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Homoteps: We’re here, we’re queer, we want the Nuclear Family repaired

A Fabulous Introduction

I am nonexistent, a fake, a fraud, a malevolent tool, a traitor and a sellout. I am a Hotep that is a member of the LGBT community.  So, what is being a phony, fraudulent, self-hating, traitor to my people being used by people who hate me like? The answer is not very interesting.

Essentially, it is indistinguishable from being a black, conservative, member of the Republican Party. Racial attacks almost always come from the mainstream left. The Hoteps do not actually care one way or the other, are not particularly shocked and surprised, and are unlikely to attack me personally because of my sexual orientation.

Ultimately, we oppose what is known as the Gay Agenda out of love for the community and not out of anger, hatred or disdain for the friction preferences of individual people. I cannot say the same for our opponents. Are we clear? Good. Now we can move on to something that is not so trivial. Unfortunately, my sexual orientation is a small part of my identity. In fact, my bisexuality is not really part of my identity at all. I just am. Everything else I could say about it is a tedious distraction. 

The Agenda

For the left, to destroy the nuclear family in the black community is to beat a dead horse. It is already a pile of rubble at the foot of the proverbial cliff we drove off of 50 years ago. I could speak at length about the wholesale infiltration and takeover of the black community by Marxists and the disastrous results of chasing after their false God of equality. This is the short version.

The Gay Agenda is one of many methods of assault on the institutions that produce and maintain civilization as we know it. If you ask an honest Marxist, they will tell you that the agenda is to erase all distinction. As long as there is distinction and difference, there is no equality and equality is the path to salvation in the cult of sameness. It is important to realize that nothing in this Universe is, has ever been, nor will ever be equal. Once you come to that realization, you will see clearly that the deliberate destruction of society, as it exists; in order to build a utopian society that can never exist will only result in destruction. See, you are already halfway Hotep.

The Feminization of the Black Man

Sexual deviance has existed in some form as long as there has been sexual norms to deviate from. However, the normalization of deviant behavior is the beginning of the end for any civilization. The agenda we oppose as Hoteps is bad for everyone.

However, this post is focused on what is happening to men. The social norm is transforming for the worse. Take a look at popular culture. The image of the black man is becoming increasingly deviant, submissive, and irrational. Abdication of responsibilities and duties as a man is rampant. As this image changes, the standard changes. The bar is lowered. Society is unsustainable under these conditions.

When the barbarians are storming against your borderless, intersectional, role neutral “Black Lives Matter Village” who are you going to call? If you never want to answer this question, thank a Hotep and join the fight.

Happy Hotep Day.


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