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Cardi B Under the Hotep Microscope

On the surface, the brand that is Cardi B goes against everything that a traditional Hotep stands for. But I’m not the traditional Hotep – more like an updated version that views the world from objectivity.

Let’s unpack this thing.

Cardi B is Ratchet

Yes, Cardi B is ratchet, was a stripper and partly made out of plastic. Her blond wigs and weave would have the average Hotep teeming with anger.

The message she sends to the youth is definitely not one I’d recommend. She promotes promiscuity & sex for money. Two things I would prefer my daughter to not hear from the most popular rap artist today.

I’d prefer messages like those found in “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”.

Cardi B lacks the ability to speak proper English and sounds uneducated when she speaks. “Articulate” is not a word you would use to describe her.

But that’s just the surface.

When we prejudge people, we often make assumptions from what we see – the surface.

We usually, come to conclusions based on outer perceptions and never look any deeper.

Energy is deeper than words

I have the natural ability to read peoples’ energy and Cardi B’s energy, at this moment, is genuine. She’s as real as they come. She represents a demographic that doesn’t usually have a voice in the mainstream.

She speaks to the hood & women in a way that Nicki Minaj was never able to.

Nicki always seemed like she was pandering to one demographic or another. Either she was trying too hard to cater to the LGBT community or she had a chicken wing chain around her neck (a moment in hip-hop I hated).

Nicki Minaj chicken wing chain

Nicki is a gimmick and gimmicks wear off. Cardi B’s gimmick is herself so it could never wear off.

When Cardi says she wants a threesome with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen she speaks to many demographics. She’s definitely speaking to the LGBT community but she’s also speaking to the Rihanna Navy and Rihanna is everyone’s fav.

Chrissy is the queen of ethnic liberal Twitter so Cardi hacks that demographic too. Chrissy tweeted about the lyric and got over 270,000 retweets.

Genius move, Cardi!

Cardi catered to the LGBT community in a way that was believable. She’s REAL!

Cardi seems to be embracing the women around her while Nicki doesn’t. Nicki wants the spotlight for herself, it seems. If Nicki was clever or even genuine or not bitter, she’d congratulate Cardi on her recent success. She still has not. Not a good look at all.

Drake released a new song and video the same day as Cardi B’s debut album and I believe Nicki asked Drake to do that – to distract from Cardi’s success. People were talking about her album all day and then Drake popped up to derail the conversation. ????

Cardi’s lyrics, although inappropriate, speak confidence to women and young girls. When I watch women recite Cardi lyrics, they look empowered. It reminds me of the Lil’ Kim era.

I’ve seen Cardi endorse indie clothing brands and that’s something I don’t see mainstream artists do often. She seems to be for the people. Most artists get famous and lose themselves. I don’t think that will be the case with Cardi.

I see Cardi becoming more refined as an individual while staying true to her roots. This may be a bad comparison but Jada Pinkett-Smith comes to mind. At inception, she was brash, ghetto, and rough around the edges. But now she’s this refined woman who can play an innocent, prude, posh role in the film “Girl’s Trip”.

Okay, maybe Cardi won’t be that refined. ????


Invasion of Privacy

I listened to the album once. The tracks “Drip” & “Bhickenhead” I had to skip – the production was awful.

“Get up 10” was the female version of Meek Mill’s “Dreams & Nightmares” intro. Same format from lyrics to production. I’m not mad at that at all though. It’s really easy to mess that up but she executed well.

The track that surprised me most was “Thru Your Phone”.

As soon as I heard the hook I wanted to know who was singing. I didn’t think it was Cardi – but it was Cardi. That refinement in sound is what I expect from Cardi’s aura in the future. It’s definitely a chick track but it’s my favorite from the album. I like different shit – hate the usual hip-hop format which becomes redundant.

I give the album a 9/10 for a debut. I knew she would have a great album and never doubted it for a second. Why? Because of production.

When you’re on top, all of the greatest producers and artists want to work with you. It’s really hard to mess up an album when you can work with literally anyone you want. She selected all the right features.

Final Thoughts

Looking past flaws is hard for people. We like to see the flaws and end all speculation there. We don’t see energy therefore sometimes we fail to perceive it.

Read energy and you’ll see that Cardi’s energy is in the right place.

This is not a Hotep artist AT ALL! The message she sends is not Hotep AT ALL. But if you know anything about the hood, this album is a positive release.

The fact that this is a positive release speaks volumes about the state of consciousness in the hood, but we have to start somewhere. You don’t go from neophyte to Buddha overnight. It takes baby steps.

It’s Cardi’s energy that speaks to her audience combined with punchlines that speak to their life experience – like being cheated on, that propels her success.

As Hoteps, I’m not saying we should embrace Cardi B and love her music, that’s up to you. What I’m saying is, we have to learn how to perceive energy and not always believe what our eyes see.

Too often Hoteps are ready to critique and find flaws instead of finding good.

[bctt tweet=”Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them — Obi-Wan Kenobi”]


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