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Black Panther movie is overhyped and undeserved

Black Panther is about to hit theatres this week and by the response from the online black community, you would think that each ticket stub comes with a voucher for reparations.

I’ve heard stories of people planning to dress up in dashikis and other African garbs to see this movie.

I think it’s quite fascinating while embarrassing, that it takes a fictional character to inspire African pride amongst a people who have shunned it for so long.

Dressing “African” would otherwise be deemed “Hotep” and going by mainstream black media, Hotep is not socially acceptable. But I guess for one day, it’s okay to be Hotep. ????

The culture of Hotep instills a pride in the youth and its community that needs no cosign from anyone outside the community. We’re celebrating and teaching African-pride 365.25 days of every year.

When Hoteps tell blacks that we’re African, the usual response is “we don’t know what part of Africa we’re from”. But when Stan Lee gives them Black Panther, now all of a sudden these people are from the imaginary Wakanda.

Organized Showings

Some of these blacks have also organized showings for the film. One gofundme campaign raised over $30,000 to take kids to see the movie.

The creator claims to budget $30 for each child. That’s an expensive movie ticket. Maybe they bought an extra large popcorn and drink? ????

It’s amazing that these people complain about capitalism and white supremacy but yet organize capital in favor of the same system they claim to oppose. They’re literally funding (((white supremacy))).

What else could be done with $30k?

As a student and teacher of startups and the world of entrepreneurship, all I see is the potential for a multi-million dollar company.

It takes about $15,000 to get a startup going (seed money). These people have raised double that…for a movie.

$30,000 wasn’t raised for investing but instead raised for spending. Consumerism. Irresponsible money management.

Why is this so important? Because that startup could have provided much-needed jobs and opportunity. Something that could last for generations was squandered for two-hours of pleasure. Sad!

If the system is inherently racist then you are funding your own oppression.

startup funding infographic

What about the kids?

Should kids be happy about seeing the movie? Sure! They’re kids.

But it’s the adults that are making this some revolutionary thing. Making it seem as if kids should find their self-worth on a movie screen.

Basic mental health says, if you’re looking outside of self for value, you’ll never find it. It must be cultivated within.

What are we really teaching kids here?

That if they don’t see themselves on a screen they are worthless? Who’s going to teach kids how to cultivate self-worth on their own?

Surely, a bunch of adults who need to see themselves on a screen can’t teach this. They’re basically suffering from mental illness themselves.

The hashtag, #WhatBlackPantherMeanstome, was trending on Twitter yesterday. I think its quite telling that a bunch of adults are emotionally tied to a comic book story.

Meanwhile, in the real world, no effort is put forth to work with Africa or Africans. There isn’t even a discussion.

And Africans are still being traded as slaves in Libya.

White acceptance

These black people that are acting like “Black Panther” is some revolutionary idea are uncultured. It’s a diss to black creators like Eddie Murphy, Spike Lee, John Singleton, The Wayans Family, and the list goes on.

The truth is, those don’t count because they weren’t sanctioned by some hidden white committee.

It doesn’t count unless the (((white man))) includes you in his films. This is further proof that black pride is tied to white acceptance.

I swear this is slave plantation mentality. Blacks looking for a pat on the head from “massa”.

Should we just call these blacks what they are? House Niggas.

[bctt tweet=”The black liberal is the saddest version of African DNA.”]

Final thoughts

It’s just a movie. After you see it, nothing is going to change.

People will return to their normal lives and nothing will be done with or for Africa.

Black liberals are easily manipulated. All it takes is a little movie magic and they are drawn in like flies to shit.

I believe that producers understand that blacks love spending. And if you include their likeness they’ll spend even more money with you. The illusion of inclusion.

Advertising spend on broadcast TV increased 255% between 2011 and 2015 targeting black audiences.

They are investing in themselves using blackness as leverage and as a commodity.

Blackness is being traded like stock.

Why? Because “broadcast TV drew a larger number of black viewers due to increased diversity of primetime programming that featured predominantly black casts and/or leading black actor”. [Nielsen]

They have no problem promoting “diversity” because they know it will only make their pockets fatter. Again, blacks are making the same people rich that they claim oppresses them.

All in the name of “representation”.

“Representation” is going to be the death of this generation. They’ll think that race relations are improving but nothing will change within the black community itself.

Representation won’t teach valuable skills, it won’t stop black on black crime and it won’t provide any generational wealth.

The only thing this teaches blacks is that they are good for entertainment purposes only.

