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The Root of all Black Problems

It has been clear for some time now that The Root and its bloggers have a deep seated hatred of all things straight, black and male and if you happen to be all three congratulations you’re intersectionally problematic.

According to Damon Young, a “the Root” blogger, heterosexual black men are the white people of black people [1].

Now, what could he possibly mean by that?

How is he able to make a comparison to white people?

I assume he means historically oppressive white people, and black men?

He accomplishes this little piece of rhetorical sleight of hand by implying that the definition of privilege is the ability to do harm on a large scale.

He then goes on to blame all straight black men for the abuse and deaths suffered by black women in this country at the hands of some black men.

He states that because of this black men pose a “collective danger” to black women.

Thank god Damon Young and his fellow the Root bloggers don’t decide the laws in this country and so we are safe from collective legal punishment for the actions of others.

I have never harmed a woman in my life and I find his suggestion that I am collectively responsible for another person’s criminal activity dangerous and distasteful.

This view of “privilege” and “collective guilt” is a key part of the left wing liberal worldview.

That is exactly what makes it possible for people like this “the Root blogger” to claim that, when black men seek to uplift the black family and warn about attacks on the institution of the black family, we are only seeking to replace white patriarchy or white privilege with black privilege.

And of course, they have a conveniently negative definition of privilege ready for propaganda purposes.

Historically speaking, privileges were always tied to responsibilities.

But there are those like “the Root bloggers” that want privilege without responsibility for some “chosen” groups.

And responsibility with privilege for the rest of us.

For the wellbeing of the black community, I hope they fail.

In another the Root article, heterosexual black men are the only types of black people allowed the “privilege” of genius [2].

Written by the Root blogger George Johnson, seeks to attack successful heterosexual black male entertainers for the special notoriety they receive due to their hard work in their chosen field.

Because of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that Donald Glover or Kanye West were called genius for their work is to wonder why didn’t Beyoncé get called a genius or any other black women entertainers.

He never even bothers to mention black people outside of references to entertainment, slave revolt, emancipation and civil rights leaders.

It would never have occurred to him in a million years to talk about the genius black businesswoman, Madam C.J. Walker, who is the first female millionaire – back when the US was still on the gold standard and many black people were stuck in near slavery share-cropping for their former white slave masters.

The white owners of the Root pay for a division, not unity.

Why is it that “the Root bloggers” only give sympathetic coverage to dead straight black men [3]?

When we’re alive there is no end to the attacks on our character and motives but let one of us be killed.

Mind you, black men die in cities at their own hands across this country by the hundreds and they don’t seem to care or mention it ever.

No, you have to be killed by a white person to get any coverage from the Root and their bloggers.

From Trayvon Martin to the creation of the destructive queer organization known as Black Lives Matter.

The Root makes the deaths of black men at the hands of white men seem as though it has risen to the level of an epidemic even though far more black men are killed by other black men.

Why would they suddenly become our champions in the fight against racially motivated violence when we who are the so-called “white people of black people” in their minds?

They hate us but if you want to understand the Root and its goals you must first try to understand the goals of the white and left-wing owners of the blog.

Those goals were, are and will continue to be the creation of greater levels of division between people in this country to gain and maintain sociopolitical power.

They will divide the men, the women, the gay, the straight, the cisgendered and transgendered.

They will use rhetoric and appeal to emotion in order to get their readers to believe the left-wing narrative.

But once you see what they do, how they do it and why they do it, their lies won’t work anymore.

The Root may not be the root of all black people’s problems but they also don’t have any of the solutions.

For that, you need Hotep Nation.


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3 Responses

  1. Hotep Jesus, I am starting a podcast/YouTube channel to help lead the sheep out of the darkness into the light… much like you. I would love to interview you for our show. If you are interested in helping us get out the message and promoting your works, please contact me at the information below. Thanks for all you do my friend.

  2. this is the stupiest most narrow writing I have ever skipped over reading. skip over is the key word. literally not one ounce of logic it’s all this idiot narrow perspective embellished, WEAK perspective, bruh

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