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Inside The Black Male Agenda


It has been thought for decades that there is an attack on the black community by the system to emasculate the black male, take away his resources, and leave him feminine and craving the company of another man. The theories are numerous, the evidence has piled up, and the blame game is on repeat.

If you visit a black city, you will find a parade of women accompanying their children around town to school, sporting events, and grocery stores. A massive lack of fathers, and male role models in general. Old news – the seeds aren’t being planted in black men. It happens to the babies.

Gays have never been the problem.

An outside source forcefully changing our nature is something that should bother everyone.
Additionally, if one wants to assume gays have always existed in the wild, the less talked about effect may be the more meaningful one – brotherhood.
Black men have always shared a sacred brotherhood amongst each other.
Outsiders won’t be able to define it for you because insiders do not have the ability either. The brotherhood is not ever attached to chasing women, clothing, liking sports or driving cars.
It’s just an energy.
The classic black man head nod when you see a brother in public is the introductory representation. It’s beyond acknowledgment. It’s brothers. It’s understanding.
It’s understanding non-verbally that at any moment I’d bust through a wall to have your back, and die to have it. It’s that last dollar that’s ours and not mine.
The silent understanding that the greater good of the black community far outweighs any minor disagreements. Eliminating creeps and pedophiles from the inner circles.
This important brotherhood is in critical condition and you can use the eye test in any black neighborhood and see how sorely it’s missed.
I walk through these hoods and get way less nods these days. Way too many nods have been replaced with side eyes and the feeling of being enemies, especially with the youth.
I nod anyway.
Your decades of conditioning don’t bother me.
I stick to the script and the greater good prevailing is the only option to me.

Be wary of social networks.

Moods, energy, tone, and intentions are easily undetected. Online, the head nod has been replaced with immediate attacks and assumptions.
Don’t let these mobile apps eat your manhood, dog. There’s no coming back from that.
The agenda didn’t just create an influx of gays, but there are way too many vulnerable masculine energies unrecognizable by the average normal man.
If the brotherhood falls, it all falls. Teach these kids better.


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Inside The Black Male Agenda

  It has been thought for decades that there is an attack on the black community by the system to emasculate the black male, take