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Anti-racism is worse than racism

Yes, I said it – anti-racism is worse than racism.

If we take a look at Charlottesville, we’ll see clear examples that support my theory. Firstly, if there was no anti-protest there would have been no clash. Deandre Harris wouldn’t be hurt and Heather Heyer wouldn’t have been murdered. Fact! ☝????

Some people don’t have the ability to think for themselves and it is our responsibility, as conscious minds, to lead them in the right direction and not manipulate them for our selfish agenda. Similar to how a parent should lead a child. Otherwise, they will be headed for danger.

Do you realize that more blacks have been hurt in protest clashes than they have been in everyday life with these so-called white supremacists?

White Lives Matter

What’s so wrong with white people saying white lives matter? If you say Black Lives Matter doesn’t that open the door for its antithesis?

The Law of Duality states that everything is on a continuum and has a complementary opposite within the whole. There may be two sides of a coin but there is only one coin. In other words, things that appear as opposites are in fact only two extremes of the same thing. For instance, hot and cold may appear to be opposites at first glance, but they are simply varying degrees of the same thing.

Blacks Lives Matter and these white nationalists are the same exact thing. They are people trying to preserve their race. And there is nothing wrong with that. But it becomes a serious problem when blacks (or ANTIFA) intervene on the whites’ rights to demonstrate their want for preservation.

When white people scream “white power” or “white lives matter” black people get offended. I don’t. I’m proud of those whites. It’s self-determination and I’ll gladly applaud any group that exhibits self-determination.

The white population in the U.S. has fallen from 79.6% in 1980, to 61.9% in 2014. Meanwhile, the Latino population has jumped from 6.4% to 17.3 and blacks alike. These people are dying out – I fully expect their attempt at preservation.

As the polar bear population continues to die we don’t scream “What about Black Bears?” That’s just ignorant.


If black anti-protest groups and ANTIFA don’t show up in Charlottesville, the truth is, none of us would be talking about Charlottesville. If you picture white nationalists as a fire, anti-protest groups would the fan that intensifies it.

A football team can’t play itself. It needs an opponent. If the opponent doesn’t show then that means the team will have to go home. No melee occurs. No Charlottesville.

But once you create the melee, the news cameras show up. If anti-protestors fan flames then the media is water thrown on a gas fire. It’s now one explosive mess of combustion.

And the media doesn’t report facts – they provide sensationalism. They are in the business of creating drama. They don’t want to bring resolve, they want to keep the fight going. More fighting equals more viewers which equates to more ad dollars.

Trump Statements Miscontrued

Yesterday, Trump made some statements in regards to Charlottesville that people took completely out of context. Allow me to transcribe his statements for clarity so we don’t get any words twisted.

“The following day it looked like they had some rough bad people. Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, whatever you want to call them.”

He’s blatantly denouncing the so-called racists. Was this not clear as day? But you had the left-wing liberals completely ignore these statements to drive their own narrative. Look at NYC’s mayor.

This is DANGEROUS and to be frank, this terrifies me. When people can take someone else’s words (the President at that) and contort them to fit their agenda they create an environment for unwarranted dissent and division in a nation that’s already divided.

Now, people who haven’t seen the video are going to run with that narrative and think Trump supports racism. The after effects will foment angry and fearful people that will execute brash and uncalculated decisions rooted in emotion. It will literally fuel racism. They will create problems out of thin air. It will get innocent people killed. Comments like the mayor’s get people KILLED!

But of course, politicians like that because then they can present themselves as the solution during election time. Issa game.

My black people

My heart goes out to the black population. Watching them be manipulated burns deep into my soul. My empathy can feel their pain but my common sense knows that their pain stems from something that is not real. It is fabricated and placed in their hearts to create something that allows another entity more power and the ability to control.

It puts black people into a war they are not fit to fight and don’t need to fight. Blacks are in an era of reconstruction and that is NOT the time for a people to go to war.

This morning I woke up, checked Instagram and all I saw were images of racism and hurt emotions. As a believer in the law of attraction, I know this is only going to create more racism and more hurt. The images you put out into the world are the images you will receive in return. YOU create your reality.

If the images were serene and peaceful, the society would mimic that. Just like violence in rap music creates more violence. And the same people who control the entertainment industry, Hollywood, and mainstream media are the same ones putting these images of racism in the minds of my people. It is a psyop.

These people are installing a program into our minds and like a computer, we run on this “operating system”. When you use the words “systemic” just understand that you are a cog in that system. If you choose to ignore the paradigm and think for yourself then the system would falter. At that point, you will be completely FREE.

Don’t listen to these famous social justice warriors that scream white supremacy all day. They use your emotions to fill their bank accounts. They are the foot soldiers of the problematic systemic agenda that keep us in a cycle of hate. Their minions are either looking for photo opportunities (fame/attention), are honestly fearful and misguided, or a combination of all.

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6 Responses

  1. I am SO HAPPY to have found your website.

    Like most of us right now, I have been affected by media manipulation. For me it was over-emphasis of bad behavior of some BLM members and leaders, images of massive numbers of black people rioting in the street destroying property, a rash of violent attacks against white people for their race and the fact that whites had to make a massive outcry just to get these counted as “hate crimes,” in addition to the suppression of conservative and white identity issues in the mainstream, coinciding with the liberal message that misrepresents Western history and highlights it’s negative periods while giving a free pass to ALL OTHER CULTURES who did the same or worse… all of these things have converged to make Whitey pretty damn angry.

    And, I understand that if white people are angry, black people certainly are as well. And the misrepresentation of Charlottesville in the news media is only going to inflame tensions on BOTH SIDES ever higher.

    I appreciate your candor and your thoughtful consideration, your ability to place events in context and not be totally distorted by bias.

    If leaders of the white identity movement could work with leaders of the black identity movement, I think we could really get somewhere. It’s not wrong to unite as an ethnic group and work for your own group interest. LOTS of other ethnic groups do this already.

    The left is trying to make us all believe that we’re all the same and then flay anyone who says, “um, no we aren’t.” If the person who says “we’re different” is a white person, they are immediately called a “supremacist.” My view is that different does not imply a superior/inferior dichotomy. But recognizing our differences, we can then move into understanding and working together. The needs of different groups are not identical.

    I would really, really like this unfortunate debacle turn into an opportunity for coming together. I am not too familiar with how you identify, I had been told you were a “black nationalist.” Most ethnic-nationalists are NOT supremacists and give respect to nationalists of other ethnic groups. Regardless of what term we use, people fighting for black issues and white issues could really come together right now. I would be happy to work with you and would welcome a reply at the email provided 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback.

      I think this is already a great example of how we can put our differences aside and work together. All of your comments were stout.

  2. how u gonna blame a woman for getting hit by a car for startring shit she didn’t start anything she showed the fuck up like nazis did n then the nazis started a car and ran it into her but that’s her fault? cornball foh

    1. I thought I was clear in placing the blame on race pimps who fed her mind the idea of anti-protest. My wishes go out to her family.

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