Subconsciously, blacks are being trained for entertainment hires. Go into acting and be like Chadwick Boseman and you too can be Black Panther.

People made the argument that Black Panther shows blacks outside the usual roles of thug, slave or whatever else. But the reality is, you’re still only good if you can tap dance (entertain/act).

You’re still a minstrel show.


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16 Responses

  1. And when you go so far as to tell the same folks who’re anxious to rush to the theaters and see this film – that they should/could also demand that a portion of the profits from this film should come back into their communites, they talk down on you, claim your begging and fail to see the point.

    #BreakBreadMarvel #BreakBreadDisney

  2. It just a sad state of affairs that there is actually a collective pride type thing going on over a damn comic book movie. Who cares about Planned Genocide & black on black murder killing off blacks so long as there is a black super hero in the theaters?

    These idiots need a refresher on priorities.

    Side note, when I first heard of this movie, i thought it was about the Black Panther Party, which could have at least had the potential of being worth the time, although I truly doubt that would have been the case in reality. Could have had Tyler Perry direct it. Box office gold (sarc).

  3. If the libtards are fawning over it then it must be bad.

    ps having a match problem to post is racist Math is racist

  4. Well it took a white fictional character ( jesus) to unite whites. I don’t care how or why, just that it is happening.

  5. Thank you for a open honest treatment. You’re a voice in the wilderness. Keep yelling. Maybe someday someone will hear and a rise in the true culture and benefits will happen and true equality can begin. It is out there. It is taking root in small clusters and embraced by those with that soul. Perhaps others can find them and see past our social shallow hype mentality to truth and value. I keep hoping. You pretty well nailed the current unfortunate reality though.

  6. Although a comic book movie is a sophomoric expression of this, I think that the way that Black Panther has been received speaks to the intense power of Mythos, severance from Tradition, and the desire for self determination amongst the African-American people.

  7. Excellent article. I loved every point that you made. It is strange to see adults getting so worked up over this movie as if a Black superhero has never been seen before. Where was the collective hype over Hidden Figures? I would have liked to have seen people dressed like the ladies and gentlemen in the movie. When I saw the trailer I got so teary-eyed because I have never heard of Katherine or any of the women who contributed to flight to space. They should have been celebrated.

  8. Man, y’all some dour negative thinking folks. People do need exterior validation. We are after all social animals. It’s been missing so long we get suspicious when it finally looks us in the face in whatever format it takes.
    Black Panther is different from all those other movies because of it’s sheer scale. It’s different because pretty much all those box office friendly black leads appeared in movies where they could easily have been switched out for a white person. Black Panther is the first heavy where this is an IMPOSSIBILITY.
    Sure whites corporatives may have greenlighted and funded the pic, but they gave unprecedented levels of control to Black creatives. That to me is a big f’ing deal. This movie has pushed the careers of several of the darkest skinned young actors we’ve seen in decades to the next level. That means something to ME.
    The fact that so much of the Black narrative, concerning colonialism, slavery, reparation, cultural appropriation, alienation, class divide, civil disobedience vs rebellion and Pan African unification, was so wholly included, so centralized, so IN YO FACE, in a POPULAR, GLOBAL targeted film…I don’t even remember any LOW BUDGET movie taking this sort and level of risk. The Nat Turner movie, Get Out, even Malcom X feature one or two or three of those perspectives. Not seven or eight or even more. And it accomplishes all that while still remaining a critically excellent and popcorn crunching entertaining flick which is somehow not off putting to even the most jaded anti-SJW.
    That this is the first big budget, IMAGINATIVE movie with a black cast and crew is another big f’ing deal. We’ve been limited to hard realism for far too long. I’ve been wondering where all the Sci-fi, Horror and Fantasy at since I was born. Movies like these enlarge our dreams, make us face our fears and help us make sense of this world by letting us create others. Art has always had this function, and movies are the most dominant art form today.
    The only pre-existing property I can think of that will push the boundaries of this progressive line of movie making even further is the Haitian Revolution, and because of Black Panther I think a movie based on that history is all the more possible.

    1. I for the life of me can’t understand why it’s just about black or white to you. Why can’t it just be a good movie that was well produced, directed and had a great cast. Why do you feel the need to bring race into it? Do you actually think white people determine if they liked a movie based on the skin colors of the cast? It’s always the racists that bring somebodys race/color into question, I feel you are probably a racist, why else would you be so stuck on the race issue, maybe something for you to think about!

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