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What is this Hotep and Alt-Right alliance?

Update 11/15/17 – I regret to inform you that I believe that Alt-Right has been compromised. It is now under the control of the “deep-state” or whomever is also controlling Black Lives Matter.

These two organizations are two sides of the same coin designed to create friction between the black and white races, amongst a slew of other motives.

It is now controlled opposition and no longer for the people (white people).

Richard Spencer has been thrust to the top as the pseudo-leader of a once-promising movement, with much help from the corrupted mainstream media.

Originally, Alt-Right was an alternative for the right-wing. It did not have the racist undertones that the media purports and reports today.

I’ll assume that Alt-Right was compromised right around the time when Hillary Clinton mentioned it in the mainstream media.

Hillary, with the help of the media, propelled this movement into mainstream consciousness and then derailed and distorted its meaning and purpose by altering the narrative.

Hotep Nation does not and has never had an official alliance with Alt-Right. I’ve personally never had a conversation with Richard Spencer and probably will never have a talk with him.

This piece was written at a time when people were questioning why Hotep Nation did not (still does not) have a problem with White Nationalists. Everything I wrote in this I still stand by today and it won’t be changing anytime soon.

Alt-Right, as it is used in this blog post, refers to white nationalists. This is a community I have no gripes with.

Watch this interview for clarification on the matter which was recorded shortly after writing this.


Over the past few months on Twitter people have noticed that a few Hoteps and I have become quite friendly with white nationalists / Alt-Right. People don’t understand it so allow me to take this time to explain.

Firstly, both sides represent the alpha traits of their respective races. Hoteps represent that for blacks and Alt-Right for whites. The Left is quite feminine in their approach whereas they like to cry, complain, and protest but never actually want to do anything for themselves. Hotep and Alt-right want to do for self. They want independence.

Foreign Interest

Hotep/Alt-Right are sick and tired of American people being pushed to the back in favor of foreign interests.

The Left is a hypocritical bunch. On one hand, they want to complain about Trump’s so-called “Muslim-ban” but on the other hand, they were quiet as a mouse when America was bombing and killing innocent people in these same Muslim countries.

The Left is complaining about a wall and not wanting to use taxpayer dollars to build it but where was the left when America was using taxpayer dollars for our exuberant defense budget? Nowhere! That’s where.

In a nutshell, the Left wants more government involvement and the Right wants less. See the book “Animal Farm & 1984” or “Brave New World” to discover the many reasons why we should NOT be looking for more government involvement. More government means more restrictions and less rights. Why don’t people understand this? It’s common sense.

Why is Hotep and Alt-Right championing Trump’s PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES and his build the wall campaign? Because it puts Americans first.

The job market and healthcare system is stressed past its limit so why would we want to stress it even more? Black unemployment is double the nation average but blacks are fighting for these Mexican and Muslim foreigners, who will come to America and compete with them for jobs. Foreigners will put blacks on soup kitchen lines if they don’t wake up soon.

In Muslim countries, blacks are forced into slavery, especially the women. There is even proof of ethnic cleansing performed by Arabs to remove the African from the territories they hold. How come we never hear/see the far left blacks protest this? Because the media didn’t tell them to.

The Hispanics don’t like blacks but that’s one of those untold truths people don’t like to discuss. But of course, blacks have to play world hero and defend Mexicans against this wall. George Lopez just told us that Hispanics do not like blacks. I’ve seen it first hand. Just ask your Dominican friends – if they’ll tell the truth.

Hoteps want blacks to put blacks FIRST. How can you help others when you cannot even help yourself?

Alt-right sees this threat of borders being erased and American deterioration and they are sick of it too. This is also where they align with Hotep.


Hoteps want blacks to work towards having their own independent system where blacks do for blacks and don’t ask for handouts. The white nationalists and Alt-right want pretty much the same.

In this aspect, both sides see eye-to-eye.

The far-left blacks want to cry for white acceptance from so-called white supremacy. They want white awards at white award shows and white pity. Hotep wants nothing to do with these moral victories as you cannot build a nation upon a foundation of emotions.

Hoteps are sick of blacks complaining about white supremacy. Blacks talk about how their melanin is so magical but if this is true, then surely no melanin-recessive person should be able to stop you, right? Do you see how contradicting blacks are now?

Alt-Right is tired of hearing blacks cry about racial oppression, so naturally, they will support the Hoteps that push back on this type of behavior.

Hoteps believe that because of the internet, the many resources available to blacks, and the privilege of being an American, we no longer need to look to the so-called white man for help. We can do for our own. Is that so bad?

Besides, if America is so bad, why is everyone fighting to come here?

[bctt tweet=”I believe that racism only exists in the media and the minds of the foolish.”]

The media is controlled by “them” and “their” strategy is divide and conquer. As long as “they” can keep us fighting “they” can always present themselves as the solution and PROFIT. Hotep and Alt-Right are NOT fighting. Guess who’s hip to the game?

A great man builds wealth by making decisions based upon potential gains – NOT race. A poor businessman makes decisions based upon race. So the system, which is FOR PROFIT, cannot be inherently racist. It will only mask itself in it, for the sake of PROFIT.

The blacks love to spend on movies? Fine! They’ll make them some black movies to be proud of while they take the lion’s share. All blacks want are the emotions anyway. It’s a fair deal. Blacks get the emotions and “they” get the profit.

The blacks want awards? Fine! But “they” get the profit. Blacks are the enablers of white supremacy. Power is the child of strong economics. White power is sustained by black economics. Until blacks reverse the economics back in their favor, they will be oblivious to their enslavement.

DeVos Education Reform

Currently, blacks are upset about the DeVos education decision but why? It’s absolutely ridiculous in the eyes of a Hotep because why would you complain about white supremacy then ask that same enemy to properly educate your kids? It makes no sense.

Currently, the teacher’s union has fought to limit the number of charter schools in a particular region because they want their fair share of federal funding. They’re money hungry basically.

Blacks, due to democratic brainwashing fear the charter schools because “segregation”. I’d argue that segregation is EXACTLY what’s needed. Blacks need to teach other blacks. How can a white woman teach a black child how to operate in America? They cannot relate AT ALL. The only time they relate is when a white teacher does the “dab”.

It would behoove blacks to support school choice so that blacks can build their own schools. Because of government regulations and restrictions, pushed by the democrats, wealthy blacks cannot even build the schools we desperately need.

Blacks need to teach blacks and whites need to teach whites. Not to say either cannot be taught by the other but a black child needs to be able to relate to the teacher. How many times has a black boy been sent to the principal’s office because some white woman can’t get through to him due to CULTURAL differences?

Blacks want white supremacy to teach their kids whereas Hotep says “Educate your own kids”. This is dependency versus independence. Get the book “Black America Inc.” to see how blacks were much more educated and wealthy under segregation – and how integration destroyed black economics.

Hoteps would argue that Integration was infiltration and ever since integration, the white man’s ice has been colder than the blacks’. We lost our sense of community which is why our communities are in shambles RIGHT NOW.

Red Pill

Another thing Hoteps and Alt-Right have in common is being “red-pilled”. They see past the facade presented to us in the mainstream media. We see the lies and deception and we’re sick of it. We’re sick of the mainstream media lying to us.

The Left loves to follow behind and be controlled by the MSM. The Left never cares about any one issue until the MSM says its an issue. The Left is essentially controlled by media – and Soros of course.

The Left, which is majority women, is being controlled emotionally. The media and entertainment succeed by playing on their emotions. We see it, but the Left does not. The Left lacks discernment and most of them just follow the herd. There is no deviation from the norm.

Do a Twitter search on Shaun King (white man pretending to be black), Deray, and whatever white person represents the far left in conjunction with the following terms: GMO, Monsanto, Federal Reserve Banking, IMF, or central banking. You’ll discover NOTHING. It will return ZERO results because these people don’t/won’t/can’t discuss these issues. It’s taboo on the Left. The Left still believes the official story on 9/11 – that’s how lost they are.

But these are the REAL issues affecting ALL of us today. And few on the Left want to discuss them. Well, Hotep and Alt-Right is NOT afraid and WILL discuss them


The far-left is nothing but a bunch of cry babies that want Uncle Sam and Big Brother to handle ALL of their problems while Hoteps and Alt-Right want government involvement ONLY where absolutely necessary.

We want the freedom to build our own schools and educate our own kids. We want U.S. jobs for U.S. people. We want America to come first.

If people don’t want to mix with another race, they reserve that right. Isn’t that the meaning of freedom? The Muslims won’t mix with your kind but you’re so sympathetic to their faux issues but hate white people who do the same. Think about the idiocy in that.

Are there racist whites on the far right? Yes – just like far left blacks are racist towards whites. Do I care? Hell no, I don’t. Other people’s emotions do not stop me from reaching my goals. They NEVER have. And the minute they do, it’s my fault.

I’d rather align with a white racist nationalist than a black person that begs white people for awards and handouts from a different kind of racist – the far left Democrat. A black that begs from whites is still a slave and I want nothing to do with slavery.

