Trump’s Presidency under review by a right-wing black male

As a black person, I’m supposed to hate Donald Trump. This is something I understand but do not agree with it.

Why do I understand it? Something about “solidarity”. But when solidarity means walking in the wrong direction, I’m going to oppose – sorry not sorry.

Before Trump ran for the presidency, where was all this anti-Trump stuff? Nowhere to be found.

Hip-Hop loved him. You can find many rap stars posing in pictures with Trump, including personalities like Oprah and the beloved Beyonce.

So what changed?

The media is that what.

Because the media likes to control popular opinion, they think they can control elections as well. They tried their hardest to elect Hillary Clinton and it failed.

Now that Trump is president they are working overtime to discredit him and turn the public against him.

Another reason is that Trump brings dollars.

People are so sucked into the Trump hype that the media is cashing in. Billions of dollars are being earned by publishing Trump articles. The Trump name is clickbait at this point.

With so much traffic being garnered it’s easy to get ad money. You could start a Trump blog today and if run properly, you can easily earn a six-figure income.

I cannot even find a comedy special that doesn’t discuss Trump. Trump is the new punchline. You don’t even have to be that funny and the crowd will applaud if you slander Trump.

That’s a huge cop out if you ask me. So, you cant be funny without mentioning Trump? It’s almost compulsory to add Trump to your entertainment repertoire. It’s almost guaranteed attention.

Hardly a day has gone by without Trump being the main topic in the media. You cannot turn on the TV and not hear something about him. I’m sick of it. Enough already!

Are we really going to carry on like this for all four years of his term? Disgust!


Why do I like Trump?

If you’re a fan of the Laws of Attraction I don’t see how you can’t respect Trump. He literally speaks everything he desires into existence.

He has no fear and speaks matter-of-factly. I like that!

When he speaks, he speaks with conviction.

I feel like this is the first time we elected a human being as president since I’ve been alive.

I think Trump represents the average American more than any politician I’ve ever come across. Politicians are usually cookie-cutter clones. They say the same things the same way. They all have the same media training.

No politician in America is honest. They all create a facade. I hate how fake you have to be in our society. Say this, don’t say that – so many unwritten rules just to create a fake perception of an individual.

Trump is the first to take the oval office and actually be himself. No fear of criticism and outspoken. I feel like I can trust him more than most people.

Most people don’t speak their minds so you have no idea what their intentions are. They could be wolves in sheep clothing and you’d never know because you like the front they put up.

Trump tweets like a human being. He doesn’t tweet like a presidential robot taking cues from some hidden entity. He’s being human. A human has flaws and he’s not afraid to embrace that. This is something I respect and admire.

As the freedom of speech slowly dies, it feels like Trump is one of the main figureheads keeping it alive. We need more people willing to just speak up and not follow PC guidelines which are created to hide the truth.

WTF does “politically correct” even mean? Who decides what’s correct and what’s not? “Politically correct” to me means, hide your true feelings so you don’t hurt someone else’s or spill the truth that could topple the globalists.

Trump vs Obama

I like Obama for the wrong reason. Because he’s black. Although that is up for debate since he’s actually mulatto. My elder would say that a child is what their mother is, so that would make Obama white. Ha!

I don’t know if I agree with that but it’s a funny debate.

I explain why I like Obama in this video below.

Throughout Obama’s presidency, I watched wickedness occur. Bombings of foreign nations, the killing of innocent people, and of course the infamous toppling of Ghaddafi.

What happened in Libya was an international crime and it led to slavery in the region.

All of this seems to have been forgiven or completely ignored by my fellow African-American constituents.

But when there’s war overseas Trump is to blame. How?

The foreign policy and actions have been a disaster long before Trump entered the White House. Trump couldn’t stop a war if he wanted to – that’s how deep we are.

As far as the border wall is concerned, it’s just a continuation of Obama’s immigration policy, which Obama himself inherited. Trump actually removed fewer Mexican immigrants from the US in 2017 than Obama did in 2016.

I feel like Trump has been set up to take the fall for the mishaps created by the Obama administration.

When the history books write the story, Obama’s administration will be glorified and Trump’s will be compared to Nazi Germany, which is inaccurate and unfair.

I feel compelled to write this hoping that one day someone will seek an alternative opinion and do the research for themselves which will provoke alternative thinking. Someone has to tell the other side of the story. If it comes from a white face, it will be ignored as white supremacist propaganda, but if it comes from a black individual it’ll hold more weight.

The Racial Sphere

As a so-called black man writing this, I’ll be discredited by my black peers. I’m fine with that though because I only need my own conscious to be clear. It doesn’t need validation from anyone. These words are forever and the truth shall prevail.

Call me a coon, I don’t care. I’m just calling it down the middle.

When Kanye West met with Trump he was criticized. Same with Steve Harvey. I think it’s hypocritical and counterproductive to say on one hand Trump is racist and against black people then get mad when he takes meetings with prominent black figures.

