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How Suburban Blacks are Dividing their Community

The biggest divide black folks currently have is black men and women picking at each other’s deep-rooted scabs like children peeling lead paint off an old radiator.

However, following a close second and flying slyly under the radar is, the mutated relationship between suburban blacks and hood negroes.

Our suburban population has been growing steadily for a while now and its time to address the issues this is causing.

The suburbs are a better place to raise a family.

A more efficient place to mold generations away from the vicious cycles black folks have been herded into in the United States for decades.

More often than not, the suburbs come equipped with better schools, healthier food options and safer environments for children to grow.

So why the divide?

The American black is overwhelmingly mentally enslaved.

Even when escaping hood life, the urge of still wanting to assimilate into cancerous hood “culture” is a monster hindrance to our overall progress.

Breaking the chains of hip-hop culture and expanding into the thousands of other art forms that exist on earth is vital.

When raising black kids in the suburbs, one of the biggest keys is to give them pride in who they are.

A person with no pride in themselves will usually seek it in something they are not.

Also, escaping impoverished areas is the first step to releasing ourselves from the financial dependency from big daddy government.

So, let’s analyze the root causes.

The black suburb male

Parents are failing at creating balanced young men that come from the suburbs.

The problem is that escaping hood life makes parents want to wipe their hands clean of ghetto life, permanently.

They end up creating the polar opposite.

A boy raised so soft and drenched in piano lessons and draped in tap dancing shoes they forget to teach them to piss standing up.

They soon hit puberty and realize they haven’t a spine or masculine thought in their water polo playing suburban body.

Their only solution is to copy the only faux masculinity they can find out there and they overcompensate to become prospering height’s “trap star”.

Suburban boys trying to imitate hood life is not only embarrassing, but it erases the hard work their parents did to give them a shot at a better life.

It’s not just hood boys that need a masculine balance, all of our boys need it.

Suburban boys passing up opportunities and giving away earned privileges to appear oppressed like their hood counterparts is eating us alive.

The ladies struggle as well

Just as all in areas, these girls see a rare amount of positive black male role models.

White men become a normal practice.

Raised with bougie mothers extra proud to be out of the hood but still clinging to Love and Hip Hop behaviors so the PTA knows they’re still black.

They go off to college and think they discovered the black struggle in their DNA when their first employer asks them to wear a hair net while handling food.

All of these boys and girls grew up connected to white spaces.

Understanding them better, fitting into them better, knowing how to access them better.

These are the ones who receive the loudspeakers from society to speak for black people, especially on social media.

When this happens, the problems in our ghettos usually get erased because those of us who grew up with nice lawns, take offense to the stereotypes and scream that they don’t exist.

Hood figures get burned alive in their vehicles because the issues they wish to solve would collectively pull black people up out of the gutters.

The suburbs get to speak on the struggles of people complimenting their hair or who in the community is allowed to be called “genius” while actual black children in the projects are pretty much on their own since birth.

The ability to speak on these insignificant issues while our brothers and sisters face real life everyday dangers is a monster privilege in itself.

You won’t walk one city block in any black neighborhood and hear a soul complaining about these spoiled kid issues.

Hood kids are forced to work their way through the toughest conditions by any means necessary.

Our suburban kiddies have learned to stop at every opportunity in private schools, clean townhouses, green parks and beautiful college campuses to tell us about how race is holding them back and they are sadly running out of tissues to wipe down their sad cheeks.

It goes both ways though

We have to stop ostracizing suburban blacks for “not being black enough”.

This longtime notion that being black is exactly equal to being poor, uneducated and bursting with toxic emotions has run its course.

We must applaud our brothers and sisters who have found a positive path and encourage the children to keep up the progress right along with them.

The pride in being from the hood is a fabricated train wreck of insecurities planted within us many years ago.

The pride in being black needs to replace that to start seeing each other as a family no matter what neighborhood you grew up in.

We must start using suburban privilege to build and grow a bit faster.

It’s not a magic key to success, but as usual, if we do things together it’s a huge advantage.

Imagine a world where kids from the suburbs were employing our kids from the hood to give them solid jobs, passing along knowledge and giving them the overall stability they were missing.

It’s an achievable goal and structurally should be at the top of our to-do list.

Shout out to all the kids from the suburbs who do their best to reach into the hoods to give a helping hand.

Shout out to everyone who grew up in the hood who respects suburban kids equally because they blood family just like Keith n them on North 5th.

To everyone else, we must improve.

This divide won’t ever be made public.

It’s something we must recognize on our own and put the Vaseline on quickly.

We are wasting resources and precious time.



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One Response

  1. I am very happy my Mom & Dad raised me in the suburbs and I am now raising my daughter in a well off suburb. I am not ashamed! My husband & I work hard . I couldn’t stand going to my cousins house in the hood. They would torture and taunt me , even when I was being nice. I got feed up & had an altercation with some cousins and told my parents I wanted nothing to do with them ever again. No family reunions , no ‘plates’ and no listening to a bunch of judge mental people blaming white people for their 12 kids w/8 different men.

    All of my AA friends were raised in he Burbs like me & the conversations are so much healthier & non combative. I really hope things are changing among inner city African Americans, but I’m not going back to find out.

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