A black that begs from whites upholds the system of white supremacy more than a white nationalist, so essentially these types of blacks are white supremacists. Supremacy is a dual system. One above and one below. If you do not forfeit to being below then the other cannot be above – or supreme.

You know it’s bad when I’d rather align with a racist white than a cry baby black. Why? Because a white nationalist will agree that blacks have to do for blacks and stop complaining about what whitey did/does to them.

[bctt tweet=”When you act like prey, don’t be surprised when a predator emerges.”]

When you blame others for your condition it only leaves room for excuses to be made and where there are excuses there is no progress. Blacks MUST take responsibility for their own condition and DO FOR SELF. Until they take responsibility, whites will ALWAYS have blacks eating out of their hands. FEED YOURSELF!

I find it ironic that the “fringe” groups of each respective race have found harmony before their counterparts. The Far left blacks still can’t get along with whites but Hotep has found a way. This is the power of independence, understanding, and accountability.

How can Alt-Right and Hotep be the crazy ones if we’re not fighting but you people on the Left feel the need to always fight. Who’s REALLY crazy? Who’s really the mature ones? Who can really lead change?

Listen to Doe’s podcast on the matter, PLEASE! I GUARANTEE you’ll enjoy it.

Also, listen to the author of this post, me, discuss the issue.


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174 Responses

  1. It boils down to family first. Take care of your own – then maybe you can worry about others.

    The left hate their own. They hate their family and want to erase all memories of them so we can all be “one”. But we will all be NONE. The left worships death.

      1. Ali, I’m a 53 year old white man. Here’s the thing: I don’t give a damn about blacks. I don’t give a damn about whites either. I care about my family and my country because my children will have to grow up in it. I have been married to the same woman for 32 years and have 11 kids. I own my own business and work my ass off and don’t want it taken away and given those won’t. I stumbled on your videos and just wanted to tell you you are wise beyond your years. Watch your back because you are spreading much truth and most people fear truth. I know you are spreading to blacks to help them but your message universal. The only advice I would give you is keep reading and learning. Have you read the Art of War by Sun Tzu? You give me hope for the future.

      2. I’m a registered Democrat and I don’t hate myself, family or my community. My family and I are definitely about taking care of our own and not depending on anyone else (we are business owners).
        However, after reading the article, I do see that there are some areas that I do need to work on and improve. But join the Kkk (let’s call them who they really are), that’s unfathomable. The group who castrated, raped and hung black people for decades , you’re siding with them? I don’t understand how that’s going to empower the black community. As for as not fighting with them, you’re not fighting with them because you believe that you’re on the same side as they are. But my brother, who do you think they’re coming for after Muslims and Hispanics are no longer an issue? They want America to be white only! They will come after everything you own. Your land, businesses, schools, and money. They will rape your woman and daughters. This is nothing new. It’s what they’ve always done and who they are. Let’s not get it twisted. They are not your ally! And you think they are more acceptable than people who desire an award. I don’t understand how that’s even comparable.
        As far as for Trump, do you really believe he’s for America? Trump is for Trump and his family becoming filthy rich. He could care less about anyone else. He was like every other politician, telling people what they wanted to hear. He was just smart(I use that term loosely) enough to figure out who his true base was. And he was able to convince them that he was going to make their lives better by getting rid of the Hispanics.

        The left side definitely has some serious issues, and I don’t agree with everything, but I definitely can’t side with folks who raped and murdered my ancestors and still don’t give a darn. Although you said its not about race, what do you think “Make America great again ” means? It means Make America white again! That is the Klans goal. It’s not about only being segregated. That’s just a lie they are telling to get you to join their cause. The right wing cares no more about us than the left wing. So please stop thinking the Klan wants the same thing as you do.
        Maybe its time we turn our backs on both parties because neither one is for the empowerment of the black community.

        I’m new to Hotep and hope to continue to learn and grow, but as a Southern woman, I can’t get down with the people who raped and murdered my ancestors (during Jim Crow) and will do the same to me.

        1. It’s extremely simplistic to compare the Alt-Right with the KKK, or any group that wishes genocide upon others. There’s a wide range of people who consider themselves Alt-Right, but most of the ones I know do not wish harm to other peoples; we simply want self-determination for whites. If you listen to Jared Taylor, or read Jewamongyou (that’s me), you’ll see that we have no desire to rule over others – only to rule over ourselves.

  2. This just might be the best political article I’ve read in a few years. Well written and truthful. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Spread your message. Strategically. The influence your music and media has on your people could be a powerful tool for you in the right hands. It’s an uphill battle, and may seem hopeless at times just as it does for the different cliques within the alt-right.
        Fight the good fight, and may our enemies rue the day they pushed all of us this far.

  3. New Right is a better explanation of alignment IMO. Alt right was co-opted by identity politics and wacko extremists. New Right represents a more color-blind movement towards exactly the things you speak of. (Taking care of ourselves and our country first, family building, rejection of feminized outrage culture, etc.)

      1. New Right,or NuRight as we in the Alt-Right call them,are exactly the same thing as Republicans pre-Trump.They are trying to claw their way back into popularity on our coattails by pretending White Nationalists co-opted the Alt-Right when in fact we created it in order to do for Whites what they wouldn’t.They are now copying our memes without understanding them and are similar except in one respect.They will not name the jew.They will not name the one who owned the majority of slave ships.75% of jews owned one or more slaves whereas only 2% of Whites did.They will not tell you this.They will not name the people who enslaved the Africans for 200 years in America and have enslaved the Whites for 100.They are the servants of the jews and will do everything in their power to pretend the problems Hotels and Alt-Right are not caused by jews,when in each and every case you can dig and find the jew or jews responsible.They don’t want us to solve the problems.

        1. This is complete and total bullshit. The difference between the New Right and Alt-Right is the Alt-Right is delusional and unrealistic, while the New Right works to further a very similar agenda while recognizing the multiracial realty we actually live in. I was a simple libertarian with no political party to represent my views that big government was getting in the way of my freedom before Trump. When many (idiotic) Republicans and libertarians were turned off by Trump’s protectionist rhetoric, I remembered a quote by Ronald Reagan, who I’ve always mistrusted (and still do):

          “I believe the best social program is a job”

          Problem is, Reagan didn’t specify what country he wanted those social programs to be in, so they ended up in Mexico and China, etc. Unlike Reagan, Trump can’t specify any more clearly where he wants those jobs to be. Ironically, the more protectionist America becomes, the less we citizens will need the government. The whole paradigm has shifted. The New Right are not Republicans or (supposedly?) union-loving Democrats, they’re simply patriotic American nationalists.

          Lastly, unlike the white supremacists of the Alt Right, I know how to hide my power level and this is critical to the nationalist movement. My contribution to the meme war was (and still is) far more effective than an Alt Right TRS shill from 8pol, because I’m fighting tough engagements on message boards and comment sections across the internet without resorting to exclusionary and discriminative rhetoric. Anyone who leaves their mother’s basement for more than a ten minute trip to buy milk, that mentioning race turns normies away from hearing logical and reasonable arguments (especially guilt-ridden whites). You can work towards a healthier and happier racial group through improving the nation as a whole. Instead of lamenting your concern for the future of the white race, you can be an example of the success obtained through moral convictions and avoiding the degeneracy destroying our society. This is common sense to most people including Hoteps, but apparently not the Alt-Right.

          1. Dorn Cornerno, excellent post.

            The Alt Right has been co-opted by dopes like Spencer and the left is all too happy to paint us with that same broad brush. The alt right brand is dead aside from the race mongering few who are stuck in some ideology that will never happen. (Nor should it.)

            You’re also right about engagement. The New Right needs to appeal to hard working, patriotic non-globalists of all creed. You can’t do that with “white nationalists” gumming up the works.

            To me, The Hotep movement aligns with all forward thinking, patriotic Americans who believe in self reliance and taking care of their own. In other words, the war is not with a race or religion per se, it’s with a leftist, globalist ideology.

      2. So “New right” rejects identity politics. But reality is NOT race blind.

        Blacks need to look out for blacks … and whites need to look out for whites … and this is good and natural.

        We don’t WANT race blindness. We want to be proud of who we are.

        1. You can be proud of your race but your race isn’t “who you are.” I’m white in Los Angeles and most white people here are assholes. They’re not “who I am.” This notion of relating to race first is doomed for failure because it omits ideology which is first, second and third in importance.

          Yes you can have a nice beat off about your own skin color or shoe size if it makes you happy. But at some point it’s time to get with the adults in the movement (of all colors) and address the real threat… leftist globalism, for starters.

        1. Wrong, the New Right and Alt Right both believe in nationalism. The only difference is the Alt Right thinks the nation would be without all the other races. It doesn’t matter if that is true or not true, because it’ll never happen. Ironically, both open-borders advocates and Alt Right ‘Nazis’ are equally oblivious of demographics. Shameful!

    1. Rush Limbaugh was doing “New Right” in 1990 in exactly the same way as it operates today. The European New Right is more similar to the alt-right than the newly formed 2016 New Right. The name Alt-Right was founded nearly 10 years ago as an identity movement. The number of the big names in the New Right were anti-Trump in the beginning until it was clear he was the nominee. The New Right is the same Right that has lost the culture war over the last 30 years.

