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Do Black Lives Matter Dead or Alive?

The crime statistics are in and the Democrat Republic of Chiraq aka democrat run Chicago has an illegal gun problem.

As of May 9, 2018, 138 people have died in the city of Chicago due to gun-related violence.

In 2017, 650 people were killed due to gun violence and 10s of thousands more have been killed over the past 40 years without signs of stopping anytime soon, according to

There are those who would look at this carnage and ask why nothing effective is being done to stem the bloodshed.

I am not among that number but rather I am compelled to ask the question – who benefits from the status quo?

The democratic party has a gun confiscation agenda and every year they trot out the numbers of Americans killed by guns yet most of the gun-related violent crime committed in the United States occurs in Democrat-controlled cities which have been declared “gun free zones”.

But this creates a perverse incentive structure where the more black men kill each other the closer the Democratic party gets to convincing enough Americans to overturn the Second Amendment.

The government itself is running guns in the city of Chicago and perhaps in cities across the country, according to the testimony of some Chicago gang members.

The idea of the government of the United States providing guns to criminals to push their agenda of gun control is not some impossible fevered conspiracy theory.

Under Barack Obama’s administration, Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder, who once spoke of brainwashing black kids to think about guns differently, ran guns across the border to South and Central American drug cartels telling the ATF and the FBI to stand down and allow this criminal transfer to take place under Operation Fast and Furious.

So, the next time a Democrat tells you black lives matter, ask them, “Dead or alive?”.

Your life may depend on it. Kanye please comment below.


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One Response

  1. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s Democrat vs Republican or whether its just a systemic problem. Malcolm X certainly believed it was.

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