Subconscious Racism Amongst Whites?

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I am compelled to believe that the majority of white people (only in America?) have some kind of subconscious racism implanted in their minds by the indoctrination centers (schools) from learning a skewed version of history.

When Thaddeus Russell first introduced me to this new curriculum he’s launching next week, I thought to myself, “This ain’t going to work.”

I never expressed my skepticism to him and kept it to myself, until now.

White people aren’t interested in learning about African American history. If they were, so many of them wouldn’t be ignorant to anti-mainstream facts. Like when I appeared on the Joe Rogan experience in 2018 and was criticized for saying that Europeans didn’t bring black people to this continent of America, we were already here.

Why is this fact so hard to believe?

Because it completely contradicts what they learned in school from McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin. Cognitive dissonance overwhelms their sense of logic.

I am genuinely interested in learning about all the histories of all of the races. I recently purchased a title on the life of Mao (China) because I want to understand their history so I can better understand China’s present.

European history is forced upon us. I wouldn’t mind it if the version of history given to us wasn’t sterilized. The version of European history I’ve uncovered wasn’t even glanced at during my 12 years in grade school. I’ve uncovered so many important events that no one ever talks about (which will be published in my upcoming book).

Why is it that I have an interest in all kinds of history and Thaddeus Russell alike? Surely, it is partly due to the fact that we are scholars but I’ve run thought-experiments on Twitter to show how disinterested white people are in African American history.

For an A/B test, I’ll post some interesting facts about white/European history and receive tons of engagement, from my mostly caucasian audience. When I do the same with so-called black history, my engagement is considerably lower, unless I paint the white liberal in a bad light. In that case, the engagement will skyrocket. Surely, it is human nature to love information which affirms our bias.

Of course, the same can be said about the black community. If I A/B test them in the same manner, they will engage more with black history. Black people are not exempt from racial bias because they definitely carry it heavily. The only difference is, black people are starved of their history in school and inundated with white history, so it makes sense why they gravitate to black history content.

If people don’t see themselves in it, they are disinterested; this is human nature and a flaw of the ego. Those with better command over their ego will seek history beyond their bias.

I must also add that some Caucasians do not want to learn about African-American history because a feeling of guilt and/or insecurity will invade their emotions. Either the greatness of black contribution to technology and civilization will give them feelings of insecurity or the history of racism will haunt them. Or they are simply disinterested because they have no interest in the humans who are darker complected.

If you can get past your racial bias and want to learn a version of African American history that is not white-washed by white liberals, I invite you to join us in this 4-day class.

Session 1: Tuesday, November 3, 8:30 PM Eastern

The World the Slaves Made

·     West African origins of American slave culture

·     Slaves’ attitudes toward work, sex, relationships, and their enslavement

  1. Origins of black Christianity
  2. Paternalism and everyday resistance
  3. The popularity of slave culture and blackface minstrels

Session 2: Tuesday, November 10, 8:30 PM Eastern

Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Armed Resistance, Mutual Aid

  1. The anti-blackness assimilationism of Reconstruction
  2. Armed resistance: from anti-Klan self-defense to the Tulsa race war of 1921
  3. Black mutual aid societies
  4. The W.E.B. DuBois-Booker T. Washington debate
  5. “Respectability” politic

Session 3: Tuesday, November 17, 8:30 PM Eastern

The Great Migration and the Making of Urban America

  1. Black culture as popular culture: from “jungle” jazz to the mainstream
  2. Black dialect becomes American English
  3. Jews and Italians: the “other Negroes”
  4. Harlem Renaissance: artists, intellectuals, and gangsters
  5. Marcus Garvey, black nationalism, and pan-Africanis

Session 4: Tuesday, November 24, 8:30 PM Eastern

Racial Liberalism and “Blackness”

  1. Gunnar Myrdal’s An American Dilemma: antiracism and anti-blackness
  2. King and the Civil Rights Movement: desegregation, integration, assimilation
  3. Armed resistance under Jim Crow: Deacons for Defense, the C.O. Chinn militia, violent resistance to police and the Klan
  4. Black Power and black nationalism: Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party
  5. The global ascendancy of black popular culture
  6. The black origins of Rock-and-Roll
  7. Hip-hop: party music, “conscious” music, gangsta music, anarchist music
  8. African-Americans and the rise of the carceral state
  9. The meaning of Barack Obama
  10. Black Lives Matter, Ta-Nehisi Coates and “afro-pessimism

Become an elite authority on African American history, which no Harvard professor will be able to combat, at a fraction of the cost of a single credit at one of these socialist dominated Ivy League indoctrination centers.

Jab the link below to join us!



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2 Responses

  1. I want to thank you and Uncle Hotep for the content you put out, it is not only thought provoking but eye opening.
    I can definitely see there being a subconscious racism in the white community. The history that is taught/learned is that of the victor/conqueror. I don’t think whites are taught to hate blacks or people of color, in most cases, but I think it has been taught that we are not equals.

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