      I support Hotep 100%.

      1. I respect your historical insight as someone new to politics, but I’m not sure you’re right about this. I believe your definition is outdated. Paul Joseph Watson’s defines the New Right as it currently exists pretty well in his tweet (see: Compare, say, Bush or McCains idea of conservative government (restrict freedoms/get money), with the Filipino guy and other brown conservatives who traveled from far and wide to disrupt Shia LaBeouf’s HWNDU stream for no other reason than to troll leftists for having stupid ideas. They clearly aren’t the same. Neocons are supra-party globalists who govern to get rich at the expense of our nations well being, (something a hypocrite like Limbaugh would advocate). New Right are anti-establishment nationalists who are energized by Trump’s platform for economic and social reasons. Alt Right are the same as New Right, they just unironically pine for a vision of America that will never exist. While I’m sure using race as a catalyst to affect nationalist policies is effective for Alt Right adherents, making America white again is ultimately both a detriment to the nationalist movement, and an exercise in futility in a country with such a high proportion of brown people.

    2. “Alt right was co-opted by identity politics and wacko extremists.”

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day, shill. The Alt-Right, coined years ago by Richard Spencer, was about White identity and White nationalism from the beginning.

      To the observer, what happened is that shills, like the guy I’m replying to, tried to co-opt the Alt-Right and make it more mainstream. When they were told to fuck off (and they did fuck off), they now are using the tactic that WE somehow co-opted THEM and “stole” the Alt-Right label. It was never theirs to begin with.

      Always hang a traitor before an enemy.

      1. Yeah, the Alt-Lite is here in force. Even have a guy claiming to be Jewish and Alt-Right.

        Oy fucking vey!

        1. Well the biggest face of the “alt right” milo who was labeled a “racist,Nazi, white supremacist” Is a gay Jewish immigrant with a black fiancé, sooo.. Alt right is comprised of every demographic., from the highest numbers I could find was Washington posts and using their number of white supremacist in the right/alt right it’s .00068% of trump supporters.

    3. Why would Hotep or Alt-Right want to be color blind? Isn’t the diminishing the importance of each race, and really completely goes against everything Ali is writing about.

      We don’t need a “New Right”, it’s NEVER racist to look out for your own peoples interest. The New Right is just a new name for the same system we’ve had for far too long. Most likely created by the same (((people))) responsible for this mess we are all in now. “Oy Vey, goyim. Shut the Alt-Right down…Shut Hotep down. Join our new color blind club.”

      Yeah…no thanks.

      Fantastic work, Ali! Keep spreading the truth. Keep waking your people up, and I’ll keep waking mine.

      1. Because Alt Right is a dying movement. It was co-opted by racists and idiots doing “roman salutes” to the mainstream media. All major players have distanced themselves and the race “warriors” are left holding the bag.

        If Hotep wants to grow the way the New Right has, it doesn’t need shitty optics, swastikas and frog emojis. (Does that ever get old?) It needs to appeal to those who want to band together for a bigger cause than focusing on skin color, shoe size or dick size. His country has real issues and if you look at what’s happening in Europe right now… you’ll see our future if we don’t stop bickering over bullshit.

        Point is – there’s a place for everyone in fighting globalism, big government etc. but you’ll kill this thing in a minute if you start waving swastikas and old Dixie around.

        But, that’s just me. I don’t expect to change the minds of folks who have been obsessed with their skin color for most of their life.

        1. The New Right has grown? Hmmm, curious. No, shill. Alt-Right has grown and we’re still growing.

        2. Hah, trying to frame the wheat being separated from the chaff as “the major players distancing themselves”?

          No, kike. We left those weak spined faggots in the dustbin of irrelevance.

        3. Yes Alt right is growing, Howe ever it’s not the “white nationalist” party and even using the highest numbers publish those people make up 0.0068% of trump supporters. The new alt right is color blind/sex blind and only sees America, becuase white, black, gay, straight doesn’t matter we need to fight the invasion of our country to make life better for Americans before we all suffer in a 3rd world country.

  4. Thank you for this piece. Open dialogue is key. You speak from a sense of well thought out reasoning and your conclusions show it. I just wish the left would consider not shutting down others’ views to the hateful degree that they do.

      1. No pray they keep cheating the more they lie the more then censor, the greater deceptions and riots, the move games they play, if exposed will red pill the masses.

        And I for one smile every time they get exposed.

  5. >The media is controlled by “them” and “their” strategy is divide and conquer.

    Name the Jew. You can do it.

    1. This always leads to a dead end. Name the jew, and then…. The jew is living in a gated estate in Hollywood Hills.

  6. I’m not feelin’ you guys are the charter schools “thingy”. That is not school choice. From my experiences, charter schools are merely public schools under a different name, and the public schools are a complete mess. Same curriculum, same flaccid approach to school discipline, same bureaucratic foolishness that minimizes instruction, as well as a few other things. If you want TRUE school choice then support a federal income tax deduction equal to the cost of private school tuition available to all people. This will open up American education to choices in curriculum, peer group socialization, and instructional methods.

    1. All the more reason to allow Blacks to create their own system. If the Alt-Right and hoteps can really forge a partnership, win , then go our separate ways we’ll have regained control for both our peoples rather than surrendered to the “elite’s” status quo.

      1. Separatism is needed, blacks need their own nation as do whites. It will make each group far better off. No more blame game. No more leftists legitimizing their self-hate with multicultural dreams. Jews, asians and other non-whites also can have a nation conglomeration in the US, such as SoCal, SoNYS, NoNJ, NEPa., SoFla. etc. I’d live in this one but that’s just me.

        1. LOL, somebody’s terrified of white nationalists and black nationalists getting along.

  7. Hello, I am an alt-right fascist, and a very active one (using my real name out of respect). I’d like to say that nobody is happier than I am to see this alliance begin to take shape. As allies in nationalism, we MUST maintain a growing dialogue, be honest with each other, and never be fearful of discussing race. Our cause is just, our cause is the only path to peace for both our peoples, and we will, together, as racially proud nationalists, win! I wish you all the best.

  8. Just saw this article on a link. Read through it. Extremely well written, and yeah the alt right wants what you wrote in here. This was very perceptive and I’ll share the page. I sincerely wish you the best in getting this point across. I really believe race relations would improve if our viewpoints got out there.

  9. Hey there!

    I’m in the alt-right and I wanted you to know that I fully support the goals of the Hotep movement. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard about the dust up between Hotep and BLM. Your approach to improving the black community might actually achieve something… might. At least something better than where you’re at now, while the BLM movement offers only perpetual dependency and degeneration.

    Best of luck!

  10. Alt-right, Jew here. Completely support your cause. Nationalism is for all races; we have the same goals.

    1. Hah, good one.

      For those who don’t get the joke, the Alt-Right is a counter-semitic, white nationalist movement. Claiming to be a Jew and Alt-Right is a pretty funny troll.

      1. There are jews in the alt right. The exact principle of this article applies to jews as well as blacks and whites.
        The anti semitic parts of the alt right are a response to the Jews being strong proponents of multiculturalism.

        1. No. The nationalist Jews are certainly welcome to do their own thing, just as Hotep are. But by definition they are not Alt-Right.

      1. It’s the Alt-Lite showing up, with their civic nationalism and cucking on… well pretty much everything, but especially the JQ.

  11. As a white dude, I welcome you to share the values of caring about you’re people. You’re ingrained in America and you must be strong to fight all the influences that seek to enslave you. When the black family unit begins to strengthen and the divide begins to heal our true enemies will come to light.

    1. Wow that is so true ” When the black family unit begins to strengthen and the divide begins to heal our true enemies will come to light.” That’s why they have their name calling for those who wish to look at issues and say that yeah there are some policies on the right that might be helpful for black families then BAM! Coon, Sell Out, You hate your people, Mediocre Negro and whatever hateful hissing comes out.

  12. Brilliant, not much else can be said. I am glad that such an alliance could be fostered. I see this leading to many great things for everyone involved.

    I wish you and yours success and fortitude. This will undoubtedly draw attention (positive and negative) from both sides. We’ve seen our share of opposition, be prepared for the worst but expect the best.

  13. Good article, bro.

    Had never heard of Hotep Nation before. Well, I know now. Seems that you bring thought and reason to the debate instead of just emotion and abuse, which is all the lying media seems to want from black people interested in politics.

    We’re on the side of everyone who wants to work to improve themselves, support themselves and their families and work hard to get ahead. And so, I believe, is our President.

  14. Superb article.

    Reminds me of a conversation I had about how the idea of universalism has wreaked destruction upon us all. The false god of equality. Whites and blacks are not the same, but that doesn’t mean one is superior to the other, it just means we have our own unique characteristics and traits that form our indentities. For decades the powers that be have destroyed our cultures, our livelihoods, everything that we held dear. They are turning the global people into a soulless and empty homogenous population so that we are easily controlled. Every -ism and phobia we see thrown around is used to deconstruct our identities and we then become programmed to obey command without question. We on the AltRight and Hoteps know the marginal group responsible for the everyday assault on the very fabric of our existence, and we unite against them

  15. Sup guys. White guy here, who I guess is somewhat near “alt-right”.

    I’ve followed some Hotep stuff on Twitter and I like the fact that people of other races are seeing the appeal of Trump’s message.