If there’s a new face in the White House and you have issues to be resolved, doesn’t it make sense to sit with the president to discuss these things? Instead, we’re acting like crybabies because “our” candidate, Crooked Hillary, lost the election.

If we’re going to make any progress in America as an African people we need to be honest with ourselves and observe the political arena objectively and see it for what it really is. Not lie to make ourselves feel better. Let’s deal with the harsh reality.

Had the African-American people not been fooled and ensnared by the media to participate in the Black Lives Matter scheme there would not be a resurgence of white supremacist groups like the KKK.

The KKK had been quite silent for many years but once the BLM rallies took place, it created a space for their anti-thesis to grow. Black people literally sparked interest for white supremacist groups to make a resurgence.

This was all mostly propped up by the media. It was Hillary Clinton and the media who made “alt-right” infamous. The media put Richard Spencer in the spotlight.

Why? To stir up drama and to manipulate the public. They want blacks and whites fighting. Divide and conquer.

If you know who the middleman is that creates this turmoil, please place that in the comments below. I cannot say here because “freedom of speech” is dying and I don’t want to be ostracized from humanity to the point where I can’t make a living. Sad days…

The media created this bubble of black death conveniently right before elections. Cops killing black men was a consistent theme but now that Trump was elected, where are these stories?

It’s like police magically stopped killing black people since Trump was elected. No! The media stopped reporting on it because they don’t need those clicks anymore. Trump brings the clicks now. Feminism brings the clicks now.

We are not functioning on our own plan, we are running on a program created by the media. We take up the issues perpetuated by the media. We do not investigate the real problems in the black community to decipher what the conversation should be. We instead follow the media.

If the media says Trump hates black people, black people believe it. The media is in control.

Can Donald Trump relate to black people? No! He’s a 71-year-old wealthy white male. I know wealthy white people who are millennials and can’t relate to black people. We live in two different worlds, culturally speaking.

So, when Donald Trump speaks about or to black people and it’s not worded correctly or follow politically correct guidelines, people rush to call it racism. I don’t see racism. I see an old white man that doesn’t understand black people. And he doesn’t have to. For what?

As a black male, I don’t understand all of the latest trends of black culture so I know for sure that some old white guy won’t understand.

Final Thoughts

Give me a president that takes the podium and says “son of a bitch!”. That’s real! That’s American. That’s how the average American speaks if not worse.

Give me a president that represents the people, and that is Trump. Someone not afraid to break the idea of what a politician should be. Someone truly American and coarse because we are a coarse people.

For the black community, I want nothing from Trump or the government. In fact, I’d love less involvement from the government. Less government assistance which keeps my people inactive, docile, and complacent.

Let us figure out what’s best for us.

The White House has no obligation to black people – they have an obligation to Americans. We do not need special treatment of any kind. This special treatment has crippled us since the civil rights movement, which was a disaster.

If black people take to social media to claim how great they are then they should not look to others for assistance if they are so great.

They hate when you say, “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”, but that’s exactly what needs to happen. Do for self!

Look at all the energy we spend hating Trump. If we put half as much energy into a productive conversation we’d start to see progress.

Trump is just a distraction. Black people need to focus on themselves and stop worrying about other people. Build your own!

No one is as free as one who takes ownership. Click To Tweet

For black and white, Trump is being used as a distraction while policies are being pushed right under our noses. We have to break away from the distraction and focus on what is beneficial for Americans.


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2 Responses

  1. Awesome article. Thank you for being a true American. At times we have to go against the grain for the better outcome for all.❤????????????????????????????????

  2. Let’s dissect this:

    “He literally speaks everything he desires into existence.”
    He is 70+ years old with over $400million dollars in debt. He will die broke. He sucks at the law of attraction.

    “He has no fear and speaks matter-of-factly. I like that!”
    Who cares. Alcoholics speak their mind too. That doesn’t make it beneficial.

    “When he speaks, he speaks with conviction.”
    He speaks like a salesman peddling B.S. I would know. I did it for years.

    “I feel like this is the first time we elected a human being as president since I’ve been alive.”
    Everyone elected is human. Just because you connect with trash humans doesn’t mean it’s good for the nation.

    “I think Trump represents the average American more than any politician I’ve ever come across.”
    The average American was born wealthy (by US standards) and has homes decorated in gold. Can’t relate.

    “No politician in America is honest.”
    No human being is honest. We all lie. But it’s the consistency of that habit that’s problematic for Trump.

    “Trump is the first to take the oval office and actually be himself.”
    So a man who lies frequently because he’s clearly scared of consequences is actually “being himself.” Why lie?

    “Most people don’t speak their minds so you have no idea what their intentions are.”
    Most people shouldn’t speak their minds because dumb s–t comes out of far too many. Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean it’s valuable.

    “Trump tweets like a human being.”
    He tweets like an angry teenager.

    “WTF does “politically correct” even mean?”
    It’s really just human decency. Don’t know why that’s so hard for you all.

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