Can my children be friends with black people?

When my children tell me they made a black friend, I begin to worry. As a black father, surely this isn’t racism. So, what is it?

I’m afraid that the culture I’ve laid out could be compromised by the enemy through my own people. Let’s walk through the door.

Black Culture

I’ve previously gone into a great deal on how “Hip Hop is NOT a culture”.

What will my child learn from another African American child? They’ll probably learn something destructive which was taught by liberal media.

My child will quickly become a dream liberal case study and experiment when surrounded by African Americans. They’ll learn to hate Donald Trump without any evidence to support this feeling.

They’ll learn destructive behavior perpetuated through hip-hop pseudo-culture.

“What are some examples?”, you may ask.

For instance, my children will have to conform to fashion criteria that meets the standards of the American negro. And when those standards are not upheld, they’ll be ostracized and forced to conform or live as an outcast from their own people.

Here’s a quick story. In first grade, my twin boys wore some regular kids shoes that light up. Not name brand by any means. When those shoes were selected by my children, they liked them.

But one day my son comes home crying. He didn’t want to wear the sneakers anymore. As a concerned parent, I had to inquire. It was the “What are thooooose?” culture that saw him ostracized. His footwear didn’t meet the standards of the American negro child so they made fun of him.

Of course, I had to buy him new shoes. My internal economics have been compromised by some kid trained by poor culture.

But my point is, I send my children to school to learn math, science, language and the arts. Not pop-fashion.

Fashion is subjective anyway. Unfortunately, there is little diversity in African-American fashion and it is quite monolithic.

African American pop-fashion is time sensitive. What’s in today is often out tomorrow. These people are prisoners of time and opinion. Many are afraid to break the mold or trend.

Friend Diversity

When my children say they have a white, Asian, African, or Caribbean friend I let out a sigh of relief.

Of course, guilt is an emotion I feel from this initial reaction. How could I, a “black” man, celebrate when my kids have non-black friends?

Logic defeats emotion and I calm myself again.

When my children befriend a non-black I’m relieved because I know that the interests of these groups are more likely to influence my child positively.

When my children tell me about the conversations they have with their Indian/Asian friends they are usually constructive. Things like math, science, and computers are the subjects of conversation. Not violence and fashion.

These other groups seek the finer things in life. They have a sense of community. The African-American has a strong sense of individuality.

When their friends are of the African or Caribbean variety I am well assured that the parents of these kids are not allowing their children to act all willy-nilly. Discipline is common amongst these groups.

Discipline side-steps the American Negro.

The grades these non-African American groups receive overachieve the American Negro. I need my kids to hang with the good-grade-kids. Not the cool kids. The cool kids usually end up working minimum wage and hired by the good-grade-kids. I want my kids to be the boss.

Environment shapes everything. Place children in the proper environment and they will be nurtured for growth. Friends are a large portion of the environment and important for human evolution.

White Friends

In this recent publication, “Can my children be friends with white people?” the author displays blatant ignorance. I understand all points made (although I do not agree) but I was lost when I reached the second to last paragraph.

He described great white friends as those who march in protest and challenge Donald Trump. Both of these are serious distractions for blacks and both actions will not uplift the black community.

By lowering the bar for black allies it makes it quite simple for snakes to creep in the back door. This is how the civil rights movement was co-opted by communism and how today Black Lives Matter has been co-opted.

This flimsy criterion is exactly how Rachel Dolezal was able to pretend to be a black woman for over a decade. It has become easy to get “invited to the cookout”.

One march and you’re now one of us. One dance move and you’re now one of us. One tweet in solidarity and you’re now one of us. No! That’s not how this is supposed to work.

Enabling victimhood with sympathy is not going to help anyone for any reason. Only the work can. These same white liberals are the same ones who won’t provide blacks with jobs or opportunity unless they read verbatim from the communist manifesto.

Once, you’re a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” negro, they no longer need you. They can no longer pull your strings for votes. They lose power over you when you gain a DIY attitude.

White liberals only pat you on the back to find a good place to stab you.

A great friend will tell you that you have the power to change your situation. Not assist you in wallowing in your own pain. They will tell you that you can do it. White liberals love to take power away from blacks.

[bctt tweet=”Not knowing how to filter out enemies to discover true allies, allows your enemies to pose as friends.”]

As far as my kids go when it comes to white friends, I hate to say this, but I’d prefer it over an African-American friend. I’d even prefer a white liberal over a black liberal friend because the black liberal is an aberrated version of the white liberal.

At least the white liberal child will have a sense of superiority which will rub off on my child subconsciously. The priorities of the white family are quite different from the black family.

They aren’t concerned with fancy cars or clothes but instead good grades. Again, I need my kids to get good grades. That is my main concern when I send them off to school. I’ll undo the liberal politics myself when they come home.

If an African-American child has interests that align with constructive culture, my defensive barrier is let down. I can breathe easy again. The last thing I need them doing is influencing my daughter to twerk on Snapchat. That is my worst nightmare!

Surely, a white girl is more likely to twerk on Snapchat before an Asian which is why I prefer my children to have Asian friends. The Asian culture rarely partakes in these activities because they are too busy fostering group economics.

The asian culture is studious and classy when compared to American culture. American culture as a whole is SICK! In this context, I’d prefer my kids to not have any American friends AT ALL, no matter the race.