    I think it’s totally true – mass immigration threatens everybody, no matter what their race. And the left’s attitude towards deconstructing the biological sexes – again, that is a problem for people of all races.

    I usually call myself a conservative (not “alt-right”) in real life. Because I do believe that conservative ideas are more important than race.

  16. I agree with the author regarding most of this article. I am not a white nationalist to the extent, that I want an all white USA. However, I wish for the USA remain >>majority<< Christian and White.

    I wish for the USA to remain majority Christian and White, for stability within our nation. With 100% certainty, it has been the result of White Christians realizing the USA as the most successful bad ass nation in the history of the world, regarding freedom and prosperity, for us and our children. Hands down.

    I am very supportive of the Alt-Right movement, because of outrageous immigration policies within the USA, AND within Western Europe.

    These immigration policies absolutely do not support any American, whether white, black or hispanic.

    These immigration policies only support those that see the common American as a gone by, a person that is expendable, so long as it extends the the life of globalism.

    These are the globalists, which seek not only to use us as cheap labor, but to use us as "minions" as tools as U.S. Citizens pitting us against each other how ever they can realize a division amongst us towards their financial gain, WORLD WIDE.

    The Federal Reserve Bank and fractional reserve banking system, IS SLAVERY by debt. Just (((who))) are these people, time and time again, who are the faces of this cabal? There is a pattern folks……for decades. Why is this?


    Honestly, I'm not resolute in knowing your movement. However, I can say within the last 3 months, many Alt-Right ppl have been tweeting you efforts, which I have seen on Twitter, which has impressed me.



    Certainly you have your bullet points, towards best direction for your own people, if so I've not read them yet, I'm just shooting from the hip presently.

    Much of which herein, are the directives within the Alt-Right:

    1) Christian faith in God, this is your Compass. Jews are not Christian, but they use Christian empathy towards their own advantage to dominate, everyone of every race, culture and religion toward their own advantage using guilt = division= conflict.

    2) maintain the traditions of your people, maintain your traditions, Love your People and culture.

    3) Traditional family unit. Father works, mother stays home and cares for the children. Support your extended family if you can, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. Don't think like an individual family unit, think as a collective extended family unit. This is what the jews do to great advantage over present Christians within every race, to their advantage.

    Support your extended family. Become active in your extended family's success.

    4) stay off of drugs, all of them, even weed.

    5) stay out of debt, live below your means, not for yourself, but for your children.

    6) never use credit cards, ever.

    7) find a skill which you are good at, which is practical and is needed toward the success of society and your family. And become very good at your profession.

    8) realize that this system under which we all live, is hell bent to divide us as citizens of the USA, towards their advantage.

    A nation whose citizens are divided, is easy pickings for a Globalist rule.

    Remember that last sentence and think, long and hard.

  17. As a Director of the Traditionalist Worker Party, a leading altright organization, I raise a toast of mutual respect in our shared struggle for liberation from our globalist overlords.

    1. Damn right. You guys need to work together Matt. I am trying to contact Mr. Shakur right now to start a dialogue. Organize a conference! It could be yuuuge Matt! 😉

  18. This is easily the best political article I have read in a long time. I will be learning about Hotep now. I would consider myself an an individualist to a great degree and am intrigued by the pride associated with that. I have had to bust my ass with no help to get to where I am and I can credit only myself for that. Strong individuals build strong communities. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s amazing what can happen when we sit down and have an open dialogue, we as Americans agree on so much. Thank you so much for this wonderful article and best of luck to you in the future!

  19. Holy shit.

    “This is the power of independence, understanding, and accountability.”

    I’m white Alt-Right and I’d be proud to have these Hotep blacks as my neighbors. “Strong boundaries create good neighbors.” To love your own people does NOT mean to hate others. Leftist policies have devastated the black community in the US and now “they” are doing the exact same thing to white communities.

  20. I was mistaking, I thought Hotep was something different all these years.
    I understand why Scoon hates Black so called Americans, because his family members were not born here. A high percentage of “black” south americans, west indians, and Africans Hate black americans, but why do you.
    Were you born here?

  21. I identify with a lot of alt right sentiment and while I’ve never irrationally hated blacks, it’s true I’ve become cynical of them to a large degree through my interactions with them. However, I think if I were to meet one of these Hotep guys we would probably get along just fine. I’ll be lurking around here some more. Nice article.

    1. I believe that racism only exists in the media and the minds of the foolish.” [tweet this quote]

      The media is controlled by “them” and “their” strategy is divide and conquer.
      How? The dope I’m replying to, said this “I’ve never irrationally hated blacks” then went on to say I’ve become cynical of them to a large degree through my interactions with them.”
      Them he says……… are not human to them… dope

      1. That was a really retarded reply to what he said. Get off your offended high for a second and actually read what he wrote.

      2. Read for intent. Not for offense. The Left loves it when we get hung up on these little “micro-aggressions” from our conversations so that we do nothing but talk past each other. This Hotep/Alt-Right conversation is one that NEEDS to happen.

  22. New version of house nigger who likes his white master. Every era has its own. And then when the alt-right start exacting it’s power, you’ll cry that these people were indeed racist for REAL. Stupid monkey.

    1. Look, idiot. He’s not calling for blacks to be mastered by whites, he’s calling for them to master themselves. Which is something that BOTH race should support.

    2. Typical globalist liberal continuing the lies because if white and black nationalists come together we will destroy the democratic and Republican Party and destroy the sytem of “the man” and let black prosper and whites prosper, let America prosper! Republicans are racist, but yet blacks have been voting democrat for 40 years and where has that gotten us??

  23. Great article!
    As a white person in the alt right I fully support your position as it is the same as ours. Let us all build our own institutions to serve our own people. Diversity of communities is how you gain through trade. Diversity in communities is how you sow strife.

  24. Until i read this i hadn’t considered a form of alliance could be formed between us (white nationalists) and you (Hoteps). Its both surprising and exciting that we together could change the country if not the world for the better. The future looks brighter every day.

    1. There’s actually precedent from before.

      How interesting that both men would die afterwards, being shot by people “from their own side.”
      Always thought it was a shame no one connected the incidents and history went on not really exploring the mindsets of the killers, or if they’d received payment or been blackmailed to do so.

  25. Wow. Honest. Insightful. What a read. I agree with another person in saying this is one of the best political reads in years. Im fiscally conservative, and liberal on social issues as i really don’t give a fuck about race, sex, sexual preference, etc. This obsession with having to identify only perpetuates the divide. Dems have been pimping black people for years and it has to stop. Tired of the identity politics. Im an American. Plain and simple. And i want whats best for every other American regardless of their color, sex, religion, etc.

    1. Hey, Jeffrey. You’re the one cuckservative in a sea of white nationalist, black nationalist and… Whatever you’d call the blacks who hate black nationalists because they see improving their people as a negative thing.

      Actually I guess you’re like the white version of that third group. “I don’t see race, I’m just an atomized individual afloat in a sea of other individuals (who oddly all seem to be playing by a tribalistic group loyalty strategy that’s screwing me over…)”

      1. Cool story Imsomnant. Applaud the effort to try to sound informed, but you’ve said absolutely nothing. I can think for myself. I don’t need group think. Nothing cucked about me.

        1. It doesn’t matter what you say because you’re irrelevant to the discussion at hand. You have nothing to contribute because your ability to see the big picture has been castrated.

  26. This is a parody, right? There’s no way something this stupid managed to make it to adulthood without wandering in to incoming traffic.

  27. As a white person in the Alt-Right, I approve! I’ll gladly support Hotep and Hoteps movement. Likewise, I think the Alt-Right and Hotep will equally benefit by working together. After all, diversity is killing both sides and it’s either total chaos or peace and understanding. Right now, things are chaos. And just as two brothers or two neighbors, who sometimes fight, separation always works out. At least, that’s how my mother handled things. After separation and when things cool down, we can move towards peace by respecting both sides and drawing lines that shouldn’t be crossed and if either side crosses the line, deal with it then as peacefully and respectfully as possible. And if that doesn’t work and war between each side happens, then let there be war. After war, rebuild and try again. Just know, that between the times of separation and war, there’s always a longer period of peace that will dwarf the two. History proves it.

  28. Hahahaha! Nigga look @ all these honkies telling you what to do & how to do with your fam. You dumb coon, you subscribing to the divide & conquer strategy crackers always engage in. They with you against the arabs & Mexicans but once they gone, your next step & fetchit. Look at this honking talking shit above me. White man is good for one thing, watching his wife take the D! Check craigslist Nigga!

    1. The white people here are applauding him for his agency and desire to improve his people, while shit stains like you try to tear him down for not wallowing in filth like you are.

