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The Narrative As Fake News

“Look upon the works of the Free Press ye mighty and despair for something new has come into the world.”

It was there all along hidden in plain sight drowned out by the shrill protestations of the corporate liberal media as they became spectators to the rise of the democratization of their chosen profession and their impotence to arrest the accent of the new free press.

Not since the advent of the personal computer & the “World Wide Web” have we witnessed such a momentous occurrence.

As you know and counter to the attestations of the leftwing media reporting the news “straight” or without bias, is not an activity the corporate or leftwing press engages in.

Rather they first seek to construct a “narrative” which benefits their neoliberal agenda(s) and then include or exclude, amplify, or diminish various facts as convenient to perpetuating said narrative.

Now you may be asking “What is a Narrative?” well according to my copy of the 4th edition of “The American Heritage College Dictionary” a narrative is a story.

A story is defined as:

  1. 1. An account or recital of an event or series of events, either true or fictitious.
  2. 2. An anecdote.
  3. 3. A lie.

When you construct a narrative or a story in a way that does not present all the available facts and their respective contextualization you are engaging in a lie.

For a lie of omission is equally as egregious as a lie of commission.

The Argument

While the liberal media isn’t outright lying most of the time they aren’t engaging in complete truth-telling either.

No wonder then that so-called professional journalist(s) have taken to talking about narratives and counter-narratives in the place of objective truth. Considering their proclivities to story tell it would be inappropriate to do otherwise.

This process of constructing and defending self-interested agenda driven narratives masquerading as the unassailable truth has entered even into the hallowed halls of academia.

The Evidence

Scientific papers are being corrupted in order to fit a narrative of man-made “climate change”.  In fact, if the reader recalls before the name change the big threat was “global warming”.


The global warming narrative collapsed because in 2015 when a whistleblower by the name of Dr. John Bates, a top scientist with the National Oceanographic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) came forward with evidence that a NOAA scientist doctored the results of a scientific study about man-made global warming in order to bolster that failing narrative which had no basis in reality.

There are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake and fake news is big money.

Recently we have completed the 2016 general election cycle. A period replete with examples which buttress my argument that the corporate media narrative should be seen as nothing more than the so-called fake news they decry on alternative media networks.

For example, questions arose about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s health due to her frequent coughing fits during campaign speeches.

Hillary Clinton health collapse

But the liberal media would try to create a narrative diminishing the significance or relevance of these occurrences labeling them “conspiracy theories”, even though a consistent pattern of poor health can be traced from at least 2012 where Hillary Clinton “fainted” and suffered a “concussion”.

On September 11, 2016, Hillary Clinton fell ill during the 9-11 memorial.

The nation was exposed to the selective narrative construction of the corporate media in nearly real time.

Vox reporter Tara Golshan created a narrative that Hillary’s health was nothing but a rightwing conspiracy theory a story which collapsed inside of a month nearly as fast as Hillary herself.

She was loath to give credence to any of the so-called conspiracy theorists who turned out to be on to something regarding Hillary’s health condition because she was committed to her narrative and the cherrypicked facts therein.

As her story collapses considering the obvious facts of Hillary’s health problems her first instinct was to manufacture lies and obfuscate the truth in order to protect her fake news and what little if any credibility she had left.

Fake news it seems dies hard.

By  Mouktar Albert


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One Response

  1. The lack of honesty in the media is frustrating, and the American people are tired of it. The media is trusted less than congress HA. Brian Williams has been caught blatantly lying more than once and this man still has a job (WTF). Of course it’s for MSNBC, shocker. The mainstream media is so out of touch with the country they still can’t figure out how Trump won.

    The mainstream media claims to care about black people. Whenever a white officer shoots an unarmed black man, they give the event round the clock coverage. AND they should cover that story because its news worthy and attention should be focused on those types of events. However, let a little girl get killed by a stray bullet coming through a wall while she is on her mamma’s bed doing her homework and you may get a 15 second sound bite. Or the little boy executed by one of his father’s gang rivals after he had been lured into an ally. Where is the round the clock coverage then. They don’t focus on that because chances are there won’t be a riot in those situations for them to broadcast and increase their ratings.

    If the mainstream media cared about black people they would be honest about how illegal immigration hurts the black community by flooding the labor market with cheap labor. Or that school choice is actually a good thing. You like choices when you shop. Why would different choices for your child’s education be bad? The mainstream media cares about black people when they can get a ratings hike from an inflammatory news story or when it’s time for the next democrat to get elected.

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