The media that Americans take in is sick and therefore their society is sick and their culture is contaminated. Keep that stuff far from my family!

As someone raised by a Caribbean father, I see a clear contrast between foreign and domestic culture. My father has always instilled discipline in me and would always point out the ignorance of the American Negro.

He’d warn me about their poor spending habits and their tasteless priorities.

Another quick story. My father worked in a building that held a renowned law firm. He’d tell me stories about how the African American men in the mailroom wore better suits than the attorneys and drove nicer cars.

When the time came for raises, they instead lowered pay. The mailroom guys were furious. But if you can afford this lavish lifestyle, obviously you’re being paid too much.

My father told me about African American men working in maintenance that wore expensive suits to work, just to change into janitor attire later. Who exactly are they trying to impress?

This is the culture I DO NOT want my kids gravitating towards. If your kids have many black friends, please believe that they will be coerced into living a life like this.

But the Asian or even white man, will place their priorities on 401k, investments and family structure, way before they worry about what clothes they are wearing for the day.

To me, a black man is like a woman. He lives in the mirror and has just as many shoes as her. We’ll talk about this another day.

Final Thoughts

Children must be taught how to judge character. “Character” is judged by action. Are their actions constructive or destructive?

What about those friends that consistently gossip about others? Surely, you’re on that list of people they will gossip about to others. Major red flag!

Where are those friends that provide information on how you can better your life? Filter out the ones that consistently bring bad news and luck.

Ignore the friends that only provide sympathy with no solutions. Become solution-oriented and surround yourself with people who are as well.

The successful will foment success and the victim will foment struggle. Anyone who lives in the struggle should be avoided. This is a “can do” mentality vs a “can’t do”.

We have to judge people by how they treat us in our dark moments. Anyone can be perfect in the light. But what do your friends do when you’re/they’re down in the dumps? This will tell you everything you need to know about your circle.


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15 Responses

  1. The old Caribbean cultures were traditional and patriarchal. It’s unfortunate to watch American hip hop mentality spread to the island youth today. Hopefully the conservative voices amongst them prevail and restore/protect their cultural uniqueness. Hotep is the way of Tradition; Tradition is the way that healthy men and women are created by culture, instilled with the wisdom of the elders of each people. When new, so-called “progressive” ideas emerge, they should be held up to scrutiny, tested and proven before being deployed as truth. Otherwise the fanciful ideas of the unwise (but sometimes well intentioned) end up destroying society.

    We are now into the second generation of black American men predominately raised by single mothers. The results are a feminized mentality, where they are powerless and things just happen to them. Then they try to compensate their underdeveloped manhood through sexual conquest and hyper-masculine outward behaviour, when a real man is self-confident and doesn’t need the approval of others to validate his strength. The same phenomenon is happening with white men now too, as greater numbers are raised with absent fathers, some of whom are there but perpetually disengaged.

  2. “Ignore the friends that only provide sympathy with no solutions.”

    Man I wish you could talk to the black dudes I grew up with.
    As a lower middle class kid from a inner ring suburb I always had black friends. Looking back I know that it’s because I never felt the need to impress entitled rich kids and the black dudes weren’t pretentious or fake……. until late highschool & college. Then most felt the need to prove they were black which evolved into the perpetual victim narrative.

    When I communicate with them now it’s like I grew up burning crosses on their lawns, not playing hoops & hanging out.

    Many of these dudes had intact families and most had athletic prowess (real or assumed) that gave them much greater opportunities than a poorish skinny white kid yet they refuse to accept any responsibility for their current condition in life. It’s sad. It’s frustrating. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even give a fuck because all they want is sympathy, not solutions.

  3. Agreed. My Bajan father often notes how lawlessness and deviancy crept in an deteriorated his islands culture. They adopt the absolute worst parts of the modern West.

  4. I really enjoyed this logical, measured take on a series of serious topics, all rolled into one. However, I find myself, as a white person, still chomping at the bit over here and internally screaming for the author to get away from this “we” and “us” stuff. Although this individual does not seem to be a step-‘n-fetch part of the liberal pack, the author still seems to speak too willingly to a culture of “we,” which just further perpetuates racial groups in America, when there needn’t be such racial collectiveness.

    Maybe this is the hardest part of things to break, and no doubt one will look at others who look like one as “their” immediate community. Though this is still a damaging way to go through life and the reason that multiculturalism will always fail. You cannot have racial segments in an equal society. Segments of anything–of everything–will always lend themselves to hierarchical structures. These structures then create defensive postures, with individual groups proclaiming what they need as a group, not as individuals.

  5. Great article. also raise by Caribbean parents and I’m weary of my children having black friends too. Black “culture” as it stands nowadays is problematic and defeatist as hell. Conservative White/Asian and immigrant kids make the best friends.

  6. “I find myself, as a white person, still chomping at the bit over here and internally screaming for the author to get away from this “we” and “us” stuff.” – I think that white people have been conditioned for a century to not view themselves as a group, but as individuals. Other peoples do not have this artificial barrier.

  7. I’m trying my best out here.
    As people grow, they often grow apart.

    The media has one hell of a hold on my people. They cannot think independent of it.

  8. Was your father a cricketer? Move out to Australia mate, get your boys involved in a local cricket club. The Aussies themselves will regale them with tales of Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Viv Richards and Michael Holding; they can connect with their heritage in that way if need be.

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