    2. @coondlocks. Go back to VSB, fool, Damon needs his echo-chamber back.
      Even if you *were* correct and after the Alt-right vanquishes the Mexicans etc all they go stepnfetchit, as bad as that is it’s a far cry from what’s going to happen to blacks at the hands of Mexicans if they eliminate whites in America.

      Ask yourself why there are still lots of black folk in Brazil and in the US, but damn few in Mexico. What happened to them?

  29. Not a bad explanation and comparison with the alt-right. We should go our separate ways yet we somewhat work together at the same time.

  30. you bleed too
    February 8, 2017 at 11:38 pm
    I was mistaking, I thought Hotep was something different all these years.
    I understand why Scoon hates Black so called Americans, because his family members were not born here. A high percentage of “black” south americans, west indians, and Africans Hate black americans, but why do you.
    Were you born here?

    you bleed too
    February 9, 2017 at 11:25 am
    Get off your offended high for a second and actually read what he wrote.

    In reply to:

    February 9, 2017 at 8:42 am
    Hah, good one.
    For those who don’t get the joke, the Alt-Right is a counter-semitic, white nationalist movement. Claiming to be a Jew and Alt-Right is a pretty funny troll.

    you bleed too
    February 9, 2017 at 7:33 am
    I believe that racism only exists in the media and the minds of the foolish.” [tweet this quote]
    The media is controlled by “them” and “their” strategy is divide and conquer.
How? The dope I’m replying to, said this “I’ve never irrationally hated blacks” then went on to say I’ve become cynical of them to a large degree through my interactions with them.”
Them he says……… are not human to them… dope

    In reply to:

    A white dude
    February 9, 2017 at 2:53 am
    I identify with a lot of alt right sentiment and while I’ve never irrationally hated blacks, it’s true I’ve become cynical of them to a large degree through my interactions with them. However, I think if I were to meet one of these Hotep guys we would probably get along just fine. I’ll be lurking around here some more. Nice article.

    Found the shill tbh fam

    1. Anyone can be #altright as long as they acknowledge they might not be welcome in the eventual white ethnostate, which will happen. White institutions of learning unhindered by multicultural and political demands will be needed far more in the future, in an alliance with military and aerospace, as ecological conditions worsen world-wide. And not just climate change. Expanding capabilities in math, earth science, astronomy and hard sciences, are where we’ll need to focus when facing catastrophes such as Oort Cloud comet collisions (far worse than asteroids), and gamma-ray bursts, especially as the MW approaches Andromeda. I’m hesitant to commit entirely to this sea-change because of many asians’ and jews’ have shown incredible talents in those sciences. Civilization, even humanity, is at stake.

      1. You are clearly not in any place to be telling Alt-righters who can and can’t be Alt-Right, since you aren’t even in it.

        Peddling the (((climate catastrophe))) lie and pretending to be Alt-Right… What will the shills think of next?

  31. It’s good that you name him, that we all learned to name him thus far. But for people confused, also remind them to look into the DCLeaks to see how Soros controls NGOs.
    And as for the media, well, that part’s actually right out in the open. This is essentially the ‘brain trust’ or ‘think tank’ of the cable news networks

    Also, another name not mentioned as much, but needs to be Spread and Known, Freada Kapor Klein.
    She’s the radfem wife of Mitch Kapor, & the one behind the co-option of most of the tech industry starting 2001
    How radical is she? Well…
    This is over 40 years ago, yet sounds and IS exactly the same as mainstream feminism today.
    Friedan, Steinem, Dworkin, we all know those names, but they were particularly talentless. Steinem had assistance from the CIA, but who got the magazines and websites for all the others up and running? ^BAM^
    To think, every time you bought Lotus1-2-3, you were unintentionally buying your way further into slavery.

  32. I agree with much of what you’re saying, but I wouldn’t call it an “alignment”….we may agree with them on certain things as it relates to our respective communities, but perspective is key here. We can NEVER be allies with ppl who’s current position in the world is at our expense. (((They))) are Europeans despite the popular opinions.

  33. Homosapiens is our race: “knowing man”. The last Neandertal died long ago, so racism or species-ism is not possible, unless we’re convinced otherwise and fall onto a term like “breed” or “ethnicity” as “they” want.

    Where in the genome do we find the lines seperating ethnicities or breeds? A mutation here or there? Religious genes passed only by mothers? Or Fathers? Are half black and half white babies up sh*t creek then?


    ‘Justice’, as Epicurus said, ‘is a kind of compact not to harm or be harmed.’ He was correct and this (was how the consitution was written) should be the basis of a society of individuals freely interacting.

    Freedom, in part and as you noted, dear Sir, is being able to choose our Just interactions as we see fit.

    1. Race is real, meaning there are differences among races and we have to acknowledge it. We try to praise this false God of equality which ends up in racial tension. Humans are tribal because they naturally identify with their own race.

      1. It doesn’t mean any race is superior necessarily. Perhaps some races are better adapted for certain things. At any rate, the globalist plan of mixing them all together is basicaly genocide for everyone involved. I wouldn’t want to go to France to be surrounded by Muslims on my vacation any more than I would want to visit Kenya and be surrounded by Chinese. Perhaps America was never meant to be a homogenous society to the extent say, Norway or Japan is, however I believe it’s important to keep America American. That does in fact include blacks as well as whites. But not the whole fucking world dude.

        1. Our constitution was written based on principles that require you to leave skin color behind and enter the philosophical realm as an equal to all others present. The halls of our founders, and the giants whose shoulders they stood upon, are filled with all sorts of skin colors dedicated to wisdom.

          ‘America being American’ to me, means that we citizens were born into this nation with the same RIGHTS; which look at that word RIGHT. The word RIGHT implies unequality and a conceptual faculty necessary to regard one another on the same level; this was why the founders declared we all had the same rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness i.e. through justice and the compact not to harm or be harmed may a manifold people live peacefully. Though, it’s taking centuries to put the founding theories into practice, while this American Experiment is under assault from all sides.

          Being American means we respect one another regardless of skin color so long as we are citizens. I still respect other nationalities, but ‘Muricans are the best, regardless of skin tone, case closed.

          Now, if you want to chill with people of the same skin color solely because of their skin color, in that Just manner, right on, no law stops you. If you want to have pride in your skin tone, ditto. Personally Id rather chill with people of similar inclinations of the mind, rather than melanin content of skin.

          Remember: one human species. One human race. One America.

          1. So much wrong n one post. First off, the founding fathers understood race better than most people do today, of which you are a perfect example. Race is not “melanin content of skin,” that is an idiotic statement that reveals a total lack of awareness on the subject.

            The founding fathers in many of their letters and communications revealed that to them, “all men” referred to “white men in good standing.” That was who they wanted their nation to consist of, not this Jewish revisionist idea of all humans.

            Second “American” is a reference to where people live, not who they are. There is no magic dirt here that makes people living on this land suddenly ignore thousands of years of evolution in very different climates.

          2. How about Ben Franklin and his grasp of Biology.

            In his autobiography, near the end in ‘Voyage from London to Philadelphia’ he tells us that he and others were going hungry so they killed dolphins, no big deal except he thought dolphins were fish and not mammals. He figured it was ok since they’d caught a dolphin with an intact smaller dolphin in its stomach “since they feed on each other, its ok for me to eat them” he said. He didnt understand they’d caught a pregnant mammal, instead of a cold blooded animal. What other founders displayed brilliance when it comes to biology in your thoughts?

            Also, im curious on what the proper definition of race/species is and how the current definition for all of Homo Sapiens is incorrect.

  34. I have identified as a white Nationalist for over 10 years now and have been wondering when in the hell Nationalists would come together. I think this is a great thing and needs to spread, bigtime! I’d be interested in holding a conference of some sort in the future with any of you who would be willing. Please email me and lets start a dialogue.

  35. Actually I prefer the name American Patriot. I really do not care what color a person is. I do care if they are willing to support this country and our Constitution.

    You are very correct about blacks should have black schools. It is up to black leaders to make education ‘cool’ and whites can not do that. Actually I would go further and suggest that from junior high school on males and females should be separated and going to different schools. If we are going to artificially extend childhood past puberty then we need to take raging hormones into account. Teens can not concentrate on learning when they are courting sexual partners.

    Also bring back vocational training and placing kids into classes based on ‘academic IQ’ and ‘mechanical IQ’ Kids that are bored silly or in over their heads are not going to learn. Instead they will be disruptive. NONE of us have the same abilities so lets not use a one size fits all school.

    Last get rid of the Ritalin and other drugs that are used instead of thinking and discipline. If you feed kids caffeine and sugar and combine it with no exercise, don’t be surprised the kid is jumping out of his skin. EXPECT a little boy to act like a little boy and quit drugging him to make him act like a girl. When you have to drug 17% of grade school males it ain’t a medical problem it is a SCHOOL problem!

  36. Here’s what you have in common: you both THINK you represent the “alpha” males of your respective groups. What you actually represent is chicken shit cowards, who can’t get over your fear of not being able to actually compete on equal footing with everyone you hate. So you propose “rules” to keep you in your misperceived power.

