive the cycle of poverty. No one fought in the Civil War, no one owned slaves. They didn’t get welfare, relocation assistance and were hated by the English. To many, I’m a racist for simply being white. Nobody gives a damn about poor white people. If you’re white and poor it’s “your fault.” White people hate poor whites worse than black Americans. People like me are called White Supremacists although I admit there are black people more talented than me, have more success and more intelligent. If there is “White Privilege” I never got it. I came from a broken family, got hand me down clothes and lived in the “Projects” in Birmingham, Alabama with an aunt. The GI bill paid for my college, not my “Privileged” family. Making excuses is an acquired skill. It takes years of propaganda and lies to learn this. It’s a class issue more than a race issue. We share a lot of the same issues and have the same problems. Don’t forget that me being a White Southerner with an accent automatically makes me dumbass racist to White “Yankees” who’ve never lived and worked with Black people. They are “superior” to me because they “care” for black people, as if Black men can’t take care of themselves. To them, you need a “Good, White, Liberal Shepard.” to me you need to be left alone to determine your path and fulfill your destiny. Who’s the racist? The world is becoming inverted. The real racist is hiding behind labels of false virtue. The “tolerant” are intolerant.

    There’s a lot of black people I don’t like, but rest assured I’ve disliked more of my own people. I especially dislike the “My fellow white people” crowd. We’d need to discuss Jewish privilege if “White Privilege” is real. Less than 2% of this group is grossly over represented the Media, Banking and the highest echelon of Government. These people formed the NAACP, yet didn’t allow a Black person to be President of this organization until the mid ’70’s. They play both sides.

    There is no “White Privilege.” It’s simply a wedge used to split a log. That log then builds a fire and consumes us all.

    I’d suggest people read Prof, Tony Martin, Thomas Sowell, or Donnell Jackson’s “We thought they were white.” (We thought they were white too). I’d even recommend Malcolm X and David Duke. Both sides are being used to create racial division by one group. We’re being lied to. These lies are ripping apart the fabric of a society we share. If we don’t work together my friends, we’ll die together as enemies.

    I do respect the work of the Hoteps. You’re shattering illusions built by others and empowering your people, your way.

  13. So true, Greg. Always room for more Uncle Ruckuses on the right-wing conservative plantation. Just write a check large enough for a loser to sell out.

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