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Illegal Immigration & the Border Crisis is a mess

What do I think of illegal immigration?

Can I start off with a joke? 

I believe there is nothing wrong with having the same immigration policy as Wakanda. ????

Wakandans had a zero-tolerance policy on immigration PERIOD.

Let alone ILLEGAL immigration.

At that’s the part I think the Left is missing MOST!

The immigration isn’t LEGAL – it’s AGAINST our international policy.

Everyone who crosses the border illegally slaps the face of those who came legally. They cut the line and cheated!

And these people aren’t coming to America for no reason. Their native homelands are socialist shitholes.

venezuela socialism

And Democrats actually want socialism for America.

People are leaving socialism for capitalism but the evil Left wants to trade socialism for capitalism.

Please, make it make sense.

“But what about the kids?”, they say.

I’ll tell you this – U.S. detainment camps are the Hamptons compared to their current living conditions.

Even in detainment, kids are subject to assault and rape from the youth they are detained with.

The children and women in “the border crisis” are also subject to sex trafficking and starvation.

Being detained is sort of a blessing.

And please don’t show me those photos from Iraq the media is trying to pass off as U.S. border detainment camps. That’s FAKE NEWS!

I remember a time when conspiracy theorists warned us about a Bush policy that would erase our borders.

And Isn’t it funny that the 2026 World Cup will be hosted by the U.S, Mexico & Canada?

I guess that’s the predicted date to officially erase our borders.

And here we are, the so-called liberal Left is advocating for erasing our borders.

Lenin called them “useful idiots”.

It’s like being in the middle of an alien invasion, you’ve just built your alien-proof wall, and some idiot suggests that we take down the wall because we’re being mean.


Isn’t it convenient how leftists want to ignore the fact that Obama actually created the policy that Trump is finally enforcing? I agreed with Obama on this policy. We need to be tough on borders.

We need to vet talent before we add them to the American team.

America was built by immigrants – LEGAL immigrants and indigenous people.

Illegal immigration steals equity from an already desperate group of proletarians.

We need to ask ourselves, “what’s wrong with South America?”.

But if we do that, we’ll have to admit our role in destabilizing foreign nations, often by “helping”.

TOMS Shoes is a threat to any economy to which they donate free shoes.

The result is native shoe manufacturing failure and high unemployment in the region. It destroys sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Leftists have a lot of emotions but they have few ideas on economics. What we are talking about is the exchange of scarce goods and resources.

The larger your population, the harder this will be. 

Every system has its flaws but none have been as successful as capitalism.

Until I see some new ideas on how we can create better exchanges between nations, I don’t want to hear bellyaching from the Left.

Either we’re going to get to the root of the disease or we’re going to keep crying about the symptoms.

I’m solution-oriented. Join me!

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2 Responses

  1. Having come to the site after reading the article in my email browser, I see that you have a view count (currently at 40); I wonder, however, how many people read your articles without ever coming to the site?

    Is this helpful feedback? I hope so. I was immediately attracted to the Hotep movement after having read an article by Jim Goad that mentioned it (and you, by name). I’ve listened to/read/watched you since, and I can’t find a single point of contention with the message.

    Blessings to you and yours! ♥️♥️

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