    BTW – keep on cozying up to people who ultimately want you dead. That sounds like a good longterm strategy. And you wonder why people call you idiot.

    1. You take your Jewish masters too seriously. Most people in the Alt Right community would be more than happy with a peaceful divorce from blacks as a whole. Many would even align with hoteps against hostile international interests.

      Any anger occurs when Whites and Blacks are in close proximity and we step on each others toes. That is perfectly normal.

  37. Funny you left out the part where the Alt Right wants to get rid of everyone that is not white and that includes your alpha black ass.

    1. That’s a massive LIE!!! And the same exact thing could be used to smear anyone including the Hotep. Alt Right wants to protect their family, neighbor, city, country from the government brining in millions upon millions of more people from 3rd world country while we turn into a 3rd world country ourself. Guess what, besides the damage already done, more and more illegals aliens and Refugees hurts mintorys first and hurts them the hardest. This about about Americans making sure we dont becuase 3rd world refugees like liberal globalists want.

  38. Most pro-black folks are far-left. Far-left policies outlawed slavery, lynchings (kind of) and created the civil rights act. It is within the black people’s best self interest to be far-left. Although not all far left pro blacks align with democrats. A lot of us are very critical of the whole political system. A lot of far left pro blacks did not even vote in the last elections. One thing I will agree with you is your idea of black independence and segregation. Unfortunately, integration has created a mentality in black folks that makes us dependant on a white supremacist system. And I will tell you MOST far-left pro-black folks agrees with “hoteps” when it comes to that. This is why I can’t be pro black and on the right, you all are sexist. You do not allow women to speak on our UNIQUE experiences. You ignore our gender while proping yourselves as a representation of ALL people in your race. Right policies like slavery and jim crow built America but also oppressed their own women. How do I know this new hotep system will be any different? Also yall are too extreme on law and order and forget people should have their own will. Why is drug use a crime? The war on drugs is a RIGHT policy, the prison idustry is a RIGHT policy, etc. The right limits our liberty to be and do what we want. I find it hypocritical that you align yourself with people like this yet say “white women do not understand black boys”. Is it law and order or cultural differences? That is where we disagree with the right and we will always disagree. So you can align yourself with their culture all you want while other pro-black folks do the REAL work for our people.

    1. “Real work for your people” means killing each other in droves and single mother households and drugs and welfare dependency, right?

    2. The slave holders (3% of Americans at the time) were Democrats. The Democrats fought against the civil rights movement. Robert Byrd (D), the KKK grand wizard was in congress until he retired just a few years back. Bill Clinton made all kinds of excuses for his mentor, but never did anything but get all the black alpha males in America thrown in prison. Neither party will save you, as they are falling apart. The Democrats hang onto the tired 60’s radical revolutionary wanna-be mentality that is all about destroying our current system. They don’t know how to build, maintain or repair anything, just destroy. The Republicans do not hold to their platform promises and they will find the next election difficult after fighting Trump. Globalists on both sides of the aisle work for money, not us.

  39. I wish we could do a better job of distinguishing “White Supremacist” from “White Nationalist”. I am a white nationalist. I would like white people to have their own country/countries without having multiculturalism and diversity shoved down their throats. No one is saying the all black African countries need more diversity. No one is saying Japan or China need diversity.

    Their are nations in the world that are traditionally white and should remain so.

    White supremacy is the belief that whites are the greatest race or the best race or the master race etc. I really do not give a shit which race is best. If other races are better then they can go live their great life with their great people in their own great country.

    In the United states we have blacks and white who have been here basically since the beginning. Both have a stake. I’d like a white state here. Only whites can be citizens or permanent residents. No race mixing. If there we also a black only state I’d have no issues with that. They can make whatever rules/laws they like. t is their state after all. We could work together towards common goals or not as long as we remain autonomous.

  40. This is a pretty good article. The problem is not just left vs right. Libertarians want more freedom and less micromanaging by the state. Authoritarians want to be in control. That’s why there are essentially three groups. Left Authoritarians, Right Authoritarians, and Libertarians. The problem is that most people that seek places of power are authoritarians. That’s why I think it’s better to elect the guy that doesn’t really want the job.

  41. Very nice article, and a truth bomb right there.

    Just to add that I’m a fan of black music oldies, and there’s just so much talent there. Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Gene Chandler, Jerry Butler, Frank Lymon, etc. This was a time when blacks were much more independent and proud.

    Nowadays, as the article correctly points out, so many blacks are confused (do they want to be accepted by white supremacy or challenge it?) and weakened (want white people to fix society so that blacks can thrive), and have dived deeper and deeper in dependency by the Democrat establishment.

    I admire the Hotep movement because I really see in it a way for blacks to triumph and be an example. Strong black families, proper black schools, a philosophy of independence, personal conquest, and a positive black identity to support black people through the experience of black people. Forget asking for white man for help.
    The far leftist movement didn’t result in prosperity for blacks, but mysery. Worse, it even intensified ethnic conflicts which shouldn’t necessarily happen, as the coexistence between Hoteps and Alt-Right demonstrates.

  42. Respect from an alt-right / European identitarian. UNIVERSAL NATIONALISM is the way to defeat globalist oligarchy. Let’s stop fighting each other and defeat our common enemy. Spread the word!

  43. The African Community really needs to take back black nationalsm from these fake black power internationals. As Parrot already said TWP is with y’all all the way.

  44. Respect. We can love who we are and support our own communities, while respecting someone else’s community.

    If the media didn’t hide the fact that the Democrats created the KKK, blocked segregation, and got mad at, went to war with, and killed a Republican president who fought to stop slavery, all the way up to George Wallace and the democrats fighting to keep blacks out of schools. Same democrats keeping people down, pretending to help them, have destroyed the family. And family is where it all starts; family provides your foundation.

    Conservatives believe in self-responsibility. And self-responsibility is what earns respect from others.

    1. White nationalists/supremacists are NOT conservatives. They pawn off their personal responsibility for their deeds and especially their misdeeds, onto a third party. They come here literally trying to cuck for blacks telling them “the evil jooos created your problems, just like they caused our problems! Please love me and help our movement grow.”. Listen to these idiots in the comments. These white nationalists and supremacists have zero self-awareness, zero knowledge of their own history, adhere to evidence-free conspiracy theories that make them feel good about themselves due to lack of organic self-esteem, and they have nothing but blame for other parties as to why they are in what they see as a shitty situation (Because of weak & scarcity mindset they focus only on negativity all day long). Nope, they are not conservatives. And usually conservatives respect blacks enough not to try to deceive them like some of these guys are doing. Some of it is genuine cucking I’m sure, but some of it is an attempt at deception too. Sad!

      1. No white nationalists here are asking for blacks to do anything for us. And the only cuck here is the one attempting to obfuscate the objectively negative impact that Jewish control has for all races.

      2. Evidence-free conspiracy theories? Read The Culture of Critique. And we’re not trying to deceive blacks. As long as we have a common goal (ethno-nationalism) there is no reason not to work together.

  45. Dear newly made friends, I am pleased to hear that we have made so much progress together and our individual cultures can exist in mutual respect.

    As an ardent Alt-Right individual, I am happy to see Hotep gain such popularity. You are truly a beacon to your people, and together (((the enemy))) will not divide us.

    Please, contact me at or text me at 6619006857. I would love to speak with you all about scheduling a speaking circuit and publishing books/pamphlets with you all, so we can combine our efforts and reach our peoples.

    Thank you,

  46. End the war on drugs, which means the CIA and other alphabet agencies will have to be torn down, probably with the help of the marines. Cops will have to go back to being reactive to crime instead of pro-active. Give businesses tax incentives to set up shop in urban areas where the unemployment rate is up to 30% for young black males. Reform the medical system so that doctors can help their patients immediately and directly without interference from the FDA, DEA, insurance companies, government insurance and the AMA. Doctors are not able to follow their oath anymore because the system does not allow it. Return the word ‘Dependence’ to the legal system and the addiction recovery specialists. If dependence is eliminated as a term in treatment, then the person treating the addiction can absolve themselves of responsibility for properly treating the addiction. Focus government on a community scale, reduce the power of the states, and gut the federal government.

    There is not anyone who is in a position of power, or benefits from the status quo, who would like that to happen. So it must be by will of the people.

  47. Not sure who told Hoteps that they represent ANYTHING for blacks, but best believe y’all DEFINITELY are NOT representing our ALPHA traits when you run around basing your beliefs on #alternativefacts and conspiracies

  48. Good article. We legit need some kind of official diplomatic dialogue between Whites within the Alt Right/WN community and Blacks within the hotep community. No one is saying there aren’t disagreements within the two communities, but after following hotep accounts we want the same thing. independence and prosperity for our people and to not be abused by international interests.

  49. This alliance is what America needs NOW. The media has brainwashed the majority into leftist slaves. Fight the power! Take care of your own first and allow unity to happen organically. Government is not our master and it, nor media, will never pit us against each other again! Unite and fight! Hotep and Alt Right.

  50. This is stupid. The child emotional behavior of the left is unquestionably masculine. All the most casual observer needs do is watch your infantile antics at any sports event. Case Closed.
    As for leftie blacks, they don’t give a damn about ‘white acceptance’. They want to be able to victimize whoever they choose with impunity, stay on entitlement programs and get FREE SHIT on the dole while crying VICTIM and REPARATIONS!
    Your alluding to ancient Egyptian origins, just embarrassing.
    Man the fuck up, seriously.

  51. Alt-Righter here.
    I just wanted to chime in and say I believe that your assessment of the Alt-Right is slightly incorrect.
    Most of us are in favor of a strong national government that supports its own people group and rules fairly but definitely firmly.
    Other then that, great article. I am absolutely in favor of nationalist groups allying against (((their power structure))) As all of our potential for greatness suffers from (((their))) manipulation.


  52. As a FarRighter, I support the goal of black strength and self-reliance and would love to work with nationalist blacks to form a prosperous, friendly and just segregation. Whites and Blacks both have a place in this nation and each community deserves to live in self-determination, peace and prosperity. On this foundation, we can join forces to expel kebab and beaner, and finally crush our (((mutual enemy))) once and for all.

    1. just letting you know there are also those of (((us))) who are on your side. my ancestry may be german-jewish, and i’m proud of who i am, but at least i am not blind to the way my group has fit into the rest of society. i could probably have had a nice career at goldman sachs if that’s what i wanted without too much difficulty but i’d rather think critically and make things for myself. i agree with you about every community promoting their own interests, in fact that’s what my people (together with certain gentile europeans) have already been doing, so much so that it’s gotten easy and in my opinion quite boring, in fact it has finally reached the point where it is starting to make us more mediocre as a race because we’ve been in control for so long. and i don’t mind kebabs or beaners either as long as they’re oriented towards building their own awesome shit instead of going with the system. i’m just glad i’ve found hoteps so we can all talk about this shit. it’s time to blow up the pyramids and turn the world on its head

    2. Well said. When Black America does well, White America does well. A successful black man whether in business or personally who does well is adding to society as a whole. The Left in their twisted logic looks at success as a limited commodity — if some have it, others are denied. So they want us all reduced to mediocrity so as to further their Utopian worldview of equality. NO Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, and the only place equality truly exists is in the eyes of our Creator. My hate and vitriol is toward the Leftists (be they white, black, purple, or Klingon(oops, I don’t think there are any lefty Klingons). I find it interesting how the Hoteps would envision a segregated society where the resources would be better managed. No, going back to Jim Crow is not the answer. Although they said “separate but equal” it was anything but. I don’t have the answer to this one either. I just resent white Jewish liberals – in NYC that what it mainly consists of- telling me that I have to rub shoulders with this one and that one. (think of busing). There are black folks I really like and there are black folks that I can’t stand. I want to choose who I associate with. The same goes for everyone other group including whites. I gather that there is a flux of opinion among Hoteps as there is in Alt Right. There are certain writers on the Alt Right that I enjoy reading more than others. Personally, I think at this point in time, the idea of a white homeland or a black homeland in America is somewhere in the realm of Utopia -rather far fetched. There are more pressing problems that both blacks and whites need to concentrate. So I do see common ground where Hoteps and Alt Right folks can meet.

  53. #AltRight here.

    I support movements which believe in the essential dignity of people as they are and to choose to assemble with their own in pride and peace. It seems like Hoteps fit the bill for the black community, and I just want to say we share the same enemies.

    The same people who have degraded white countries and white cultures have employed your strength and vigor to serve their purpose in destroying us. We were both dupes, but neither of us are victims nor will we sit back. Our common enemy are the financial controllers who are parasites to us all.

    With respect, I’m glad you opened this conversation, and know you have people willing to respect you on your own terms. We don’t agree on everything, but we can agree to disagree and see the larger picture.

  54. In the Ecology of Peace culture’s perspective there are individuals from all races and religions, ideologies and classes capable of becoming and being sincere truthseekers and problem solvers, and there are individuals of all races and religions, ideologies and classes who will insist on being and remaining Masonic War is Peace parasite leeches, takers, looters and rapists of planet earth.

    Masonic War is Peace is about consciously or unconsciously identifying the root cause of the problem, and applying STRATINT to deliberately perpetuate the problem indefinitely so as to socio-politically and financially parastically profit of the misery resulting from the problem. The tap has been left on, the bath is overflowing. Masonic War is Peace profiteers argue about what colour mops to use; who is mopping; who is hiring chinks or japs or coolies or kikes to do the mopping, blah blah.

    Ecology of Peace identifies the root cause of any problem and applies STRATINT skills to eliminate the root cause of the problem. EoP considers ‘the right to breed and consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits clauses’ – aka policy — of the Masonic War is Peace international law social contract; as the root cause of the majority of socio-economic and political problems resulting from resource depletion and resource wars: including among others: climate change, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, climate change, terrorism, feminism, nazism, Islamism, capitalism, communism, militarization of police, etc. Ecology of Peace STRATINT advisors simply point out the tap is causing the bath to overflow; and find out who is willing to cooperate to turn off the tap.

    Ecology of Peace culture’s legal definition of the difference between an Eco-Innocent and a Breeding/Consumption Scarcity Combatant; can be found at: EoP NTE GMA Potus: EcoFootprint; and EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 19 Jan: Marco Rubio & Rex Tillerson: EoP RH Factual Reality & War Criminal Questions.

    Ecology of Peace perspective on ethics, can be found at EoP Summary of WiP History.

    A copy of this comment shall be posted to EoP v WiP NWO Neg: 18 Feb: The Right Stuff.

  55. I’m white, alt right and I have nothing but love and respect for hotep nation. I’m grateful that you guys are standing upfor what’s RIGHT not for what you’re told. I agree with all of your views and I’d stand by you over any of these puppet movements any day!!! BLM has NOTHING on you guys! We don’t have toplay the blame game to love and respect each others ppl while supporting our own. Much love and respect to you!!! My husband told me about you and I had to check you out and I’m so glad I did. Thank you. #staywoke

  56. i really like this, as a jew, and specifically a white germanic jew (i.e. a member of the race with the most power in the world, together with the anglo-saxon and french gentiles). this is essentially the mentality that we have taken and it is the reason we run shit all around the world. and we (both jewish and gentile germanic/anglo/french elites) are intentionally keeping the rest of the world in the dark with respect to how to embody an alpha male or alpha female mentality and take ownership over providing for yourself and your family. and the most ironic part? it is now fashionable on the left to point out the (true) fact that white people have disproportionate political and economic power. but when i try to point out the (also true) fact that this is true of anglo-germanic jews, i’m accused of being a self-hating anti-semite. lol. now i don’t hate my ancestry whatsoever, i’m just ready to see other races challenge our dominance. just call it a little competition to keep things interesting

  57. Alt-right, nu-right, down-right, Hotep, Amenhotep. Read the fucking constitution, Locke’s Second Treatise on Government, and the Federalist Papers, and act accordingly.

  58. A Kek-Kang Alliance against the Empire.
    Then we go our own ways and pursue our own destinies, finally free of each other.
    Sounds good to me.

  59. This is an interesting article. I am glad that there seems to be some blacks we – white nationalists — might be able to work with.

  60. Great article, I’m white & I saw your discussion on Red Ice with Henrik. This could be the start of something really good. I look forward to working together in the future!

  61. I am a white libertarian male. I’m a High School economics & government teacher in middle Georgia. The vast majority of my students are black. I was searching for an economics article that my students could relate to when I happened across your site and the article, “Are POC helping or Killing the African American Community.” (By the way, my students were engrossed in the article) I have read several of your articles. I don’t agree with everything I have read, but I agree with the vast majority of what I have read. (I never agree with anybody on everything) Anyway, I love how sources are cited in certain articles and the way facts are used instead of emotion. I don’t normally leave comments. However, this is one of the most interesting articles I have read in a long long time.

    I believe your solutions would be beneficial to the back community but the white community as well. As more blacks begin to compete in the business arena all consumers, regardless of color, benefit. Competition is good for the consumer regardless of color. As young black men and women become more educated employers have a more competitive labor pool from which to hire. (Lets employ Americans, not bring in foreigners) Crime decreases/ good for everybody.

    Anyway, I will stop now. I wish you the best

  62. what about garvey’s assertion that black independence is unattainable in a mainly white country, making a return to the motherland the key for melanoid liberation?

  63. Black power my Brothers, White power my Brothers, think of MLK he wanted us to come together. MLK has a lot of things to say about the Jew our oppressors as well, if you care to research.

  64. This man gets it. This is something to get behind possibly, as long as it’s not high jacked and kept grass roots. This is what I’ve been thinking for awhile.

  65. Hotep!! Wow big ups third eye Jedi! I find this fascinating. I am a mestizo Gitano (mixed : “gypsy” Spanish ((amazigh/moor)) w a white mom) I have learned the truth about Kemet, the origin of civilization, and was very surprised by this alliance. I respect it and it honestly makes a lot of sense. Big ups for speaking and writing so eloquently!
    Just like Garvey said about sovereignty, Independence rather than dependence.
    There are just a couple things I don’t agree with: one, that there even exists a two party paradigm, that to me is fake. But I see you calling out the fairness of democratic “liberals” which is totally legit.

    Also , I feel that the economic system IS inherently racist, as the massive wealth, financial supremacy, and advantageous position of white folks today is literally the result of the trans Atlantic slavetrade.
    The opposite also being tru:
    The racially based economic disparity and extreme Poverty in the black community is the result of 400 years of slavery genocide and colonialism, and this desparation and destitution is literally the aftermath of those effects.
    I do believe in reparations, along w the Rastafari movement (tho, the updated kemetic RSTVFR mvmnt, I denounce all abrahamic religions and acknowledge Kemet)
    But I believe reparations are due to the black community and First Nations native people. Definitely not in the form of dignity insulting welfare, and I obviously don’t think it will very happen, but why did the former slave owners receive reparations for the loss of profit after the “abolition” of physical chattel slavery??? Surely it has long been reparations time, and the for profit system is obviously in the favor of white supremacy and is rugged and designed to fail the black community and First Nations people, never have a real equal chance in it.

    I also understand how Hoteps and the alt right see eye to eye on a few things such as Garvey said: “Africans for Africa” (even tho we know that term African was a derogatory term invented by the Greeks and the French)

    But I don’t see how aligning with violent people who want the extermination of black people is in anyway productive?

    Thank you for your time, please enlighten me:

    Respect ✊????

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I agree with most of what you said.

      I do not believe that capitalism is inherently racist. If the money is circling in your community it’s not racist. Furthermore, capitalism is an African creation.

      Slavery is the result of a people being too weak to defend themselves. The tribes in America were warring with each other. When white man touched down, they gladly sided with the white man to take down the another tribe. Then the white man turned on them. Karma.

      If Africa didn’t start in-fighting, they never would have been weak enough to colonize. They too sided with white man to take down another territory and suffered the same demise.

      We are not aligning with alt-right. We stand on our own. We’re simply stating that we can be civil enough to have a talk. To discuss each other’s goal and to see if we can come to some sort of agreement.

      Again, thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

      If you want to support us, please buy some merch from our shop.

  66. I agree with you that self sufficiency is the ideal way. It is the only way black and white will co-exist peacefully. As history has shown us, one cannot depend on the other.

    However, I HIGHLY doubt this will ever happen. And I think you are naive to ally with racist whites, and believe they want you to be successful. History has also shown that every successful black community in the US has been destroyed and burned to the ground.

    I’m not trying to troll, just expressing my doubts on this whole thing.

  67. A very powerful, but imposed measure could be to create an Afro-American state, probably in the South of the US. This country would be the homeland of the Afro-American people. In my opinion, self-determination should become reality for all the peoples of the world. Why don’t Afro-Americans?

    As I see it, the United States used to be colonized lands by European powers (England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden), then in 1776 created by white men, built by whites, for whites. The Afro-American community came to be via slavery, not as equals to the Europeans. Just as a white person moving to Ghana would not be seen as a part of their nation, white Americans do not see black Americans as such.

    Post-slavery plans to migrate all Afro-Americans back to Africa, mainly Liberia, doesn’t seem very legit to me. Just like blacks are one people, totally neglecting the great diversity among Bantu people (Yoruba, Akan, Igbo, Fang, BaKongo, Kru). Migrating them would destroy these peoples as well.

    Therefore, an independent Afro-American state doesn’t seem crazy at all. I suggest Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and probably South Carolina should become this New Africa nation. As I see, the current situation cannot longer be.

  68. The (((people))) who are in control of this country aren’t white. Until blacks and whites wake up to that truth and realize both groups are controlled by (((them))), nothing will change. We also lost millions of lives fighting wars for the (((tribe))) under false pretenses.

    Both sides have spilt enough blood in this divide and conquer bullcrap, its time to unite against the true (((evil))) in america. This NS completely supports the hotep movement.

    1. That’s the symbology behind John Carpenter’s “They Live”: Black Man and White Man waking up together and joining forces for their mutual survival. It’s an incredibly prophetic cult action/science-fiction movie from the 80’s. Anyone interested in Hotep matters should watch (((They))) Live.

    2. Many Jews have worked against the interests of whites, and (perhaps unwittingly, speaking of RECENT history, against the interests of blacks), but there are also a fair number of Jews who reject the narrative. There are Alt-Right Jews, and many Orthodox Jews who work against the agenda of Soros and his ilk.

      To unite by attacking a common scapegoat is easy, but not what real men would do. A real man focuses on his INNER STRENGTH, and builds the things he loves. He doesn’t blame others for his failures.

      1. Jews have worked against the interests of every nation they’ve found themselves in. This may have something to do with their particular ethnicity being predicated upon and bound to a rejection from their own promised land for the last 1900 years. So “being Jewish” has always had an alien and rootless character to it.

        Is their return to the land of Israel the only solution to this divide? Jewish identity is bound up in being either a chosen people or a rejected people. Which is it? In the end, all flesh with serve The Lord. The trick is to finding our proper boundaries on earth, and the Jew historically has had a very, very hard time with this.

        1. I’m pretty sure that, until the advent of modern Zionism, Arab Jews did not work against their host peoples. The same is true of Jews who lived in Turkey or the Balkans. Jews have lived in Persia since ancient times, and I’m not aware of any nefarious activities there – unless you consider the Book of Esther “nefarious.”

          It’s mainly Ashkenazi Jews who have been a problem – and yes, I’m one myself. But modern times are different, and we Ashkenazi Jews have the opportunity to reform ourselves. Some of us have, and some of us have played prominent roles in the Alt-Right movement. So please don’t paint us all with the same brush. Just as there are the Hoteps among blacks, so too are there “Hoteps” among Jews.

          1. I’m referring primarily to the adherents of Talmudic or Rabbinic Judaism, which most certainly have been a bane to their various host nations. It is this “identity” that those who call themselves Jews must break away from – and also they must clearly consider just what it means for them to be Jews and what their goals as a people should be. Is Zionism a problem? Good question. It seems to be the center of our global conflict today – but why?

            Be that as it may – In the end there are problems with many of these labels, whether Alt-Right, BLM, Hotep, Alt-Jew, whatever… Certain people, as you mentioned, Soros, his ilk, who make war against all people, breaking down groups and identities and forming new, false groups and identities along fault lines they can control.

      2. >(perhaps unwittingly, speaking of RECENT history, against the interests of blacks)
        Jews owned the boats that brought them here in the first place.

        >Orthodox Jews who work against the agenda of Soros and his ilk.
        Soros worked with the nazis to steal jews homes/money and then led them to their deaths. Where were all the calls for his death as a war criminal? Build a few more holocaust museums, maybe that will convince people jews are the real victims.

        >To unite by attacking a common scapegoat is easy, but not what real men would do.
        Jews have no concept of what a real man is given how they hide behind their agendas. Would real men bring in an army (refugees) to fight their wars for them? We’re all aware of the stranglehold your tribe has on this country.

        The real question you should be asking yourself is who will fight Iran once they decide to steam roll Israel? You can scratch whites, blacks and latinos off that list. Maybe the beta males and trannies (antifa) will step up to defend the “chosen ones” lol.

        1. >(perhaps unwittingly, speaking of RECENT history, against the interests of blacks)
          Jews owned the boats that brought them here in the first place.

          Did you not see the word “RECENT” in my post?

          >Soros worked with the nazis to steal jews homes/money and then led them to their deaths. Where were all the calls for his death as a war criminal? Build a few more holocaust museums, maybe that will convince people jews are the real victims.


          >Jews have no concept of what a real man is given how they hide behind their agendas. Would real men bring in an army (refugees) to fight their wars for them? We’re all aware of the stranglehold your tribe has on this country.

          As I said, some of us oppose such policies. Did you not read my post?

  69. Re: Arcturus, who wrote:

    “I’m referring primarily to the adherents of Talmudic or Rabbinic Judaism, which most certainly have been a bane to their various host nations. It is this “identity” that those who call themselves Jews must break away from – and also they must clearly consider just what it means for them to be Jews and what their goals as a people should be. Is Zionism a problem? Good question. It seems to be the center of our global conflict today – but why?

    Be that as it may – In the end there are problems with many of these labels, whether Alt-Right, BLM, Hotep, Alt-Jew, whatever… Certain people, as you mentioned, Soros, his ilk, who make war against all people, breaking down groups and identities and forming new, false groups and identities along fault lines they can control.”

    The Jewish communities I listed were just as Talmudic and rabbinical as the Ashkenazim. Clearly, that is not the distinction that mattered.

  70. Sorry, but you misuse the word Hispanic, you are all retards here. There are many black Hispanics and Latinos, just look at Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and Panama to name a few. Laege black populations. There are even a million Afro-Mexicans. So please, just use the term mestizo or indio to describe the brown-skinned Hispanics because that is what they are. Hispanic/Latino are such stupid and misused terms. Sorry for the nitpicking.

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